Sunday, May 19, 2019

Mixed Bag of Weather and Projects = Great Day!

The Ridge
It was just before 7 when I got up on Sunday, May 19th. It was a mild morning with our weather station reading 56F/14C. I wasted no time. The sun was out, the sky was blue and there wasn’t any wind. I slipped my puffy vest on over a single lightweight hoody and by the time I got to the end of the lane, took the vest off and left it on the gate post. Sometimes 56F isn’t that warm but it was today! Yay!

How's this for a nice morning for walking?
My back was nasty this morning so I took a walking stick. I didn’t want to give up and turn around. It wasn’t the most comfortable walk but I persisted, twisting and stretching as I walked, and enjoyed every minute, every step of the 2 miles before reaching home again.

Good morning!
I had my tea outside when I returned and it was so nice in the King chairs, listening to and watching the birds at my feeder. 

And I had coming
Two male goldfinches and 1 female mostly and the red-winged blackbird that keeps trying to eat their food. Comical watching his yoga moves as he sticks his beak in the small hole. Oh well, he is hungry too and I haven’t put any seed out for the bigger birds yet. I’d taken 3 regular strength Advils with my tea and it seemed to be helping.

While I was  being so leisurely, I can’t even recall what Bill got into without stopping to think about it. Oh yes! Now I remember but I saw him taking pictures so hopefully a blog post soon! I keep saying that and in time, my busy guy will do one.

It was shower day for both Bill and I and rather than saving water (teehee) we opted for taking turns today. He was done working outside and so got cleaned up to work on his Stinson Reliant. I think it is almost done, just needed warm weather to paint. 

So far, just the rows on the left planted
We had bacon and eggs for breakfast and cleaned up the evidence before going about our day. While he went out to the Hangar, I swept the floor and got everything looking spiffy inside again. It seems that I got cleaned up to get dirty again. I hate, as anyone does, to be ‘out of commission’ so regardless of what it might mean tomorrow, I went to work in my vegetable garden. Bill had removed most of the big rocks from tilling so I put knee pads on and took my seed packets of onions, radishes and sunflowers up the hill. With gloves and a hand rake and trowel, I removed even more rocks and planted.

And my new flower bed is ready for planting
I planted a couple of sunflowers in each corner of the garden and 1 packet of radishes and 1 of green onions in the rows furthest east. I’ll wait the 10 days and plant a second packet of the little red veggie. That should supply me for the summer. I didn’t get my multiplier onions in yet, but hopefully tomorrow. With that done for now, I was feeling pretty good so moved down to the new flower garden area that I’d asked Bill to till for me. There was a lot of grass and grass roots to pick up and remove as well as large and small stones. I was excited, this was a good spot – I hope.

And chippy wasn't hanging out too far from the bird feeder
looking for droppings
When I finished that, I knew that I’d done enough for the day. It was only 2 when I grabbed a bottle of water from the bunky and my book from inside the Suite. I put the cushion I bought for my lounge chair on the King chair to make it easier on the butt and settled in. 

I enjoyed watching the birds today
Oh? That isn't news, is it?

This must be a female oriole?
While in the bunky, I covered the futon with a nice comforter we’d had on our queen bed in our sticks and bricks home. Hard to purge some things if they were useful. It looks nice there. I forgot to get a picture today.

Had to burn some wood today
The wind increased and the temperature did as well. Humidity was running rampant but we’re not complaining at all. This is what we’ve been waiting for! I know it isn’t going to last, dropping ridiculously tomorrow again, but we’ll take it when we can. I read quite a few chapters of James Patterson's The Haunted until the wind was becoming too strong, sitting with my back to it. I could see a very black cloud moving in from the southwest so closed up the bunky, told Bill I was moving inside and made myself a tea.

The winds and rain brought me inside
I had to close the windows on the south side as the rain was spattering in on the entertainment centre. The rain got wild for a bit and then it stopped and things calmed down. The black cloud has moved off the to the east – for now. There are warnings out for the next hour or so and we’ll be watchful. Bill moved inside around 3, also done for the day. It will be tomorrow before we pop over to the Acreage to see Donna and Gerry, they didn’t arrive until around 3.

