Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Home Coming and Birthdays

The Ridge

On Wednesday, Apr. 17th, we knew we were going HOME. We woke up in Patrick’s bed, he slept on the couch, and went downstairs to join him. It was a wet morning in St. Thomas and yet still mild enough around 13C/56F. A cloudy day was afoot, for sure. Patrick left for work at 7:30 and I was able to finish my blog before we had a quick bite, packed up, said goodbye to ‘my’ 3rd grandson, Nate, and drove back to CanAm. It was 8:45.

Gibbs' was watching something from across
the sectional.
Oh, it's Molly, sleeping. So Gibbs settles down too.

My 14 year old grandson, Nate, and his 'toys'.

I was in capris and shoes with no socks so couldn’t wait to get into the building lounge to stay warm. We waited inside with Gibbs, visiting with other rv’ers and were surprised to see Ron, our long time friend who we met through this rv lifestyle. He was waiting for repairs to his Lance and it was very nice to bump into him again! 😊 He was still waiting when our Suite was pulled out to the front for us, around 12:15.

Leaving the city, we caught
the 401 highway and then took Exit 222
onto the Embro Road. 

We opened up the slides (everything working again) in the lot and moved what was necessary back under the bed and then I made us a sandwich for lunch. I changed into jeans and socks and runners. It would be cold at home. We said goodbyes, paid the bill and were on the road for home at 1:30. Hallelujah! We had good roads all the way home and Bill was opening the gate at 4:20. It took a couple of tries backing up today but only because the gravel was a bit soft and kept moving our boards that the wheels rest on. But we got it!

Turning onto Baptist Church Road
then North Line.
Gibbs was quite excited.

I opened up the slides and then opened the truck door to let Gibbs out. No hesitation, no leash, no restrictions that little guy just ran and ran and ran. A couple of times he had to flop on the grass, stretched out, nose to the ground. My heart melted. If videos worked on my laptop, I’d share but they don’t. He was so funny and it’s like he’s crying “I’m free!”

Our first 'official' gate opening.

I don't have many annuals in my garden
but it was sweet to see a couple of daffodils in bloom.

He ran, and ran and ran and
then plopped on the grass for a rest. 

All set up

Let me tell you, it was soooo windy up here on the Ridge and soooo cold that once we were plugged into power, we hustled inside and other than Bill putting the Starlink out for our internet connection, we stayed inside. 😊 It feels great to be home, for many reasons. One main one is that I’m no longer having to think about how we store food in the fridge, dishes in the cupboard or items on the counter tops. We don't have to move for a few months. The weather right now is kind of nasty but we’re still home and know it will all improve in time. 

A simple supper of grilled cheese tonight

Gibbs back into position,
watching out the window.
I wonder if it looks familiar to him?

Bill got the Blue Flame heater out and turned the fireplace on for a while. The bed is remade, everything that goes under the bed, is back under - for now. We will watch some tv this evening and/or read but mainly just let the full experience of being home settle over us. This has been an awesome day! Yay! 

A couple of things that I don't want to forget. An rv'ing friend celebrates a birthday today. Happy Birthday, Lorne! And Happy Heavenly Birthday to Mom. She would be 98 today. πŸ’–πŸ’–

Happy Birthday, Mom.
I miss you. πŸ’Ÿ
Good night everyone!

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Your comments are always welcome.


  1. HOME, four letters that say so much . ...I am very happy for you, what a well written, heartfelt and touching post, rest well,

  2. I'm glad you got all your repairs done and are now home. It's always nice to be settled back at home after long travels :-)

  3. There really is no place like home dirt! Enjoy.


  4. Oh the comforts of 🏑 home... Sheila

  5. Oh there really is no place like home !
    Gibbs really said it all .
    Will you both go back to work in time?
    Welcome homeπŸ€—
    Linda a.

  6. Welcome Home. Gibbs is so cute and what a beautiful picture of your Mom. Kelly

  7. I'm positive Gibbs knows where you are now, and is a happy puppy to be off leash and able to run to his heart's content.
    We had snow yesterday - I hope it doesn't reach you! Stay warm and dry.

  8. Don't you just love sitting still? The older I get, the more I like just staying in one spot instead of packing up camp and moving. Obviously Gibbs is happy to be home!!!

  9. Wonderful picture of your Mom! Looks great to be home and now get the yard set up!
    Gibbs looks so happy too!

  10. Aw, Gibbs, I know how you feel—grass ! And home!!
    Welcome home, you three!

  11. As Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz" says, "There's no place like home." Welcome back to your own little piece of heaven.

    God bless.


  13. Welcome home! Weather will improve. Becky

  14. Glad to see you are safely home. I will always think of your mom on this day!!