Friday, June 23, 2017

Rainy Night, Rainy Day, Music with Mom, Memories,The Man of the House Returns

On Friday, June 23 I woke up at 6:30 to the sound of a steady hum. It was quite loud and it gave me a bit of a start because I knew I’d left nothing running before going to bed. I lifted my head and realized it was rain. I think it rained most of the night because at one point I felt rain coming in my bedroom window and shut it. I still say that is the best time for the sky to open up, not during our daytime hours.
This morning's sky
So, we got up, Clemson and I, and after opening the blinds I noticed that it was a nice-looking morning. 18C at 7:30 is pretty nice in my books. I contacted Bill and we chatted for a bit about the previous evening and upcoming day. He had a good night socializing with new Solitude owners from Peterborough who were staying the night too.
And finally I see that the small birds are enjoying their Niger bell
Last night, I was in bed at 10 and dropped off immediately with the little snuggle bum right close to my side. He is small but it is still a very comfortable feeling when I’m alone. Once more I think of the grass that I’d like to get cut today but it has rained lightly 4 times since I got up and it is only 10 o’clock. I had my tea, read the blog posts I didn’t read last night and hopped in the shower.

I was taking a picture of the seed bell and felt eyes on me

Without moving much, I slipped my phone open and caught Chippy
watching me
I’ve been focusing on pictures that I have of Mom and her family, me included. She is often asking about her Mom and finds it difficult to believe that she has passed. So, I’m compiling some of my own pictures hoping to perhaps show her one day with better information about when her siblings and parents died. It may not help for very long but that is okay.
The weeds are longer than the grass but it won't stop raining long enough to cut it!
After my shower, I washed and cut an apple from the fridge and sliced a few pieces of cheddar cheese. With yogourt as a chaser, this was my breakfast today, oh with a coffee and creamer too. It hit the spot and was tasty. Wednesday, after Bill left, I fried an egg and had a breakfast quesadilla with melted cheese. It was good too but sometimes it just isn't what I feel like.
Mom was giggly when I took a selfie of us

Ron McManus entertained a room full of elderly....and me!
So, still with the on and off rain outside, I’ve answered a text from our friends in London, texted back and forth a bit with my sisters, Wendy and Donna and made plans for the afternoon. It being a dull morning, I decided to take a trip down memory lane. Hold on to your hats!
The vault cupboard of memories
Up in the cupboard over the couch is where our ‘personal’ stuff is kept. The things that we couldn’t get rid of, all in one cupboard. Very small space, actually. I have 4 of my childhood dolls up there in a seagrass basket, a September tea cup and saucer that Mom gave me years ago. There is a beautiful soft suede purse with a wallet from Europe that my sister, Gayle, brought me from their honeymoon trip in 1972 (I think).
My childhood dolls, birthday teacup, purse from Europe and wedding bouquet,
the doll in the orange hat is 3 years younger than me and Billy (how is that for foresight?) is also at least 57
Also, photo albums, just a few with special family pics, the scrapbook that I put together for my 50th birthday, our wedding and honeymoon pictures, Bill’s baby book, our certificates and report cards. We were very scrupulous in order to make this dream happen, yet at the same time we still kept important things close.
My attempt at scrapbooking at 50
So, I started snapping photos of things and had fun going through it all again. Before long, and after a few more showers, I went out and cut the remaining stalks of my drooping irises. I also got caught up in some weeding and hoeing in the veggie garden.
By 2:10 I was in the truck driving into Durham. I knew there was Music with Ron McManus and wanted to go with Mom. She loves music. When I arrived, she was already in the auditorium with the packed room. Singing along to Dream, dream, dream the well-loved Everly Brothers tune. One of the gals moved things around so I could sit beside Mom. She was surprised and held my hand for a long time.

