Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Calm Days Return, Nice Walk, Found an Alta! Visiting Friends

Lake Havasu RV Resort, AZ
So, today, Wednesday, Mar. 4th we got up about the same time. Bill got right into the shower so I went for my walk. What a beautiful morning! No winds hardly at all and the temperature was 55F/13C. I walked across the road to the east side and out the south gate back to the highway. I wanted to capture the sun coming up so walked south further and took a picture of the lake. I should have brought the card I wanted to mail since the Post Office box was so close.

I walked down a couple of dead end streets to catch the sunrise
I walked back into the west side of the park, up and down to add steps and build up to a mile and a half. 

There is just something about the shadow's of
the palm fronds
See what happens when you turn your head
Pop! Sunrise.
Back home, I hopped into the shower. Yesterday, midafternoon, I could feel a tender spot on the back of my leg AGAIN. Bill couldn’t see anything so it was a bit of a test. I took a shingles pill, Clovirax. I was told way back when that if I felt a tingling to start taking them to ward off an outbreak. I know I’ve tried this before but this time I reacted immediately.

There's the lake down London Bridge Road to the south
This morning, sure enough a breakout. I took another pill, added some cream after my shower and will hope maybe it will be a lighter dose. No sympathy required, thank you, posting it here is just a record for me since I forget to record them in my calendar. We worked away on our laptops after reading blogs and responding to comments. We each had a coffee while sitting here together. At 10, we weren’t hungry yet for breakfast.

You don't often see a Mobile Suite in these colour tones
I finally remembered to check FB Marketplace for an Alta Fitbit. They aren’t sold new anymore, just chargers and bands now. Darn! I have lots of bands, my Fitbit still works fine but the screen is cracked so badly that it is hard to read. I’ve been meaning to do this for a couple of days. I was thrilled when I found quite a few for sale. Some in better condition than others, some offering more than just the watch, some for a better price and some close to Patrick’s home. 😊

It looks like there was quite a lot of thinking going on here
but really they are watching the vacuum do its work
Patrick, my son, does this kind of thing all the time. Buys and sells, mostly electronics, and makes a nice little bit of cash for himself in doing it. I knew he wouldn’t mind picking up a watch for me once I did the wheeling and dealing. I know he would also drive further than I’d ever ask him to in order to get it for me too. His heart is made of the good stuff, through and through. So, I wheeled and ‘dealed’ until I found a responsible buyer in London.

The proud home owners
 The one in Patrick’s home town wouldn’t answer a question I had so I moved on. He works in London and obligingly offered to pick it up tonight after work. I’m excited! I thought I’d have to start over with a new Fitbit Inspire, one that won’t work with the extra bands that I have. I hate when they change to different models! Anyway, if all goes well, I will get a note from my son tonight that it was a successful purchase. The seller was flexible with the price and seemingly honest about her reason for selling.

With that deal in the works, I fried bacon and eggs for Bill and bacon and eggplant for me. After dishes, I took a walk back to the mail box and dropped the card in for tomorrow’s pick up. I hope little Easton’s card won’t be late in arriving. Can’t believe that he will be ONE soon! Bill was checking a few things inside the Suite, things that have been bothering him and then he went for a lay down. We have plans to go a-visiting after the noon hour.

And guess who sat with her feet in the water
67F didn't feel too bad to me!
Ken and Kim arrived before 2 and we drove across the highway to Rose and George’s new home. What a lovely spot they have! Their former home was nice in a great location but this one has a pool and lots of garages for storage. 😊 I didn’t take a lot of pictures, it isn’t my home to show, but I did take a few. The boys helped George get the pool vacuum working while Kim and I sat and kept Rose company after the grand indoors tour. We also got a peek at a hummingbird sitting on her nest out front. A rare sight indeed!