The rest of the day showed us a mixed bag of weather. We’ve had heat, humidity, rain, sun, clouds, wind and by 6 pm we even had thunderstorms. Moments when we couldn’t see the laneway from so much rain to moments of beautiful wet clarity of how green things are. Clemson isn’t afraid of storms at all, bless his little heart, and when I moved out of my chair at 5:30 to start supper he just stretched out across the blanket.
Within a couple of minutes, the temperature dropped
and the winds increased
We settled in when the rain started to watch some more of our prerecorded programs. At least we can do that if the satellite signal is lost. The storms could continue until 8 pm at least. 

I hope you enjoy this collage
What do geese think?
The top 4 pictures, it was raining heavy and they sat there while it poured and the wind blew
They took turns flapping their wings when it stopped
and then they all turned together and followed each other to the front of the pond
For supper tonight, we had two plans. Burgers on the Weber (if it wasn’t raining or storming) or chicken thighs which I’d thawed during the day (if it was doing either of the above). Decision made at 5 pm. Chicken it is! I don’t mind, I’m hungry. 😊

storms don't bother me
So, I sautéed the large thighs in oil in Madame IP, trying to brown the skin up more than usual. Once done that, I added red skinned potatoes, a large onion and a couple of carrots on top of the trivet. I cut the large potatoes in half because I’m only cooking for 15 minutes. That’s all the thighs need so I’m hoping that is enough for the spuds as well. 

chicken thighs on saute
 We had spent the day today ‘unplugged’ from power, using our solar panels. Earlier when the winds got wild, the thumbnail sized rain drops fell and the black clouds moved overhead I ran out and plugged us back in. I didn’t want to get caught and having to do it last minute. 

Everything in the pot ready to cook
The IP has built up pressure, released some steam and has started cooking our supper. We were eating by 6:30, all but the corn cooked in one pot. And if I’d planned it, I could have added that too. The chicken was delicious and the vegetables were done perfectly. There were leftovers for another night, but only potatoes and veggies. 

Bill decided Clemson didn't need his sweater today
although tomorrow it may go back on
He has to grab it and carry it around for a while
The dishes were cleaned up by 7 and rather than watching more recordings, we watched our regular Sunday night show, American Idol. It was 3 hours so I’m not sure I can stay up to the end. I’ve asked Bill to record the last hour as I need to get up early for work tomorrow. 

And I was watching for a rainbow all day
So a full double one was awarded to us
I've never seen one so bright and thick at the base
This was from across the room, out our back window
As crazy as this day was for weather systems, we had a good one. We got things accomplished and enjoyed some pleasure time doing what we enjoy.

And not to short change the sunset
Also stunning
Good night y'all!
Thanks for your visit!

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Victoria Day Weekend, Good Day to Work Around Home

Home on the Ridge
Clemson slept through the night like a good little boy. I did too. 😊 Not sure when I first woke up but I got up around 7 and was grateful for the opportunity to sleep as long as I wanted. Bill was downstairs but I don’t think he was up long. Today is Saturday, May 18th, the beginning of the long weekend. As a working citizen, we looked forward to this weekend as the first of the year where camping began.

Bill covered Clemson up on the couch so he'd stop shivering
He hopped down and played 'superhero' for a while

I looked out the window and Bill was already back
and tilling my garden
The rest is up to me
Bill removed many of these rocks but I'm sure I'll find more when I rake
We live on a rocky Ridge!
The temperature this morning was 42F/5C when I woke up. Winds were moderate and although the sun didn’t rise for us and the clouds ruled, it wasn’t raining. That meant my sheets should dry soon enough. We had our morning brew together before Bill hopped in the truck and drove over to the Acreage to pick up Donna’s roto tiller. It was time to get my garden ready! Once he had it here, we found a couple more things that we wanted to till as well.

The firepit area was a sore spot for me
so it was time to spruce it up
I also wanted a small flower garden patch along one section of the fence
going down the east side of the corral
I got my wish
I made omelettes for breakfast around 9:30 and Bill had his in a toasted sandwich and I had mine plain. After dishes, out he went and worked around the property. I got cleaned up and drove into Durham to the post office for stamps, to Home Hardware to look for bird seed and then FS where I actually got what I wanted. 