3 sisters, my older brother and me (eyes closed)

I need help from my cousins to name some of these
I'm here covering my eyes again, with 2 sisters, Gayle and Donna, brother Bruce
Bob, Sharon, Harvey, Stephen

In case you wonder why I so easily slipped into full-timing.......
I was introduced to camping really early - this is around 1960
My Dad beside the Fargo truck, a tent packed to the side, bed in the back and brother Bruce and I
peeking out of the homemade camper window
When it was over at 3:30 we walked back to her room and said our goodbyes. I think it was at least 10 goodbye hugs as she walked me to the end of the hall before a final goodbye. I peeked around the corner and watched her slowly find her way into her room. A few of the girls at the desk were chuckling with the antics and also watched her go.
Obligatory church and Sunday school with our Grandparents
Here is our Aunt Kay and cousin, Tommy
4 sisters and 1 brother here with me
The star is me, in case you wondered
A family reunion hosted at our house in Lucan - mid to late 60's
Too bad it is blurry - arrows are pointing to my brother in the back row, Mom on the right holding
our little brother and Patsy in the front with ponytails

My older brother, Bruce and I in early 1955

Bruce and I again with our little brother, Michael - 1967
Before leaving town, I stopped at McLean’s Home Hardware and picked up the MiracleGro that I forgot the other day. I got home to another bit of rain so this job will wait for another day. My guy is coming home tonight. It seems longer than 3 days, 2 nights but they have been fine. We just miss him around.
Home in Lucan with one of our foster children

A favourite of me with my brother, Bruce probably 1975
I’m not going to go on today, leaving just these fun pictures of my past. I hope some cousins in these pictures will comment and fill in the blanks of who’s who. Memories are so important and keeping the people straight in pictures is part of that process for me.
My parent's wedding day - Jan. 15, 1946

45 years later at their home in Vanastra, On
Supper for me will be left-overs. Mashed potatoes, corn and salad. I guess I’ll open up a can of tuna for protein. Bill won’t be home until late and will grab something to eat on the run. At least the rain seems to have stopped, I hope he isn’t getting any messy stuff while driving.
From a 1966 Chevy II Nova to our 1996 Ford Windstar van
Just a few vehicles I've either fully or partially owned
I hope you’ve had a great day. Someone told me tomorrow is going to be a nice one but we’ll see.
And here we are, little rugrats
6 siblings and our cousin, Carol on the right front
I'm the blondie in the front
Note the cloth diapers on the line
Thank you for travelling down Memory Lane with me, I hope you don’t mind the old pictures. You may comment if you wish.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

A Glorious Morning! Wildflower Walkabout, Surprise for Supper

It is Thursday, June 22nd and this is looking like a wonderful day. I woke up first at 6:30 and Clemson was snuggled up really close beside me. He has less hair to keep him warm now so lots of cuddle time. When I shifted position he lifted his head so I invited him under the covers with me. No hesitation there, he crawled in and promptly fell back to sleep.

Snuggled under my shirt
I did my morning stretches and got up around 7:15 to open blinds to brightness and sunshine. Yay! By the time I texted Bill, turned the Keurig on, turned the inverter on and unplugged, Clemson decided to drag his little body out of bed too. Bill called so we could catch up on our evening after last chatting and our plans for the day.

Clemson hopped up on the recliner after his outing while I sat at my laptop. I can see his little body shivering over there so covered him with my shirt. It is 19C inside the Suite so he shouldn’t really be cold but I guess if I were a fluffy ball one minute and a skinny bean the next, I would need time for adjustment too.

After my tea, I put Clemson’s leash on and we walked and jogged down the lane and down North Line to Baptist Church Road. I wasn’t aware of the risk we were taking until I got to the King’s driveway and looked up. The sun was behind us in the east but slowly these dark clouds were shuffling and taking over the sky again.

I decided to turn this into a Wildflower Walk, since I had already posted pictures of the wildflowers on the Ridge earlier. These belong to the country and even though I can’t name them all, they are pretty. Before living here at The Ridge, I didn’t appreciate the ‘wild’ side. Living in a city does that to you if you let it, so this was nice.

