Sunday, February 18, 2018

Lolly-Gagging aka More Lazing, Sun Appears, Wedding Update, Old Movies

On Sunday, Feb. 18th I was, once again, awake earlier than my normal but remained in a comatose state for another 30 minutes. When I looked at the digital clock on the dresser, it was black. Hmm, that’s weird, maybe something is on top of it covering the face. My Fitbit said 5:56 am. Bill got up soon after and lit our heater.

As he crawled back in bed, he told me that it was 54F in the Suite, 48F outside and the power was out in the park. Double hmm. He turned the inverter on and when I looked at the clock again it read 6:30. I knew I would drop off again and he said the same thing. I got up and went for a walk around the park and left my boys in bed. The day started out with mostly clear skies but by the time I returned at 7:30, clouds were back.

As I walked around, I found a few campers in the park trying to figure out if they'd blown fuses or if their electric boxes had died. I told them ours was out at the front, not to worry and by the time I got back to the Suite, power was restored. We were fine regardless. 

And there is the sun, rising along with everyone else
Bill was up making coffee and my tea and the little lazy bones was still tucked under the covers. We read our friend’s posts and comments and got on with our day. If the sun came out this afternoon we were going to go and visit Deb and Dj. With Dj dealing with a sinus infection and possible cold, we didn’t want to sit indoors at their trailer.

And the bunnies were out in droves
I think they're making plans for Easter already

I cut our grapefruit and cooked bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast. I am trying hard to get us back on track with the paleo/keto habits. It seems to be working, especially for Bill, his weight is dropping slow but sure. Me, up and down, but I’m hopeful to lose this belly before the year is out. We have a wedding to go to!

Interesting old bus
What kind of a camper would this make?
Speaking of which, today we heard from the bride-to-be with more details about flights, the resort and what is expected of us. We never thought we would enjoy the idea of a Destination Wedding but we are warming up to the idea. Jess is ‘our’ youngest and if this is her dream, we want to be there for it. Also, the idea of a week-long stay at an all-inclusive resort in Cancun is quite appealing. We’ve never had that kind of vacation.
Jim, isn't she purty?

Sparkling clean probably from the rain :)
We talked to our brother-in-law, Gerry, back home too about their plans and preparations for a new cottage on their summer property. We discussed it a fair bit with them before and after we left Ontario. We are pleased that things are coming together with that project.

That is not an apple, it is a cardinal, I think

The mountains are so pretty and in the morning, even prettier
Bill and I took Clemson for a walk around the park around 2 pm and let him run free at the dog park, where he was by himself. Did I say ‘run free’? He moved all of about 3’ sniffing every inch of that area. This dog only runs free at home on The Ridge unlike other dogs who drag their Masters to the Dog Park. “can we go, can we go, huh huh?”
walking with my boys
At the dog park, there is fresh water
But the birds think it's for them

making a friend
Clemson didn't even mind this one
Back home I sat outside for all of 10 minutes watching the sky. I could see the sun coming and when it broke through as we were walking, it was so hot! Finally, for another 10 minutes, I turned my face to the sun and I could feel my body welcoming it…….finally after 5 days! It didn’t last and I returned inside with my sweetie.

The sun was so hot when it was out
Breakfast felt like hours ago and I guess it was, so we had a snack of cheese and crackers. Triple hmm, is this why we’re fighting the belly fat? Anyway, it satisfied the craving and it is another 3 hours until supper. Today, I wrote out a few post cards and dropped them in the mailbox for tomorrow. That is an easy inside thing to do.

Cactus wrens
The day is definitely moving along, slow and quiet. A lot of chapters got read today in both books. I think there might have been a couple of snoozes too while in our recliners. Deb and Riley, be prepared. Recliners are addictive! 😊 

For supper tonight we’d decided on pork sausage, dressing, spinach for me and mixed veggies for Bill. Everything turned out great and we were all cleaned up from eating and dishes around 6:45.

My sunflower goes with us everywhere we go with the Suite
Bill has gotten original at standing it up for me when the ground is too hard.
Looks like I need to paint it this summer
another hearty meal
Bill found a couple of the old Beverly Hills Cop movies with Axel Foley so we watched those tonight. They are funny and good for a laugh. This has been a good day with a bit of sun and a lot of clouds again but the temperatures hovered around 60f, meaning not too bad at all.

Good night!
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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Clouds! Two Sides to that Story, Laundry Gets Done, Sierra Vista, New Family

For some reason, I woke at 6 am on Saturday, Feb. 17th and couldn’t seem to drop back off. I know it was another one of those nights spent in dreams. Bill, Bridgette, and a whole bunch of people I don’t remember were involved in that mess of nonsensical happenings. Bill got up at 6:30 for a nature call but Clemson stayed huddled under the covers until he returned. At 7, I got up. Sneakily. They didn't move.

Saturday started out like this
I opened a couple of the blinds in our common area and noticed the fog was blanketing everything about 20’ out. By the time I slipped into my shoes and jacket and stepped outside with my book and phone, it had moved even further away. I drove up to the clubhouse laundromat and found one other person waiting. Hmm. I was happy to hear her say, ‘there are 2 washers free’. Perfect!

