Saturday, October 24, 2020

Taking a Breather, Tidying Up at ‘Home’, Executor’s Duties


Paisley, Ontario

On Saturday, Oct. 24th Bill and I took full advantage of a day off. We slept in and didn’t get up until almost 8 o’clock! We were both awake around 6 and then kept dropping back off again. Still dark outside, no rush to move. Once I woke up for good, Bill had dropped off again with his arm on mine so I didn’t want to wake him. I reached my phone and read blogs. 😊

Our clocks weren't synchronized but they were close!

Hard to pass up an opportunity to walk along the riverbank

Once we were up and dressed, he made a coffee and had some toast downstairs with Wes and Susan. I got bundled up for the 2C/37F morning and went for a walk. I’ll regret it if I don’t go and let me tell you, after walking near 2 miles, I truly would have been sad to have missed it. I found a new trail along the Saugeen River and followed it as far as I could. Thanks to a young couple walking their dog.

I like this walk but it wasn't long before it veered left to the

Up ahead (see my arrow?) it continued but on the other
side of an arm of the river
That side said "Private Property" so I didn't chance it today

Back home, I was warmed up and made myself a cup of tea. Wes had little ‘home’ jobs to do and Susan as well. We stayed out of each other’s way, which in the big house isn’t hard to do without really trying. Bill cleaned the water tank on our Keurig and I busied myself upstairs emptying boxes. Boy, we had a lot of ‘liquid-type’ stuff from the bathroom! I’m going to work at emptying the half-filled tubes etc. this winter. It is kind of ridiculous. That’s what I get for selling Avon, I guess.

Bacon and eggs plus half slice of spelt toast

We all met downstairs around noon hour, they were finishing up their lunch while I started cooking bacon and eggs at 12. Then we came upstairs and I set about getting some paperwork done for Mom’s estate. Things are coming together and I’m feeling confident that I won’t be too long getting things settled. At 3, Bill stretched out on the bed and I started my blog post before taking my crossword and book downstairs.

More pictures of my morning walk

Sorry, the views are just so pretty, I get carried away
and then want to share!

A cup of tea was in order so I decided to let him sleep and went down to my own peace and quiet in the living room. Supper tonight was thick pork chops and potatoes in Madame IP and coleslaw on the side. 

A little history in the town

The foundry chimney still stands - alone

I was hungry and it tasted good but after dishes, I left Bill watching the kitchen tv and came upstairs. I had a bit of a headache so took two Advil and worked on my blog post. Could be the change in the weather, who knows? It’s unusual for me to have them.

This town should be nicknamed 'the town of bridges'

In two days, I have walked across 4 already and I'm not done yet

Pork chops for supper and they were good and very filling

This was a relatively easy day, just hanging around here but at the same time, I got a lot of smaller stuff taken care of. Starting the day off with a nice walk was a bonus. We’ve got some cold nights and cool days coming in the next week and then it will probably stick around. We’re very glad to be somewhere warm without having to pay the propane costs. 😊

I leave you with a huge beautiful home
I'm assuming maybe fairly new owners because of the
small hedges planted up the sidewalk to the house
Good night!

Thank you for your visit today!

Goodbye Suite, Hopefully – Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Hello Costco!

Paisley, On

Friday, Oct. 23rd we were up with the birds, wait a minute! We were up before the birds. Anyway, it was before the 6th hour that we crawled out of bed. I just needed a quick wash because of last night’s shower, (which helped me sleep wonderfully!) but Bill needed more than that.

I tried to get a good picture of this sky on our drive this morning
It still didn't turn out perfect.

We went downstairs and I had a cup of tea and Bill had some cereal. Gee, I sure don’t feel like eating at that time of the morning even if I thought it a good idea. Wes was in their office on his computer and said good morning so as not to scare us. It is right off the big kitchen where we sit to eat. He is an early riser too and sits in the dark with only the light from his desktop.  We were ready to go and pulled out in Black Beauty at 7 am as planned.

Paisley in the morning light

The drive to the Ridge was in partial darkness to start and then partial clear skies with  interesting clouds. The sun was trying to peep through. By the time we reached North Line, the sun was rising above those clouds beautifully. 

