Monday, January 27, 2020

Just Chillin’ as my Title Says, What Perfect Weather!

Quartzsite, AZ
On Monday, Jan. 27th Bill was up just a few minutes before me and I dropped off again after rolling over. I woke up when a parachute was landing close by and I realized that I was still in a dream. Downstairs, after Bill’s coffee, we went for another lovely walk. We have morning walks where we are quiet, within our own heads with thoughts and then others where we talk a lot and iron out future plans. Today was the latter.

Just like us, the sun also rises
Back home, I made my tea and Bill chatted outside with Keith and Ken for a bit. Ken and Kim are headed off on a journey that you’ll hear about when he posts about it. Soon, I’m sure. 😊 Today Bill and Keith will be taking propane tanks in to town for fill ups and possibly fuel. Me? I don’t have plans. Some may say I lead a boring life with nothing to write about, but I'm happy just plugging away recording the little things. One day, these memories will come in handy.

Walking up the main road, we saw Dave and Cheryl's Cedar Creek
I've heard that Dave was in the window too
but we didn't see him
Then we saw this converted fire truck
Jim May, this is really interesting!
He's obviously a fisherman, as this sailboat has also
been converted to a boat with motor
A lot of the Bluebird group left today
Bill came in for his shower and a second coffee. Not in that order. I took my book outside to sit on the 'patio'. Within a short period of time the guys left for town. After they returned, I made us a batch of waffles and mini sausages for a change. I had thought about getting rid of my waffle iron but this morning I was very grateful for having kept it. They cooked up so fast and were tasty. There were a few left for tomorrow too.

I don't know what this bird is but he was sure making a strange noise
Keith decided to take a drive into Jim’s repair shop to fix his plane so around 11:30, they both left with no idea of a return time. I moved outside after doing dishes and stretched out in my lounge chair to read some more. Boy, that sun was hot! The winds began picking up speed and soon I had to lay our chairs down behind me as a wind break. I sat out there for a couple of hours before moving the Weber and table around the corner so it wouldn’t blow over.

this little waffle iron that I picked up at a 2nd hand store back home
comes in handy
I'm glad I kept it

The wind sock didn't know which way to fly
so it just danced
Inside, the anemometer speed was reading gusts of 28 mph and the sand outside was sure whipping up and around us. When you start tasting sand in your drink, it is time to come in, right? 

Every once in a while, a dust storm blew through
At 3:15 Deb walked over to tell me what time they were leaving in the morning and then when Dave and Cheryl arrived, Tom invited me to Happy Hour at their site. I finished my chapter and took my chair and water next door.

Beautiful Oreo joined us at Happy Hour today

Last Happy Hour with Deb and Tom?
Sheltered from the wind, it was a nice hour and a half before Dave and Cheryl left. It is very nice of them to come and see Tom and Deb once more. Their paths may not cross for the rest of the winter. Bill and Keith had returned at 4:30 so joined us for a while too. 

As is typcal, the sun also drops
Back at the Suite, I had to decide about supper. I’d thought about meatballs and salad with pie for dessert. We weren’t hungry right away so sat for a bit before starting the genny. I need to heat the meatballs in the microwave oven.

The horizon, the moon and Venus

Meatballs and salad
 We were eating and done dishes by 7:15. Doesn’t take us long most nights to get that meal taken care of. Supper was good and the pie was the way it should have been last night, fully set. America’s Got Talent was on so we watched that while the generator was running. It won’t be running all night though, we’ll hit the books later on. This was a windy day here in paradise but it still managed to get up to 74F and more like 80 in the little corner where I was sitting. I'm loving this hot weather!

Yay! the pie set in the freezer
Good night!
Thank you for popping in for a visit.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Great Day! Friendly Happy Hour

Quartzsite, AZ
When Sunday, Jan. 26th rolled around, I knew I’d had a mixed-up night for sleeping. With that kind of a night, it means a lot of things rumbled through my head. Isn’t that when we do our best thinking, when we’re supposed to be sleeping? Between us, before we got up, we chatted about what kept me awake last night. I felt better by the time we got downstairs.

Walking to the north
Bill had his coffee and we went out for our2 mile walk. It was a gorgeous morning and before we knew it we had walked further in one direction than we’d ever walked. We decided to stay on the back lane and come back the same way rather than moving to the main road. It was so quiet and not one vehicle passed or met us. Come to think of it, only one person did with his dog. Back home, I made my tea and Bill went outside to putter a bit and then sat with Keith on our patio. From my window, I watched Bill playing catch with Oreo.

Oreo loves playing with her rope
Run Oreo Run
When my brew was finished, I hopped in the shower. I’m glad I took the time yesterday and cleaned the doors really good as they wiped down much easier when I was finished. Keith and Bill had plans to go flying today so they discussed that while I walked over to chat with Kim. We’d each had a shower and were standing in the sun for our hair to dry. Best blow dryer in the world, even without the wind. 😊

Our fluffy omelettes were very good this morning

I  made
a graham cracker crust for the pie
 It was around 11 when the boys left with Oreo in Keith’s vehicle and it was my turn to putter. The mats in the Suite were really dirty so I got out the lint brush and cleaned the 3 kokopelli ones and shook the other 2 outside. No point in worrying about vacuuming here in the dusty desert when we’ll be back in a park in 3 days. I sat outside with my book and couldn’t believe how hot that sun was. When do I every sit with my back to it? Today, that’s when!

The filling didn't solidify so I put it in the freezer
I felt tired, last night’s rough night catching up with me so I came inside and sat in my chair in full lounge position. Nope, figures, now I was awake. Back outside and I read more chapters until around 2 when Keith and Bill returned. Bill was tired too so came inside and dropped off easily in his chair. At 3, I poured myself a Diet Mtn. Dew and went outside for Happy Hour. Kim joined me in the middle, then Keith, then Ken. Soon after, my sweetie joined us.

I do believe you will see shorts here, Lorne!
Dave and Cheryl arrived in La Posa South today so were also able to join us on time and then Doug and Yuma drove up. Happy Hour was game on! We were actually all sitting in the sun and were very grateful for the breeze. Light and fluffy clouds moved across the sky and Keith did a couple of flights with his plane. He drew attention from a few campers and it was 5:45 before we all packed up and brought our chairs back to our sites. We’ll see Dave, Cheryl and Doug tomorrow.

Oreo behaved on her own for our Happy Hour
Yuma was a good boy by their Jeep for a while
and then Doug brought him to join us
The western sky put on quite a performance tonight before and after the sun dropped below the horizon. We were all outside snapping photos. I promised Bill some fish and chips tonight so he asked Ken if we could borrow their Fry Daddy. Ken turned their generator on and started warming it up over at their coach. Inside the Suite, I began frying a couple of pieces of Pollock on the stove.

I took a picture of H.H. with Bill in it too
Keith entertained us with his plane
a nice landing and his audience applauded across the way
While things were cooking I cut a couple of pieces of the Key Lemon Pie that I finished making today. It was from Nancy’s recipe but I didn’t have limes so in a pinch used lemon juice. I wanted to thank K & K for the use of their appliance, generator and lard so I took them a piece. 

Supper turned out great, we loved the crunchy fries and the fish and even though the pie had us puckering up, it wasn’t too bad. It didn’t solidify the way it should of. Darn!

The fries and the fish were perfect

My mushy key lemon pie
Isn't this gorgeous?
Bill did the dishes for me while I started my blog post. Other than watching America’s Got Talent tonight, we relaxed for the evening. I hope I can stay up late enough so that I sleep well. 

Good night and yay! I posted!

Thank you for stopping by!