Saturday, March 23, 2019

Moving on, New Sticker, Casino-docking

On Saturday, Mar. 23rd we felt the moving itch early. Bill and I were awake around 6 and even Clemson was restless for a while. We got up soon after and made our hot drinks. I finished loading pictures into my post and got it published. It was a very warm night for sleeping and that is a real treat! Almost the warmest we’ve had at 64F. We read a few blogs but didn’t catch them all. A lot of friends moved locations yesterday as we all slowly make our way home so it was nice to see where they ended up.

Nice start to our day but it didn't last
Nutrition for the road
Bill had toast and jam and I had a bowl of oatmeal and a piece of rye toast for breakfast. It isn’t because I was hungry but I knew I would be soon after getting on the road so it hit the spot and filled it. We were ready to pull out around 8:15 and I gave one glance back at this wonderful park. No doubt we will return. I really enjoyed it. It was sad that we didn't meet Tom and Cindy until our last day. It seemed like a nice connection and it would have been nice to spend more time with them.

Getting hooked up and ready to roll
they can cut the grass now that has grown a lot in 2 weeks

Great staff here made us all feel welcome

A glance back to say goodbye to a nice park
Turning right out of the park onto Cty Rd. 312 and then catching US-67, it was a cloudy start to our run. There were patches of blue before too long and a warm 63F gave us hope. In approximately 60 miles, we were exiting onto I-20E near Lancaster, Tx. Funny, as we drove on the upper of an overpass, looking down to the streets and businesses below us, the parking lots were proof of a recent downpour. Our route was dry.

Just a few things along the route today that I snapped pictures of
About 5 minutes of light rain spatters cleaned our already washed windshield and then it was more clear skies hovering over us. Yay! We needed a pit stop and since there were no rest areas closer than 58 miles, we pulled off into a travel centre. We all bought a coffee and took a piddle break, Clemson included. He got a nice walk with Pat and a drink of water too. Diesel was over $3/gal there and Rob wanted to fuel up so not too much further, we pulled off again to a TA station to better the price. At that point we topped up with another 12 gallons as well.

Looks like the sun is only poking through to draw up water
Everywhere you look, there are water towers, all the same shape but every once in a while, I see one worth snapping a picture of. 

This was right alongside the highway begging to be photographed
Such a big fat tower but I liked the tree in the name Cedar Hill
When I took the picture of the Lindale water tower, with the grapes, there was also a sign that said “Home of Miranda Lambert”. I didn’t know that about the c/w singer. It was 12:45 when we entered Louisiana. Arm pump! This is the first time, ever, for Bill and I in this state and we were impressed when we stopped near Greenwood at their Information Centre.

Lindale's tower - Miranda's hometown
Now, maybe they aren't grapes, maybe they are black berries
Bill went in first while I got our sandwiches out of the fridge. He signed their book and when he mentioned we were from Canada, the staffer offered him a state pin and a map. Thank you! How nice, we collect the pins. 

after the few spatters of rain

And he sleeps on Momma's hoody

Still not sure about the sky but it was warming up nicely
so much red earth this winter
I don't recall seeing so much of it previous years, other than Utah
It wasn’t much farther and we were making the exit off I-20 to the by-pass of 220 and soon enough turning into the parking lot of Harrah’s Casino and Racetrack. It is a large area for parking and a separate area for trucks and rv’s. We pulled up alongside the grass area rather than in the row parking and this was approved from a staff inside the casino. Works for them, works for us! 

This oversize load had a problem and we all just wanted to get by
before a tire blew - Phewy, burnt rubber in the nostrils = unpleasant

This is the interstate I-20E and a very pretty drive in some sections
A new state for us!
We all decided to meet at 5:30 and go to the casino for supper. Until then, we sat, dozed and moved outside with our chairs and read our books. It was so warm in the shade that after returning from Clemson’s ‘ritual’ walk at 3, I joined Bill there instead of in the sun. Soon enough, the wind drove me to the back of the Suite for another 15 minutes of Vitamin D. We got cleaned up and walked back to Harrah’s. After getting a player’s card each, we walked, looking for the restaurant of which there really wasn’t one.

This was a huge waterpark that Chelsea, Olivia and Nathan would love
Well, maybe even the older grandsons too (Carter and Zach?)
For not being rush hour or a weekday,  Shreveport was busy enough
We parked as far away as we could
With grass for Clemson to piddle on
And he kind of loved it
What do you think?
It must have felt great on his feet or something
He was just bouncing all over
Fuddruckers (I dare ya to say that 5 times fast!) was the best choice, which consisted of fast food basically, as the only other option of a deli didn’t appeal to any of us. Other than the cost for the burgers, and fries, that was a humdinger of a meal. I had fish and chips with catfish and wedge fries and Bill had a bacon cheeseburger with fries. We both had a milkshake rather than a soda. It was all very good. We each donated a bit of cash at the machines but had no desire to spend a lot of money or time.

good food
We walked our suppers off crossing the parking lot to our homes and said goodnight. It was 7:30 when I changed into my ‘jammies’ and sat to finish my post. I’m hoping to get a few more chapters read in my book before my eyelids take over. This was a great travel day and we have arrived safely for the night. 

walking back at 7:30
We're such night owls

But we're settled for the night
My eyes are blurry, I must be tired
LOL - sorry for the picture being a blur

good night from Bossier City, Louisiana

Thank you all for stopping by!