Interesting clouds

Mom and Clemson were saying goodbye to us up on the Ridge

The Suite was ready for us, meaning all closed up, so all we had to do was hook up and go. I shouldn’t tell you this but I had to resort to an old ‘camping’ habit of yore while up there. The outhouse was closed up, the Suite had no water in it so you can guess what I mean. I had to!! Nature called!😊

The Hangar all closed up for the winter

There were a few things to do to ‘tidy’ the Ridge up but I decided to leave the last 3 geranium plants hanging since they were still blooming. No harm done if they ended up on the ground since they are just plastic hanging pots. I hate to stunt any more flowering before they're ready. We were pulling out of the laneway, with the big steel gate closed behind us at 8:30. The sky was still mostly clear with just light fluffy clouds most of the trip. It was a gorgeous day!

My favourite picture of the day before we left the Ridge

We didn’t need to stop until we reached our destination 2 ½ hours later. It was excellent time for us pulling the rv and sticking to 90km/hour. We arrived at CanAm at 11 am. Peggy was prepared for us and we received a lot of condolence greetings. Peggy has also just lost her Grandma with the funeral yesterday at the same Funeral Home as Mom. Small world, huh? She was sad too but still on the job today. We dropped the Suite and Dave quickly moved it back out of the way. It will sit for a week before workers get in it.

Pulling into Can Am at 11

She's pretty dirty from the drive and she didn't sit here long before Dave
moved her out to the back shops

From CanAm we drove to Costco, southwest London, and picked up the things we needed. No over spending here today, which was nice, especially because we were pretty well stocked up plus we don’t have a lot of room for much more. Ha ha! After Costco, we drove the short distance to our old restaurant haunt, Southside Family Grill for lunch. I ordered the Denver omelette special which came with home fries and toast. Yummy! The only thing missing was cheese. Bill had one of his favs, a clubhouse with fries and salad.

Yummy lunch

On the way home, we stopped at Melrose to take a picture of this
1929 Chrysler 75 to show Wes
All original, stored indoors all it's life
Yours for $39,500!

We left there quite sated and I had a little box of home fries and rye toast to bring home for tomorrow. That was all of our dealings in London so we headed home at 1:30ish and after swapping out the driving responsibility an hour from home, we arrived at Lilyfield at 4 pm. By the time we unloaded and found niches for all of the food items in cupboards and fridge, we settled upstairs at our laptops. Wes and Susan weren’t home but we didn’t think they’d be long.

Here is Nancy's Southwestern 'quilt shop' from a different angle

Looking out at the stormy street

At 4:45 after receiving an Emergency Alert on our phones of tornado watch, the storm hit. Looking out the bedroom window we were so glad not to be out in it but were somewhat worried about our hosts. Then we thought how lucky we were not to be up on the Ridge tonight in the Suite. It didn’t last long and by 5, the winds had calmed significantly even though the thunder and rain continued for another little while. We still have a lot to learn here, especially when we are alone in the house. Candles? 12v power switches? Etc.

I sat in their front living room to read after the rain

I poured a Zero Coke for Bill and I made myself a cup of tea. I wasn’t going to get into any ‘business’ tonight but tomorrow will do some of the paperwork. Plus, there are still boxes to empty and items to be sorted in a more organized fashion. Wes and Susan made it home safe and sound by 5:30 and proceeded to make their supper. Bill and I weren’t that hungry after such a large lunch early afternoon but around 6:30 we had some cheese and crackers to get something in our tummies before the evening got too late.

Meet Luigi and Igor
They guard the dining room

We watched some NCIS on the kitchen tv and I read my book in the front living room. At 8, I joined Bill upstairs and we skipped watching tv in the big room tonight. That is the one thing that may be awkward this winter. We all like different things and have different habits. I mentioned reading this book The Little Red Chairs but I’m having a hard time getting ‘into’ it. Parts of it are interesting but for the most part, at 85 pages, I’m thinking it isn’t worth my time. Maybe I’m just not focusing on it enough right now.

Susan and Wes's fancy dining area
They love to entertain, can you tell?

It was an early evening for us, even Bill was in bed at 9.  I read a chapter and turned the light off. It’s been another long day and with the beautiful temperature of 25C/76F in London, it was great. I hope you’ve enjoyed your Friday!

The front hallway that goes back to our kitchen
And that's it for today!
Good night!

Thanks for popping by!