Thursday, April 11, 2024

Dull but Mild and Very Relaxing

Arrowhead Lakes Resort

On Thursday, Apr. 11th we slept in. I mean, really slept in! Bill didn’t move until almost 7:00 and that is when Gibbs decided he was ready to get up. They went out and because it was wet and possibly raining a bit, they were back in pretty quickly. They both returned to the comfort of our bed and Bill dropped off almost immediately. I woke 3 times in the next hour and finally got up around 8:15!

A wet Good Morning to you!

Bill remained where he was, with Gibbs (ever watchful and aware of both of us) at his back, near the edge of the bed. 😊 I opened blinds, made my tea and called the day for what it was. A wet, dull, inside kind of day. Sometimes it is the only way to get people to slow down, we all need days like this. So, we relaxed. It was raining off and on all morning, so we settled inside with our phones, books and/or laptops.

And when it stopped raining, 
the clouds remained

Gibbs and I avoided puddles as we walked
around the mini golf and park areas

We had sandwiches for lunch and discussed our plans for the next couple of days. It would be nice to visit the air museum in Dayton but it would make for another long day, 1 ½ hours drive one way, time in the museum and the drive home. I suggested Bill go on his own, so Gibbs wouldn’t be alone, he wants to see the Memphis Belle so badly, but he decided to wait for another time. I’m glad, because I would kind of like to see it too, after seeing the movie a few times with him.

No, puppy dogs don't play golf

We chatted back home with my former auto-body boss (yes, former, I’m not working for him this summer), and then Bill went up to watch a movie while I took Gibbs for his walk. 

It's a pretty area with a little water fountain

Lots of puddles for his little feet and yet he is very good at going around them. The grass, which I’m sure feels good to him, was not avoided though. 😊 He gets his feet wiped when he comes and lets us do that, one at a time, in perfect order.

Getting ready to burst

Our Suite from the other side

I’m almost finished my book so will sit this afternoon and work on that after getting a head start on my blog. It’s a quiet day so not much to bore you with. For supper, a large chicken breast to share, mashed potatoes, asparagus and corn are on the menu. We have one piece of cheesecake each to finish off so that should fill us quite nicely!

Someone is happy to be home

Supper was good


 Everything turned out just the way I planned and with the rain heavier late afternoon, the meal was hearty and perfect.

The day ended with a thunderstorm
Good night

It was a wonderful day. Thank you for the visit. 



  1. The Dayton Airforce Museum is worth the visit. Lots of great planes. I think you would enjoy it. I hope you do make to see sometime. I liked the Memphis Bell movie too. Those Stephanie Plum novels are fun to read and will make you laugh. Hope you find the first one - One for the Money, It was really funny. Hope the weather clears up for you. Still raining down here (near Cincinnati). Becky

    1. Thank you Becky. We have both been to the Dayton AF Museum, years ago but have not seen the Memphis Belle since it arrived. It's on the list. :)
      There are a lot of the Stephanie Plum novels I haven't read. All the first ones.......1 - 9, so I'll be watching for them at the book 'sale' this summer.

  2. We didn’t have rain until uncharted later in the day but we all need some rest days.


  3. Rainy cloudy days can sometimes be good like you said we can reset ourselves from the home drum of the rat race we don't realize that we're in. Hope you have bettertravels ahead of you and happier sunshiny. How's the arrival date for home looking. Love to all three of you Sheila and Randy

    1. It was a good inside day and today improved by us seeing some sunshine. ♥ No worries about the edits, I read between the lines! Arrival for Canada crossing is good for the 14th still. Our slide went all the way out this time and we'll PUSH it in if we have to!! The dealer will have a new cable for us when we arrive Sunday/Monday.
      I'm sure Benji was included in that message. Thank you, dear friends.

  4. Yikes I needed to edit that sorry

  5. That looks like such a nice park. I watched the radar images of your storm. It was a big one. I don't mind rain days at all ... I get to hang out with Cooper more!!

    1. It was a big one but Bill said we should be grateful that it was cool rather than warm. So, I am!

  6. Days spent relaxing because of rain are to be cherished. We really get so few of those kind of days.

    God bless.