Friday, April 20, 2018

Homeward Bound! Great Day for a Drive and Slipping Into Home Base

Today is the day. Friday, Apr. 20th. Bill was up really early this morning, before 6, and I noticed his absence soon after when I woke out of a dream. Me, as a passenger, in Black Beauty with a female driver who I don’t even know in real life. Me trying to tell her to put the truck into 3rd gear going down a steep incline. Weird! I appeared to know what I was talking about, that is the odd thing. Bill is rubbing off on me. 😀

Ready to leave CanAm after propane fill
So, I got up just before 7. Today is moving day, we are going HOME. The blue sky greeted me as I opened my bedroom shade and that alone brought a smile to my face. Somehow in my haste to get groceries in the house, I twisted my lower back so have been ‘hunching’ around ever since. Tylenol are helping ease it but I will be nursing it for a wee bit. I just hope the 3-hour truck ride today doesn’t make it worse.

Perfect day to drive

and the sun glares off Black Beauty
Bill finished his coffee and left me with mine and headed across the city to pick up a couple of things he’d ordered from Hi-Tech. I can’t seem to keep it straight what these things are or what they do even though Bill has explained it a few times. It just doesn’t stay in my head. So, since we aren’t getting tires here now, he wanted to make a trip out to pick those up and pay our bill before heading out. He also wanted to top Black Beauty up with fuel at the Flying M.

the further northeast we got, the more snow we saw
I warmed up my breakfast quesadilla from yesterday’s leftover since Bill had some cereal before he left. With some cottage cheese on the side, it will satisfy me until after we arrive at The Ridge. I finished putting things away and pulled in the vanity slide. There were a few dirty dishes from our ice cream last night too so I got them out of the way. When Bill returned he wanted to get our second propane filled since it was also getting low so went inside to see if Ben was available to do that.

The roads were so good and we enjoyed seeing our own familiar sights along the way
There were a few 'oh, there's a new home' and 'what did they tear down there?"
It was an enjoyable ride today
There were some new Dynamex Class C motor homes that came in when we were out to dinner last night and one was parked right beside us. They were backing it in the bay so we would have no hinderances getting out. Otherwise, we would need them to bring us out of this tight corner with the tractor. Andy said that would be no problem if we needed that help.

Clemson sleeps on our coats in the back
He has no idea of the surprise in store for him!
I saw Andy, one of the owners, arrive and park across the way and then noticed Bill walking over to him. I slipped out of the Suite (slipped because I was in my slippers) and went over to give Andy a hug. Thanking them for their hospitality for allowing us to stay for so long. He said no problem, as I noticed, they managed to put Bill to work while he was here! Nice people, we’ve said that many times and just can’t say it enough about this whole crew. A huge thank you to CanAm!

We do know what is in store for us!!
Or do we?
We were ready to pull out by 9:15 and wasted no time hitting the road. It was the perfect travel day. We drove on the 401 to the Highbury exit taking us to the Flying J Truck Stop where we paid our $5 to dump our tanks. From there, there was no stopping us. The rest of the drive was uneventful, going from no snow in London, to spatters here and there around Stratford to full ground coverage as we arrived in the Mt. Forest/ Durham area.

A couple of slow moving vehicles slowed us down for a bit
And then the familiar Adironack chair in Varney and the streets of Durham
With texts and phone calls back and forth to a few people, our fingers were crossed that we’d have no problem entering our driveway when we arrived. All looked great and Bill backed in with ease, after opening the gate. However, we were too close to the east edge and it would not be easy using the steps in and out of the Suite. As he pulled ahead, the back tires (the ones we didn’t get replaced yet) began to slide. Realizing this was pointless and getting us more off track, Bill called our friend, Rob. “Help!”

North Line was snowy on the 'curb' but bare in the middle
We made it! (kind of)
So, we were off the road BUT couldn't straighten out
Yay, the troops arrive!

Within a few minutes, Rob and Pat arrived with his F250 diesel 4 x 4. Between the two of them, and a bit of gravel from North Line, Rob pulled us out enough so Bill could back in once more, closer to the west side of the drive. Bingo! Yay! We were home! Bill almost had to twist their arms to come in for a ‘thankyou’ tea/coffee with us but finally they relented. He had opened slides and turned our heater on while we were chatting. It was nice to have a quick catch-up with our first Happy Hour back home.

After they left, Bill and I went for a walk up the driveway, through the snow. Oh, and Clemson, of course. He was FREE for the first time since we left home in October and it was so much fun to watch him. You could see it in his face that he remembers it here and checked out all his familiar ‘territories’.

Looking up the drive from the gate

We had a peek in the bunky, the storage shed and the Restroom before loading the mailbox onto the wheelbarrow. Bill pushed while I held the post stationary. Now, with it sitting at the road, mail can begin its scheduled delivery on Monday. We also carried our ‘firepit’ out and set it in place. Bill found a lighter and some paper to burn, just because we can. The wood was damp and didn’t seem to catch on before we headed back to the Suite. I actually carried Clemmy back, wiping his feet because he was shivering so. He may think he is just a baby but he is an old geezer like us!

I've missed the many changes in the pond
 We came inside, had a bit of down time and Clemson almost slept through his 5 o’clock mealtime!! He was so pooped from his romping in the snow. I was hungry too and wasn’t very good at planning for supper tonight. While I made a decision, probably a bad one according to all sous chefs out there, Bill went out and pulled the satellite dish and generator out of the basement. I’m deciding on what to make for our potluck on Sunday and without imposing on Pat and Rob again, want to be able to use the convection oven.