After loading them with our duds, I walked to the other door leading into the clubhouse/book room/exercise room/dining area and dropped our 5 books off on the shelves. I was alone and it was warm in there compared to the chill of the 42F outside. Even the laundry room was cool. It wasn’t long and I was joined by another lady.

Low clouds performed quite the act all day today
The conversation started out good and before I knew it she began talking about Christianity and I was looking for an escape route. I hate that! Thankfully, one of the cooks arrived to begin preparing for their featured Saturday morning breakfasts. They started talking and I slipped out the side door. Coward, I am! She wasn’t ‘preaching’ but telling me all about a group she belongs to and yadayada.

So, I sat in the truck with my book and read until the spin cycle finished and then transferred them to the dryers. Back inside when the dryers were 10 minutes from finishing I felt warm arms wrap around me from behind. Talk about sneaky! Of course, I knew who it was so didn’t strike out. Ha ha. Who else would be walking around with bare arms?

We folded the clothes and found that a few pieces of clothing were still too damp to put away. We don’t like this type of dryer where you have to put a certain amount in to start it. We like the ones where it takes .25 to start it and you can add as many as you want. We weren’t spending another $1.25 to dry 5 items. I hung them up in our shower. It wasn’t worth getting our portable clothesline out either.

The clouds have moved in and it doesn’t look like we’ll see much sun today. The wind is up a bit too and the temperature will have to struggle to make it to the forecasted high of 66F. We could smell the pancakes and sausage wafting through from the clubhouse into the laundry room so when we had put everything away, I made our own for breakfast. The little waffle iron has certainly paid for itself, even though we only use it once every couple of months.
Groceries here

Clemson now has food for the next month
With dishes cleaned up, I went online to pay one of Mom’s bills and then checked out Facebook. I don’t do that often but did remember to play my Scrabble games that are in play. I’d missed our cousin Glen’s birthday so had to wish him a ‘belated’. Today, is a Happy Birthday to our friends, Trevor and Tracy Aljoe. We hope it’s a great day for you both!

Before I knew it, I had signed us out of our hotspot without reading my comments and friend’s blogs. LOL. I’ll have to go back on later. We relaxed for a couple of hours with our books and then took a run into Sierra Vista for a few small grocery items and Clemson’s soft food. The clouds are clearing away slowly but I was fascinated by the way they hovered over and through the ‘black’ mountains to the south.

We shopped Fry’s and stopped at their gas bar to fuel up Black Beauty. We must remember to go there before we leave the area. Their diesel is a nice price at $2.69/gal. and that is without using our Fry’s points. On our way back home, I caught sight of the Blimp again, just hanging there in the white clouds in front of the mountain ranges. Very cool to see that thing but I don’t think my pictures turned out. We were driving.
On my walk with Clemson we saw this little guy
Beep beep!
As we went in and then exited Fry’s, 3 or 4 cute little Girl Guides were selling cookies. Many varieties for a change. I won’t buy the chocolate mint ones for any price, but on our way out I bought a box of their original shortbread brand. Not quite the same as their traditional sandwich type but these are good and for a good cause.

The clouds didn't give up all day
It was after 3:30 when I decided to take a walk with Clemson. Bill said he saw where George and Suzie’s friends are camped. The family with 7 children, living in their rv. I saw Abigail first, shyly smiling at me as I walked near. I walked over and said hello. Her brother then brought Brownie over to say hello to Clemson and our little scaredy cat (er, dog) showed no fear. They touched noses and that was enough.

I met their dad, Scott and Abigail then named her sisters and brothers but I couldn’t repeat them for any amount of money. I caught the names, Esther and Marideth and then heard the story about what was wrong with their bikes and about their haircuts. Abby is a charmer. So cute, and such a polite group of children. Scott’s biggest dilemma was what to have for supper so I left them to it. Feeding my one hungry man is enough for me, feeding 9? Kudos to you, Scott and Laurel!

And we begin to appreciate the clouds even more
as the sun goes down
We sat inside with the tv on. I don’t enjoy sitting outside when I have to layer up with my clothes and even though it is mild, there is no sun to encourage me. Today we watched an episode of The Launch. I’m not so sure that I’m into another one of these shows, but Bill seems to enjoy them.  At 5:30 we started supper. Bill lit the Weber and I peeled and cut potatoes.

Even I'm impressed with this lovely looking supper!
Bill grilled 2 thin pork chops for himself and butterflied and grilled a very large chicken breast for me. I boiled and mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli and corn inside. This was a really nice meal and we were eating by 6 and cleaned up by 6:30. We have leftovers for another night and that is always good. 

In between drying dishes, I was running outside with my camera. The sky was changing by the minute and it was absolutely magnificent! Now, we can say thank you for the clouds today.

Looks like fire and smoke
We were watching Live PD and lost the connection to the satellite. Woops! Don’t know what happened there, but it isn’t the end of the world. Just the end of watching television this evening. I finished posting my blog and sat with my book. I’m reading Tami Hoag’s Dust to Dust and it is getting good. Bill is reading a Michael Connelly, The Drop, and seems to be caught up in it as well. It’s a library night, apparently.

This has been a good day. We got laundry and some shopping done and some walking and relaxing too. Who can complain about that? Not us! I hope you can say the same about your day. 
Goodnight from Quail Ridge
PS – just before posting, Bill reset the satellite dish and we are back in business. I’m still going to read my book. 😉

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