Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Laundry, Testing the Skies, Pretty Nice Day

Tuesday, May 23rd I woke at 7 and the sun was pouring in the Suite window when I opened the blinds. Nice! It didn’t last, the clouds came barreling in from the west and removed all hope of a sunny day. Alas, I wasn’t expecting it and another dull day isn’t going to get me down. My garden needs the rain anyway.
Clothes hanging but still drying in the mild air
I was pleased to see that my Swiss Chard is showing some growth already. Yay! That hasn’t even been 2 weeks so I’m quite thrilled. I had a tea and read blog posts from yesterday before Bill loaded the clothes, detergent and fabric softener in the car for me. On the way into Durham, the rain made an appearance but only briefly. It was a popular wash day; the place was packed! I was still easily able to secure two machines without waiting.
Looks like I went a little heavy on this end, I'll have to thin them out
By the time the 2 loads were finished washing, the sky showed some promise so I partially folded things in the basket and brought them home. After a couple of brief showers, I hung them on the line. I know there is less wind today than in the past few days, go figure, but I believe they will dry easily. The air is so mild, 15C at noon hour.
Our flag for the first time in over a week, hangs listlessly
Bill worked away on the sliding window again and then put weather stripping on the bunky door and windows. Clemson and I walked to the end of the lane and popped inside to watch him work for a while. Actually, we were dodging some rain spatters again too.
Making sure it slides easy enough
I hadn’t eaten yet so had to come into the Suite to make up some lunch. I cooked some bacon, an egg and made a breakfast-like quesadilla for me with shredded cheese and lettuce. Bill had a toasted bacon, cheese and tomato sandwich.  Both were delicious and will fill us until supper.
One of the other windows in the bunky
I’m still not thrilled with the coughing and sneezing  I’m dealing with. I haven’t had a cold for so long that 3 days in is getting me down. Especially when I feel generally well, just a throat tickle and dry cough. Needless to say, I’m glad I don’t have to go anywhere today.  
Window all done and our Rate board affixed
How I would love a few good sunny days of Vitamin D to kick this thing to the curb. Sadly, I think Bill is getting a sore throat now too. I told him I felt bad about that because we both know his will be much worse than mine! Ha ha, you don’t want to know what he said. 😊 (something about a Smart Ass).
The darkened east sky accentuates the white of the turbines and the green grass 
So, while I’m sitting inside, after just taking a Tylenol Daytime Cold and Sinus tab, I see Bill outside wrestling with replacing the tube in his lawn mower tire. Not an easy process without the proper tools. We know that Frank, the guy we bought the Cub Cadet from last year, offered to replace it for us if we bought a tube. He told us it had a slow leak. Bill is taking a drive to see if he is around today. May as well take him up on his offer.

working on the tire
I’m going to sit and read while he’s gone or perhaps have a little snooze. Darn! I hear the pitter patter of rain on the roof. The clothes may need more than today to dry. Oh well, no rush. We just found out that Bill doesn’t need his ‘work’ clothes until Thursday since he just got a text from Phil at CanAm.
We're at the fluff stage of dandelions
It wasn’t long before Bill returned with the tube replaced and he put the tire back on the Cadet. When he came inside he felt whipped too so we read and dozed in our chairs for half hour. The rest of the day, including supper, went without a hitch. At one point, I gathered the clothes off the line with only 3 things not completely dry. Pretty good with the ‘no wind’ day we had.

Around 3:30 we took a drive into Durham to the PharmaPlus so I could pick up more Benylin cough syrup and Hall’s lozenges. I can’t stop coughing, grrr. Bill also needed to get a knob at Home Hardware for the plexiglass window he installed.
I've often mentioned Bill working in his cargo trailer
Here is a picture of his toys and man space
We had an easy supper of mini sausages, rice and corn tonight. We’re soon going to have to re-stock the freezer so we have more variety for meals. In the meantime, we are still eating well with no complaints. There were a couple of minis left over for Bill’s Thursday night supper in London.
Look at all of the corabelle blooms ready to pop
After dishes, Clemson and I went for a nice walk down the road to the corner. It is a gorgeous evening and the walk was refreshing. I sat outside with my book for a few minutes, long enough to realize that without the wind, the bugs could find my bare skin easily. No thanks, I’m still getting over the last bite. We came inside at 7:30.
The geese and frogs were chatty today
Probably discussing the weather
Tonight, will be Part 2 of the Finale of The Voice. I would never reveal who won, sorry for giving you a scare Maxx Trails, you have to watch it yourself. 😊
Clemson checks out my flower in the stump
I hope you all enjoyed this lovely day. Not a full sun day but it was mild and quite balmy. 
Goodnight sun, when will we see you again?
Thank you for reading my ramble today. Your comments are appreciated.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Fall Day? Recipe Time and Flower Planting

