Saturday, April 20, 2024

Back at It, Weather Woes

The Ridge

On Saturday, Apr. 20th I was up at 7. Looking out the window when the boys went out at 6:15 told me that the weather guessers were correct. Blech! It wasn’t deep but it was white and covered most everything except the gravel lot. We could hear the winds and could see that it was only -1C/31F. Brrr. What happened to spring?

Good morning!
Last night's sunset didn't seem like it would
bring today's weather. 

Where's your coat, Bill? 😂

Overnight snowfall on The Ridge

I made my tea to go and by that time, Bill had gone out to start Ptooties and get the snow cleared off. The wind wasn’t too bad first thing but I dressed warmly and drove to town. Today was my first day to clean the Mat. I walked in to an empty building at a few minutes before 8 and had to chuckle to myself. It was a senior’s moment, taking time to remember in what order I did things. It wasn’t long and it all came back.

Nothing in Durham, 8 kms away

I won’t disrespect the two people who filled in for me over the winter but I do think someone will be happy I’m back. 😊 It was in need of a real thorough cleaning, although the necessary surface was welcoming enough to customers. One glance in the Lost & Found box also indicated that items have been there for a while. I’ll deal with that next visit. It took me an hour and a half since the 3 big dryers needed to be cleaned as well. It could have been longer had there been customers.

The Mat was left in ship shape
top to bottom, ledges to baseboards

When I arrived in town, there had been no snow overnight but when I was leaving, flurries were wildly blowing around. The wind was crazy and kept the temperatures below 4C/40F all day. 

Today's weather

It snowed, stopped, hailed, stopped, and repeated that process until 12:30. We had lunch and then Bill went out to empty the back of the truck bed. The box with his planes in it. 😊

We already received mail yesterday

I decided to take advantage of being inside. That meant bringing out my counted cross stitch ‘project’. Oh brother, I’m sure it will never be finished! When I was reminded how small the print on the pattern, I remembered the glasses I’d ordered from Amazon over the winter. My brother, Michael, suggested them with high recommendations for crafting. They look funny but worked like a charm, once I got used to them.

I managed to make some progress
on my cross stitch 

Gibbs and I bundled and went out for a walk but it only took me about 10 minutes to turn back for the Suite. Gibbs had other ideas. He did his business and then sat outside watching his Dad down at the Hangar. When Bill came up the hill to retrieve something Gibbs thought he was coming in and came to the door. Such a dedicated security pup.

Enjoying some time together
in the warmth of our Suite

It was a lazy day and when Bill came in around 4:30 to watch a movie, we joined him for a snooze. For supper, it was easy. We had leftover stew, biscuits and a vegetable on the side. It was good, second time around. After dishes, Bill went up to watch tv and I worked on my blog with NCIS reruns in the background. White noise is better than no noise sometimes.

Gibbs waiting for Daddy
Bottom picture, you can see Black Beauty
down at the Hangar, in full view.

The winds died down around 5:30 but it was going to be a very cold night. We’ve got some wintry weather for about a week. It was good to get back to one of my jobs today and always nice to spend time at home with my guys.

A nice hot meal on a cold day.
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Oh dear, I had hoped the snow would disappear before it arrived in your area. Our snow is gone, with the exception of very shaded areas and with a high expected today of 14C, I suspect that will disappear too.
    Stay warm and dry!

    1. Oh well, it happens. Crying for sun, it makes a big difference.
      I think your weather will come our way soon.

  2. Brrrrr looks like snow to me!!! Hopefully warm weather will hit you soon. That Gibbs ... he sure keeps close track of you both! Glad the mat was waiting for you. It's good to get out and about.

    1. Brrr is right. My toes can't get warm!!
      Gibbs is our right hand man, in everything we do.

  3. clean baseboards? You are hired!

  4. So sorry you came back to that! We only got a few flakes. But I do think you need more spring flowers! By the way, that looks liker a delicious dinner.

  5. I've always felt, that when you come back from the south, you have to readjust to the climate you went south to avoid in the first place.
    Dinner looked good.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. It never fails so it's a good thing we are prepared for some snow. Once is enough though.

  6. As Maebeme says our snow has finally all disappeared once again and the long range forecast sounds great. Your supper looks very tasty.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you. I'm looking forward to getting your weather when you're ready to share. :)