Friday, April 26, 2024

We Share Everything! (Huh?) Busy Morning, Jazz


The Ridge

On Friday, Apr. 26th I woke up when I heard Bill telling Gibbs how good he was for sleeping in. That was at 6:30. It was another blue-sky morning and I knew it would last all day, according to the weather guessers. 😊 Good news! Sunshine just makes everything better. I got up just before 7, really, just a couple of minutes.

After getting washed and dressed, I made my tea-to-go. Today is government pay day for seniors so Bill was at his laptop taking care of business. On our first month back from the winter trip, we are always very anxious to get this first deposit into our accounts. I think the extra expenses on our return trip is to blame this year especially. I left the Suite at 7:30 and drove to Durham to clean.

The Foundry 1872
The fellow in the Mat told me that years ago it was
a restaurant of this name. Cool

I remembered to take a picture of the building across the road. It was in major construction last year, the outside parking area and building getting a makeover. Now, it is inside that the work goes on. A bar/restaurant should be really good for the town, we need a nice place to eat and to keep the locals from going to Hanover, Mount Forest and further. Not sure when it will open but it is looking very nice.

Today, was the first time a customer has come in since I’ve returned. He’s familiar, I don’t know their names, but he said “the Arizona lady is back!” It amazes me what people remember, he’s older than me! My memory is terrible. I had no issues today and finished by washing the floors again. Bill and I got changed and left for Hanover for our busy morning around 8:45. First stop was Healthy Computers to drop my laptop off. It is running ridiculously slow so we want an estimate.

Turning onto Murray's road, just one lone
goat in a field of horses

Tim assured us he’d call this afternoon, that we likely have a few options available to us. Then we went to the Hanover Medical Centre/Clinic. We talked to a nice gal about getting on a list for a new doctor in the area. It is a bit of a rigmarole because of few doctors available BUT we left there with things to think about in which way we want to go. So far, things were going good.

A horse for Nancy
Can't ride a goat, right?

From there, we drove to a motorcycle place where we can get Jazz checked out. Her fuel gauge is not working. It may cost a bundle so we have to again make a decision. How important is it? We’ll wait to find out the cost before ordering one. I think that was the last thing before we drove to Walmart for a few groceries. This is where I first noticed a hike in some food prices and opted to walk past a few things today.

On our second stop at Murray's
Jazz was ready to come home
Bill walks her out of the barn.

We picked up a couple of things for M and on the way home, stopped in to pick Jazz up from storage. Bill had all of his gear in the back of Ptooties. We are expecting rain for a week at least and this day, although windy, was the best day before the end of the month. Murray was generous and didn’t charge as much as we expected. 😊 Unfortunately, Jazz wouldn’t start. Her battery wouldn’t turn the engine over. She wasn’t ready to come home?

It's a heavy bike, much concentration
required after a winter's break.

Back into Hanover to Car Quest, we picked up a new battery (ouch!) and things went smoothly from that point on. I dropped M’s items off and met Bill back at home. He said it was a nice ride, not cold at all. I love seeing him on the bike and I love being on behind him too! Jazz is parked in her shelter and all the groceries were put away. 1 o’clock, time for a late lunch. Clam chowder from the cupboard worked well. I was starved.

It was difficult after seeing him in his
leathers, but I let him get back on Jazz. ♥

For some reason, we/I was especially tired. Last night’s 11 pm bedtime was a bad idea, getting up so early. Not my usual hours for sure. We had a snooze (Bill in his recliner and me upstairs) and I was surprised that I was gone for an hour! I felt much improved when I came down at 3:30 but neither of us felt like starting anything outside at the stage. The winds today were making the 13C/57F feel colder.

Here is Bill's Dad's birdhouse, repaired
and installed. Looks great!

Just chillin'

Our whirly-jig is up and twirling today!

I finished my book, it was so good, and at 5:15 Bill barbecued his famous burgers. Our first bbq since we left Park Place RV Resort. 😊 They were goooood, as usual and really sloppy. Bill went to the Hangar and handed over his laptop so I could write today’s blog post. I'm glad he was happy to share! The good news is that Tim called and is installing a new hard drive in my Lenova! Woohoo! He said my original (8 yrs old) was working at less than half what it used to. 😊

Gibbs found a goose feather
and likes to chew on the 'plastic' spine.
I tossed one away and it landed in this bush.
Eventually, the wind blew it down so he got it again.

I’m so happy! The cost will be about $600 less than a new laptop – at least. This has turned into an awesome day. Now if I can manage to download pictures into my post, I’ll be feeling pretty great too!

Taking the opportunity to grill supper.

To this, I added pickles, onion and tomato.
Real messy - real good!

Happy birthday to my sister-in-law, Carol, today. We had a few laughs during our phone call this morning.

Because I'm on Bill's laptop, I don't have access
to my gallery of pictures.
This is an old one of Carol from Bill's collection but it defines her
powerful giving nature. ♥
You deserve a wonderful day, Carol!

Good night!

Thank you for popping by!


  1. Good for you saving $600
    by installing a new hard drive instead , you two
    steward your finances well.-Mary

  2. I am super hungry for that hamburger the Messier it is the better it tastes miss you much Sheila

  3. Happy Birthday to your SIL.
    Glad the repairs to the laptop and the bike are working out. Replacing both would have cost a pretty penny.

    1. You're right. The bike is a 2003 so will need attention, but there is a time to stop putting $ into it too.

  4. Horses are definitely better than goats, but the more horses you have (like a motorcycle) the better!! There's those burgers I love!!!!

  5. That is great you can get away with a new hard drive instead of having to purchase a new laptop. We can definitely use some rain here. Hope you get better weather very soon.

    God bless.