While walking Bill called to report on his day. Dealing with a couple of disappointments since he left yesterday had him feeling down and yet still determined to do the things he planned to do. There is always next week. He will be on the clock at noon today at CanAm and kept busy this afternoon and tomorrow. I know it might sound mysterious but I am leaving details up to Bill when he writes his next post.   

Clemson and I got back in the nick of time. I took a small video of our eager beaver as he trotted up the lane. Too bad it takes so long to download into blogger, it's cute. No sooner did we step on the patio mat when we felt the beginnings of rain AGAIN!

With his long skinny legs you’d think he would be a pro at these 4 steps up to the Suite but he isn’t. He has a fear of the ‘open’ style and they are very steep for a little guy. With a few unsuccessful attempts, he has been hurt enough that we pick him up to put him inside. I’d rather spoil him than deal with an ‘ouchie’.

So, I made myself another tea and wondered when to go to Durham. I was hoping to cut the grass this morning but with the rain that wasn’t happening. Glad we got our walk in though first thing, it has been a while since we’ve gone that far. It was a mild day and yet the winds were quite gusty today.

At noonish, my sister, Wendy, texted and asked if I would be open to having her and Morgan come for a visit and bring supper. Are you kidding me? What great news! It would be perfect girl time and I said yes and yes! Yay! I was excited because it is always great seeing my little sister and also because they have never been to The Ridge to see our summer location.

I didn’t have to do anything, really, except put away the stuff that piles on the tabletops, you know those papers you just drop there. It was coolish at 15 so I suggested they dress warm so we could walk the property. Well, as it turned out, when they arrived around 4 o’clock it was quite a lovely day without sun. 

Pretty sky before Wendy arrived
The winds had died down. Morgan doesn't say much but did tell me that she had 4 more days of school, one of those being a playday. I remember that elation, the last days before summer vacation.
Ah lovely clover

Milkweed ready to bloom

We had a nice walk around, showing them the gardens, sheds, restroom and bunky. Next time they need to come for an overnighter. That is a big commitment for anyone let alone someone as busy as Wendy is. I hope it works out sometime. We had a delicious roasted chicken with a salad and delightful little cake for dessert. Yum!
this grass is gorgeous!
Clean up was easy and it would be another meal for the two of them so sent the leftover chicken and dessert home with them. Little bird, Morgan, doesn’t eat much so it will be perfect. As we said our goodbyes I felt so happy that she took the time to come and visit me while I was on my own.

Driving down the lane, from my place on the hill I saw her brake lights come on and behind the car scurried Yertle. My oh my!  Morgan is a real little nature nut so got out to check him out. We chit chatted a bit more about these prehistoric descendants and they were on their way. I texted at 8:30 to make sure they got home safely and was informed that Owen Sound was getting a downpour.
Wendy and Morgan arrive
I walked over to the restroom and caught this gorgeous cloudy sky. Again, if only I could paint. I put our lawn chairs away in the event that rain comes this way. It is up to 23C and 25C inside the Suite so the breeze coming in the windows is pleasant.
And supper is delivered!
I have had a relaxing but wonderful day today. I hope you have had a great one as well. Before I sign off I’d like to send a special ‘shout out’ to Russ & Sheila Busby. Hey there! Thank you for following our blogs and for taking the time to ask for Bill today. Hopefully we will connect in one place or another this winter.

When I took Clemson out for his last piddle of the day at 9:30 I noticed that the fireflies are out in full force. It wasn't even dark and there had to be 6 or 8 flitting around. Cool!

As I'm signing off, it is 9:40 pm and the rain is hitting the roof and the thunder is rumbling off in the distance. Night time is the perfect time for a rain shower.

Thank you for reading and thank you, Wendy and Morgan for the visit! Please feel free to leave a comment.