Last Day, Laundry, Goofin’ Off Mostly, New Friends

I woke at 6:30 on Friday, Mar. 22nd and knew Bill had gotten up half hour earlier. I joined him and had my tea. My goal, our goal I should say, this morning, was to get the bedding done along with one last load of laundry. After my tea, I decided to forgo the walk today and get to it. Bill disturbed Clemson, still sound asleep in bed, around 8 so we could strip the bed. “What the? Can’t an old guy sleep in around here?”

A rare occasion at Brookshire's grocery store
The packer insisted on walking our groceries to the truck for us
even after Bill promised to return the cart
Well, wasn't that special? :)
Bill drove me to the Laundromat and helped load 2 washers before driving back home. He had a few things to do before hopping in the shower. I hopped on a couple of the exercise machines for 10 minutes (big deal!) and then walked to Texas Hall where I worked on the jigsaw until the wash was done. And then, after moving things to the dryers, walked back for the 40 minutes. I feel that I’m accomplishing a lot but I know the 1000 pieces will not be in place by the end of the day. Pshaw!

Bill joined me to help fold and we drove back to the Suite to make the bed and put things away. Time for breakfast so he started frying the bacon while I finished upstairs and we had our traditional meal together. After dishes, we drove into Glen Rose to Brookshires for a handful of groceries that will do us until we are in the next park for any length of time. Bill topped up with fuel, noting that the price at all the stations had bumped their prices up by .10¢/gal.

We could have drove to Granbury and got it for $2.56/gal
but that was 20 minutes from home and didn't make sense for $15 worth
We found one private station that still offer diesel for $2.69 and Black Beauty slowly gulped $15 worth. There was no reason to dawdle, wanting to get home so I could shower and finish putting things away. We bought bulk meat (ground sirloin & pork chops) when in town so I divided it up for the freezer. Lastly, I split the chili I’d made yesterday into 5 meals. Two went into the freezer and 3 in the fridge for easy meals next week.

This beautiful bush is turning red
Pat and I were put in mind of the Burning Bush we have back home
With all of that done, I walked to Texas Hall again and focused on getting as much of the puzzle done as possible. It was a hot day, no complaints, and that is under mostly cloudy skies. The temperature reached 77f early afternoon. The 7 – 9 mph winds (am I really saying this?) are a blessing today. The a/c was on in the laundromat and in the Hall and our new neighbours have been running theirs since they arrived.
An hour and a half later, I walked back home and at 3 took Clemson for his walk. 

Tadah! Well, it isn't finished and won't be by me
but I did this one by myself from start to this point in 2 days
Pat joined us around the park. It might be my last tour, unless I go in the morning. Bill has everything put away outside with the exception of our chairs. Before supper, he dumped and flushed our tanks. We have 25 or so gallons of fresh water in the tank for on the road. I cut us each up an apple with peanut butter to get us through until supper.
Nice easy, tasty supper
For an hour or so, I went back to work on the puzzle. It wasn’t going to be finished so at 5 I returned to the Suite. It wasn’t going to be an elaborate supper, with just meat loaf to warm up plus a salad to dish out. We had finished eating by 5:45 and we relaxed for a little bit. Rob and Bill had to confer over tomorrow’s destination and departure time. Both had put the route addresses in their gps’s already. In the morning, we just need to unplug, disconnect water and go. I made up sandwiches for the road trip tomorrow.

And Jingles, their temporary cockapoo is adorable!
3 times the size of Clemson
 Bill met someone walking around today while I was at the Hall and they invited us back tonight. They just bought a 2018 Mobile Suite, same model as ours. This is always fun, talking to other Suite owners. We share the same feelings over our rv.  So, after dishes, we walked back to find them. Tom and Cindy are now living in Houston, Tx but have lived in Michigan, Iowa and Pennsylvania. I think I’ve got that right. Anyway, we sat and chatted with them for about an hour and a half and learned that we have a lot in common.

Cindy and Tom
and Jingles
We shared one of our ‘travel’ cards with them and hope to hear from them again and perhaps meet up next winter. It was great to meet new friends, such a wonderful couple. Back home at 8:30 we sat for a while with Clemson. Bill went upstairs with his book and I watched my two recorded episodes of This is Us.

One lonely bright star in the cloudy sky as we walked home.

This was a great last day here in the park. Thank you for stopping in for a visit!