Friday, April 19, 2024

We Are Limited so Baby Steps To Start

The Ridge

On Friday, Apr. 19th it was dark downstairs when I woke up at 7. That meant Bill and Gibbs and been out already and with Gibbs snuggled in Bill’s spot, my sweetie was downstairs either dozing or surfing on his phone. It was very quiet so I went with the latter. He’s a noisy sleeper in his recliner. 😊

Good morning.
Actually, this is lunch.
A poached egg on toast.

We had our tea and coffee and Bill had his cereal as we discussed, what else? the weather today. Another miserable morning, windy and cold with intermittent rain. I guess it means a slow start to our day. We are limited as to what we can do to set up our home base when it is raining. No point in bringing out chairs, the firepit, picnic table etc.

Looks like we're going somewhere, right?
Well, Bill was taking the truck and his tools down to the
end of the lane. Gibbs hopped in. He didn't get far and whined
so much to come back with me, Bill let him out.
He was so confused about who to be with. 💗
It was a good lesson since Daddy will be gone to work
for full days. 

I lounged in my jammies and Bill went through our income tax paperwork. We’d received our T-4’s in the stack of mail we picked up from Donna yesterday so started putting things in order. I’ll drop it all off at our accountants on Monday, the deadline being Apr. 30th. With the ‘junk mail’ and old (over 7 yr. old) tax forms, we have a small box of papers for burning in the pit, when we are able.

When we got outside, after the rain stopped,
Bill cut this broken branch off the tree

I removed the puzzles and my paint drawers from the shower, these things were under the bed, and had my shower. I thought our water pressure would be a real noticeable difference, since we were now using our water pump only, but it was surprisingly strong. I felt like a new woman again! I touched base with Sandy, my laundromat boss, to let him know that I was ready to work when his winter helper was ready to hand it over. He was going to check with her. 😊

I cleaned out the weeds from
the little oval shaped garden.

I’m not sure if I mentioned before that I have ‘retired’ from my work in the auto body shop. M still needs my help for errands into town (me driving, him running) and for his online ads but that decision is a big relief for me this spring. I didn’t mind the work but M has some financial and business issues. Working side by side, listening to how he runs his small business is frustrating and too stressful. Anyway, he was not surprised by my decision since I’d given him a heads-up last fall.  

I also found, what I hope to be, the resolve
to our bird bath issue.

Bill and I had poached eggs on toast for lunch and we all went out into the cool day. It was only 6C/43F so it was important to bundle up. The ground was wet too but at least it had stopped raining. I put Gibbs’ coat on so if he ran around in the grass, he wouldn’t get too wet. I wore my short rubber boots and work gloves.

I asked Gibbs if he wanted to go for a walk.
There was some hesitation (because Daddy was inside)
and then all he wanted to do was roll in the grass.

Bill replaced a bracket on the mailbox post and I took a trowel and managed to weed the small garden out front. One down, many more to go. When I heard the chain saw start up, I knew he was ready to cut the broken branch off our service berry tree. It has had a rough time over the last 3 years and we’ll be cutting it off at the ground soon. The chain saw chain was quite dull but Bill did manage to get the branch cut into pieces.

West and east views of the pond

I’ve been frustrated with our bird bath location for years, as it never sits level, so took the time to dig it out, remove any growth and large rocks, and used one of our ‘wheels’ (for lack of a better word) as a stable base. It is much better and the big rocks should hold it in place when we get our strong gusts. 😊 We’ll see! By then, Bill and I were ready to quit. Gibbs had already stopped and was sitting on the step waiting to come inside. Baby steps today before more rain tomorrow.

Are we reay to go in yet?

I had a cup of tea around 3:30 and then took Gibbs for a walk down the lane. I’ll keep him on the leash when we leave the property but want him to get familiar with his limitations. Bill joined us outside so we moved the picnic table and King chairs out to the yard and then cleaned up the branches. 

Down and back, rewarded all the way.
He walked really well (okay, he ran some too)

For supper, I made up a hamburger stew of sorts. It involved carrots, celery, onion, mixed vegetables, rice and some brown beans for good measure. My friends from Minnesota call it goulash, so that is what we’re having. With some crumbly biscuits, it was a filling meal and tasted great.

The daffodils are my only flower - so far
but lovely.
The peony bush is getting its leaves too.
I hope we have lots of blooms this year.

There is enough for at least one more meal, maybe two, which is always nice. I received a call just before we ate from Sandy. I’m starting tomorrow at cleaning the laundromat. 😊 I’m happy about getting back into the routine of every other day. 

Stew and biscuits

No word on when I’m needed for the Air bnb cleaning but that will get busy soon enough. The sun came out after 3, in spurts, and the sky was mostly blue by suppertime.

I finished my last J.E. book this morning
so got out my Kobo, charged it up and need to remember
how to download the rest of her series onto it. LOL

Gibbs is up to his old tricks already. Sits to go out as we sit down to eat and then just lays on the grass. Tonight, he stayed out there, inching closer to the stoop to make sure we saw him, for about 10 minutes. What a cute little bum!  

Just like a child out there, hiding from the parents.

It turned into a wonderful day, even with the cold wind. You don’t want to know what may happen overnight. Fingers crossed they are wrong but it wouldn’t be unusual.

The clouds disappeared so there was no
special sunset tonight but at least we had one!
Good night!
(I wonder if it will be white in the morning?)

Thank you for the visit!


  1. You are settling nicely into your"we're home"'routine.
    I'm glad thngs are going so well for you.I hope and
    pray that you 3 stay well and blessed,Mary

    1. Thank you Mary. The weather is a bit of a damper.........heh heh, today dropping snow and hail!! Oh well, we're all fine.

  2. I'm from Minnesota and made lots of goulash - with egg noodles.....may have to try it with rice!
    Yours looks really good! Since I've been in Arizona so many years I make more chili than goulash. Like the spicy taste. Wanted to thank you for the pics of your big green yard!! Sure miss the large spans of green. Hope you get some critters again this summer......Chippy!!
    I miss seeing squirrels, turtles,robins and maybe your Chippy again this summer! ENJOY!

    1. What a nice message! thank you! My friends at the park from Minnesota teased me when I called it Hamburger Soup at a potluck we had. We are looking forward to seeing Chippy and all the birds and turtles too. :)

  3. Know your forecast all too well. We'll pray it doesn't happen.
    Gibbs looks like he's seeing how far he can push the limits. LOL
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Oh to be back in the swing of things miss you bunches Sheila

  5. Lots of little fix-it stuff to be done. Where's Chippy????

    1. Chippy hasn't made an appearance yet. Soon, it has to warm up first!

  6. We had snow on Wednesday and Thursday overnight, but it had all melted by Friday afternoon. Today it's supposed to reach 10C, which I'll be thrilled with!
    Hope your weather isn't as bad as it might have been. Enjoy your day!

    1. Today was nasty and we're not out of the woods for a few days. Thank you.

  7. You need to plant more Daffodils so they can welcome you back.

  8. I love Gibbs' little coat. So cute. My goulash always has macaroni. But it looks good with rice. It looks like a hardy meal for a cold day.

    1. Thank you, Gibbs looks cute in his coat.
      I usually use potatoes in stew but didn't have any.

  9. Hope it didn't get as cold as predicted. Gibbs looks very dapper in his coat.

    God bless.

    1. Oh, it did get cold and plans on sticking around for a few days.
      I agree about Gibbs in his coat.