Rose showed us her 2 pomegranate trees in the front yard
First time I've seen one
Check out the next picture to see what was in one of those trees
We can see how happy she is with this move and she can’t wait to get into that water. While sitting there, Patrick informed me that the ‘connection’ with my Fitbit seller didn’t pan out tonight. But, remaining hopeful, he (and I) are believing that it will work tomorrow. I really hope so, as the first gal I contacted didn’t follow through on her ‘I’m working right now, I’ll get back to you’ when I asked about the condition. LOL

Like a proud Grandmama, she showed us the hummingbird in her nest
There are 2 teeny eggs in there, according to George
After they finished working, George set about bringing out cheese, crackers and veggie sticks for a snack and we devoured quite a few. My goodness, you’d think we were hungry! Well, they say you shouldn’t drink on an empty stomach and by then the work was done and the alcohol was flowing. Bill and I had taken a Seagrams cooler each and Ken had brought his beer. Kim was being a good girl, George a good boy and Rose had a bit of Bailey’s in her coffee. It was a great afternoon and time slipped by!
I've never seen an artichoke bush either but there it is
right in the middle with large fern like leaves
It was close to 5:30 when we said our goodbyes “See you in Canada”. That’s always sad to hear except that we know that is only a few months away. Back home, Ken and Kim hopped in their car and said goodnight. 

Kim and Rose pose in front of their home
We’ll see them in the morning. Bob and Jo-Anne had returned from their sightseeing day and were sitting outside. This day turned into a very hot one, 77F/25C, and they were enjoying their shaded patio. We chatted with them about their last couple of days and plans for tomorrow. I’m glad they’re going along; we’ll all be together for what we hope to be a fun day.

And this little gecko was warming in the sun
I had planned on cooking the beef roast tonight for supper. It needs to be cooked as it has been in the fridge thawing since Monday. We got home and Bill said he wasn’t hungry enough for a big meal. The snacks filled us up more than we thought, I guess. No point in cooking the beef tonight. We set about enjoying a quiet evening and yet I knew we’d soon need to eat.

a group of great friends on their patio
With NCIS reruns on, I worked on my blog and at 7, we opened a can of VanCamp’s beans and we had 2 beef weiners from the freezer. That was supper. Bill had some toast with his and that seemed to be enough.

I like black olives and they added to my po'boys meal
I downloaded pictures from today and finished up with my posting. This was a good day with friends in the warmth of beautiful weather. What more could we ask for?

If someone famous doesn't live here, they should!
Good night from Lake Havasu City

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  1. From the pictures that you posted George and Rose's new home is beautiful! I love the front look and having a pomegranate tree in your yard is handy. Glad you had a nice visit.

    1. This house is so much prettier than their other one, I love the front look too.
      It was a great catch up.

  2. There seem to be a lot of those "famous" houses in Havasu!! Love the hummingbird nest!! It's just funny to see you all in shorts when it's still so cold here. I don't think I'll see shorts at all this winter.

    1. We love the homes in Havasu, even the modest ones are beautiful with tile roofs.
      We were hot in shorts even in the shade! Can't understand your weather! :(

  3. Love the Hummingbird nest. Really like the palm frond shadow picture. Another good day!

  4. Glad you're moving in on a Fitbit replacement. You are tenacious. I've considered getting the Shingles shot but just never have gotten around to it. Never seen a hummingbird nest. That's neat. Enjoy your day.

  5. Hope your fit bit replacement works out. How perfect that Patrick can get it for you! I can't imagine how little those eggs must be on the hummingbird next! Beautiful place Rose and George got for sure! Is there RV parking? Great HH picture!

  6. Beautiful area and I wouldn't mind spending some time there too. Never seen a Hummingbird nesting and not sure if they do in Canada. Good find for the Fitbit. I'm sure it took some finesse.

  7. An old nurse friend of mine (she's my age, 75) suggested trying lysine for shingles. It's reported to work for cold sores (fever blisters) which are in the same viral family. So I tried it. Maybe a coincidence, but now 3 months without a threat. My dr said, why not...won't hurt you. Anyway, from outbreaks every 4-6 weeks to 12 weeks without is a nice coincidence or placebo. I'll take it. Just a thought. Not science.