I knew these would be dry when I returned from town
I stopped at McGowan Falls for my first peek and took some pictures before going across the street to a garage sale. Nothing there that I wanted but with a lot of antique gardening displays, I'm glad I stopped.

For such a small town, it sure gets busy on weekends
I've never seen the falls only active on the left side like this
so I'm glad I stopped

The walking bridge across to the beach I go to sometimes
I don't like the bridge, although solid, the water rushes underneath
and there are gaps in the metal path
Clemson doesn't like it and neither do I
I had suggested tilling the area around the firepit so I could make it nicer and not have to pull grass out around it as often. I didn’t quite have a plan but it came together after lunch after he tilled it for me. 

I always admire this beautiful piece of property across from the falls
Prime spot for sure
This is where the garage sale was
Bill then sprayed the corral hill, the bane of our existence when cutting grass. The section that I spent hours raking. We are determined to kill this grass and either plant ground cover or just let it moss over. After doing that, he gathered rocks from the fence line surrounding the field and then moved our cut wood from one pile to another up along the fence.

Bill brought all this wood up from down by the Hangar
The riding mower and wagon got put to good use today
Eventually, I made my way outside and started raking the fire pit. I layered up and soon went the opposite way. It wasn’t hot, rather it was a nice day to work outside. I raked the stones and grass out first, then separated them. The grass went over the hill and the stones I piled together. Instead of just placing the firepit back and waiting for grass to grow again, I laid some landscape fabric on the area, making it larger than the original pit. Hmmm, now what?

My new garden plot and I need to clean it up
and decide on flowers
I decided to replace the stones on top, arrange the bricks for the pit to sit on and fill in with some of our own gravel from around the patio mat. It is a nice small stone/sand mix. I felt pretty good, taking breaks when I needed to and by the time I finished, I was quite pleased with what I’d accomplished. I placed the pit back on and with some adjustment, levelled a brick so it sat evenly. Bill wasn’t understanding my method, I do things ‘rinky-dink’ sometimes but it worked out in the end.

I had to fill it in with stones and gravel to cover the screening

I'm happy with the result
When we both finished, Bill drove over to the Acreage to get water. The gate was open indicating that Mike was out at his trailer. That saved us having to stop and we drove right in. The black flies were crazy! I got out briefly but soon hopped back in the truck, where I remained until the bladder was full. Bill was in and out as well, rather than getting eaten alive! That’s the problem with so many cedar trees. We were happy to return to the Ridge with the wide openness up here.

Coming from the back of the Acreage towards the front
That is Mike's truck up there
And as we got closer, Mike's trailer on the other
side of the wood shed
Bill fed Clemson and because we’d both worked hard today, we agreed on toasted bacon, cheese and tomato sandwiches. Yum. The wind picked up and ranged between 6 and 15 mph during the later afternoon. 

And as advertised, the grass was dying
We didn’t get over 60f/16C today but it was a pretty nice day for what we did. At a few minutes after 5, I was hungry and ready for supper. We’d had a sugar-free soda earlier with some cheddar cheese so needed something a little heavier.

This little goldfinch says 'thank you Patsy'

I cooked the bacon in the microwave, toasted the seeded bread while Bill sliced cheese and tomatoes. We were eating and cleaned up by 6:15 and I was able to focus on posting my blog early tonight. 

Some garden plants for you
Love love love the periwinkle when it blooms

My ground cover, phlox, is budding getting ready to bloom

A cute formation of Hens and Chicks

One of my Poppy plants in bloom
There were a lot of our programs on our PVR to watch in the next few nights. This was a great day and we both feel exhausted so I’m not sure how much tv we’ll see and who’ll crash first. I hope you’ve enjoyed your Saturday too!

No sunset again so instead
One  Goose Family hurrying the babies to the water as I stopped at the road

And 50' away, this family also told the children to move quicker
Good night everyone!
Thank you for popping in! Your comments are always appreciated.