When I woke up on Victoria Day Monday, May 22 I was not surprised that it was another dull one. Nor was I surprised that I’d slept in until 8 am after the night I had. I didn’t get up but woke several times coughing and turning to find a comfy position. I feel a little better this morning so that is a good thing. Maybe the mullein tea helped after all.
Cleaning up around some plants
Bill was up within 30 minutes but his excuse is his late bedtime yet again. What crazy hours he keeps! He dozes in the evening which enables him to stay up into the wee hours of the morning. When I’m tired, I go to bed, preferring to wake up by 7. At least, retired, we can sleep or rise whenever we want.
I knew I'd planted some corabelle up here on the hill
The Weather Network says only 30% rain today and a teensy peek at sunshine (where? The sky is completely gray). The winds are still going to be the issue, around 20 mph with 30 mph gusts but I should still be able to get my flowers potted today. Is this spring or fall?
The rain from yesterday has almost flooded the turtle log
We had our morning coffee and tea and when I had a coughing fit while reading blogs, Bill suggested a teaspoon of Benylin Cough Syrup. I don’t usually like taking this stuff, not having much faith in them but it seemed to do the trick. Instantly! We each had a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast around 10 and were encouraged to get outside since it wasn’t raining.
Adding some colour to The Ridge
Bill is working on putting plexiglass in the screen window of the bunky door. He wants to be able to slide it shut so the outside doors don’t have to be closed if someone chooses to leave them open. The two other windows in there have screens and windows that open as well.
the entrance to the corral
While he did that, I potted my plants. Since my pots were large ones, I planted a red geranium, a white geranium and a yellow daisy-like flower in each pot. The name on it says Yellow Evol but upon searching that flower, it is non-existent. Weird. It closes up overnight which is kind of human.

I had one red geranium left and knew exactly where it would find a bed. I had pulled a stump out of the wood pile after Gerry had a big tree cut down. The tree was at the edge of the Y of the laneway just where we needed to make the turn with our Suite. Because we’d noticed it was a dead tree in the first place and secondly it was on a scary lean. Just enough for us to be concerned about it scraping the fiver.
The Y up our lane
This stump appealed to me because it had a hole in the centre of one end and I wanted to either sit a small pot in there or plant right in the hole. This is what I did and placed it at the V of the corral to welcome guests. Without even planning to I have prepared for Canada’s 150th with the red and white. I chose the yellow flower because it was as close to a sunflower as I could find. For Daddy.
Ellie May and Clemson do the dance

Clemson and I took our daily walk down the lane and into the front field. He still is intrigued by the open gate to the road so I needed to constantly watch him. We raced around a bit and then back up the lane to see Bill. Even though I had put my gardening gloves away, I found myself bending over the garden pulling weeds.
Close up of the ole gal
I hate doing that but was too distracted to go get them again. I checked my fingernails and they were already gathering dirt so carried on for another 45 min before walking away. I sprayed the dandelions and other weeds popping up in the gravel parking area with my vinegar solution. Some pulled out easily with the rain. I was done pulling and came in for my shower.

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Bill joined me inside for some lunch. He had a sandwich and I nibbled on cheese and yogourt. Time to bake! My two boys slept in the chair and I made 3 dozen chocolate chip cookies from a recipe Donna gave me for convection ovens. So far, I hadn’t had much luck baking this cookie in here.

Apple Crisp
They turned out quite nice actually, I just had to turn the baking sheet half way through cooking since the turntable had to be turned off. For some reason, one side cooks faster than the other. Bill and Clemson taste-tested them and I got a passing grade. 👍

My favourite dessert, besides cheesecake, is Apple Crisp so with a frozen pack of the apples I picked here last fall, I made a pan of that and before putting stuff away, made a pan of Oatmeal Butter Squares, an old 4H recipe I enjoy. While the butter squares were baking, I made a cup of mullein tea and sat down to catch up here.
A 4H recipe from wayyyy back
Oatmeal Butter Squares
Bill and I sat and watched some tv together, we enjoy American Pickers and before I realized, the day was passing and it was time to get supper. I fried up 2 pork chops in bacon fat and made us each a salad. Our dessert was apple crisp and ice cream. Yummy.

The sun has made an appearance a few times but it wasn’t until 6 o’clock that the sky turned blue and the sun took over. By 7 our temperature actually reached 16C. Briefly. I’m surprised to see our flag hanging straight down with barely a wave touching its folds.
Sunday night sunset
I wanted to finish my post up before 8 because the finale of The Voice is on tonight and we have been following it since it started. That didn't happen, it is on and I'm watching it from in front of my laptop. I thought that instead of waiting for today’s sunset, I would leave you with last night’s shot.

However, when I looked outside, I knew I had to capture tonight's as well. Enjoy!
Goodnight Victoria Day weekend from the Ridge
Thank you for reading. All comments are welcome and appreciated.