Clemson explores without restraint
Bill had brown beans on toast and I had a bowl of my chicken vegetable soup. This is the best soup I’ve made yet and I’ll never be able to duplicate it, I’m sure. I’m enjoying it never-the-less with just one more bowl left for another day. While routing around in the freezer looking for wieners or mini sausages, I located a bowl of the bean soup I made in the winter. Hmm, I pulled it out to thaw for another day.

Come on Baby, Light My Fire

there we are, at the entrance and it will be a few days before we can
venture any further
but we're still home 😊😎

The sky to the west after supper
We cleaned up dishes and at 6 Bill and I took another walk up to the top of the Ridge with recyclables. Nice to be able to do that again, not all places in the southwest follow that process. It just feels so good to have a safe and beautiful place to walk again. The road is showing signs of a real meltdown, which means it is leaving behind a muddy mess. No point in thinking about a vehicle wash for a while.

And our mailbox gets delivered
And set up
We'll have to adjust it each day until the snow is gone
Bill made arrangements with Murray to get our Toyota out of storage tomorrow so we will head over to Hanover in the later morning. We also thought ahead and asked him to hold our spot for next winter. Can’t beat the price for an inside storage and he is such a personable fellow too! Back inside, Bill was disappointed that we have NO, ZERO, ZILCH reception here on our antenna so we’ll either watch a movie, read or stare into each other’s eyes tonight. The satellite dish will go up tomorrow.

The geese welcome us back in full force

We almost made it but even though the snow up here isn't deep,
it will be a few days before we can fully settle up here

Family photo time!

Here is where we are
Safe, off the NON busy North Line and we can run our genny as late as we want
No one can hear it. 😉
Anyway, we are well, after arriving and setting up on familiar turf. The weather is improving and I’m going to be capturing some sunrises and sunsets for a while. Yes! This has been a wonderful day. Top notch. A-1 and all that good stuff. I hope you can say the same!

Sunset from the Ridge
Thank you for stopping by today! I love to hear from you and will respond to every post in time.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Light at the End of the Tunnel? Stocking the Fridge and Cupboards, Jello, Treat for Supper

Thursday, Apr. 19th I was up briefly at 5:30 for nature’s call and then by 7 Bill was rising. Soon after, I got up and we went through the morning process. Nothing today was on a schedule but we had things we wanted to accomplish. As early as we could, we wanted to get to Food Basics first. We were leaving the Suite by 8:45 and walking into Costco at 9:40. 
The morning started out dull but at the end of the road,
we see promise to the east
In and out, checking everything off our list, is usually quick for us. We, especially Bill, are so familiar with the placement of items in the store that he would be great at those shopping cart Giveaways. You know what I mean? You have 15 minutes, GO! 

After loading the back seat of Black Beauty, we drove to Pet Smart for treats and Clemson’s food. He is fussy and loved the last soft peanut butter treats we bought but they were a U.S. purchase so of course not available here. So many to choose from!

This aisle is just treats
We were home by 10:30 and Bill drove the truck back beside the Suite to offload before parking her out front again. Inside, we called Dan at Hi-Tech to check on our tire delivery. Unfortunately, the Jell-o jiggled and his supplier could not come through with either the Hankook or Bridgestone tires. Darn! We'll have to take care of that in Hanover next week. I had to take a picture of the sky this morning when we were out and about, there was actual blue sky and sun appearing briefly! I think it is a light at the end of the tunnel!

this is called HOPE
Beside us, this tech directs an Airstream into the empty bay
My brother-in-law, John, has offered to take a drive over to the Ridge from Chatsworth today with his snow blower. With a long list of ‘possibilities’ for our arrival in mid-western Ontario tomorrow morning, our first hope is to be able to back the Suite off the road into the driveway as far as the gate. At least that far. With the sun and warmth expected, we would be plenty cozy as we wait for the rest of the lane to clear. If that doesn’t work and the snow/ice is too deep or hard to clear, we move on to our second hope.
this is where we're going tomorrow
Just enough room for us to back in and set up for boondocking
And we're so excited!
With a stroke of luck and blessings, we soon found out that John was able to clear 84 ft. at the end of our driveway with his snowblower. That was enough to provide us with our number 1 choice and tomorrow morning, we will be on the road as soon as time allows. The sun will only improve the conditions and we will be home, in one form or another. Today, the sun finally made a long-lasting appearance and by 7 pm had pushed the clouds out of the way and ruled the evening sky.

One of the 3 tractor drivers positions the rv perfectly on the first try
Perfect! Drop it!
Earlier today, we contacted our dear friend and former neighbor, Carolyn, to see if she could join us for supper at The Keg tonight. 

We still had gift cards to use up and as a farewell to London, a chance to see her and an early anniversary gift we wanted to put them to good use . Luckily, even though short notice, she was available and brought her friend, Barry, along for the get together. It was wonderful to see them both and the food was great.

Carolyn won't like this picture, but I'm so happy to have had this opportunity
for dinner
We said goodbye around 7 with the promise to get in touch again and visit Carolyn’s apartment. She sold her house, which was beside ours, a year ago and downsized. There is still some settling in for her, she always had the most beautiful gardens. 

My cesar

Bill's pina colada
Now that the decision was made to pull out in the morning, Bill half-filled our fresh water tank to get us through the next 3 or 4 days. We settled in for the last evening in the parking lot. Hopefully, after today my posts won’t be quite so hum-drum.

Steak medallions, cajun shrimp and cesar salad
This has been a good day, ending with a lovely evening with friends. I hope your weather is also improving. We actually made it to +3C/37.4F with more good stuff on the way.

Thank you for stopping by today! I love to hear from you and will respond to every post in time.