Friday, April 12, 2024

Repeat Weather with a Surprise Ending

Arrowhead Lakes Resort

Friday, Apr. 12th was almost an exact duplicate of Thursday. We didn’t sleep in as late though and I got up at 7:30 thinking maybe today would be a good day to do laundry. I sure miss Park Place! I could easily just walk over a lane to the laundromat. We’ll have to take BB when we do go. The weather, a chilly 46F/7C, worsened by a wind and the familiar rain, had us changing our minds. Maybe after lunch?

Good morning!
My first picture of the day was lunch.
The Western was delicious and there are enough
bits and pieces of add-ins for another one tomorrow. 😀

So, we had another lazy day, really lazy again. This will be the coldest day of our stay so we might just stay indoors again. I’m going through books like crazy! I woke up feeling pretty darn good, after a great sleep my shoulder muscle felt 90% better. There I go again, jinxing it, by late morning it was still there. I don’t mind the tight pull so much as the difficulty to breathe easily. I know it’s a matter of time and all will be well, but for now, no laundry. 😊

Before baking.
The recipe said to make 12 logs and fit 
them on one baking sheet, 2 - 3" apart.

They sure don't look like the picture in the recipe
but.......I'm sure I'll enjoy them.

Bill was sending emails to a couple of friends back in Canada, sometimes he is a worse procrastinator than me! Today is the perfect day. He also spent a few hours going through his videos that we took on his ‘Go Pro’ camera along the route. He likes running through them and can name where we are at any particular time. While I was reading, he had his ear buds in so I wasn’t disturbed. Nice guy, eh?

I had peppers to use up in the fridge so I cut them all up, with celery, and green onions to make toasted westerns. Bill is enjoying both kinds of my keto bread now too so I’m happy we can both eat it without those extra carbs. There are a few pounds that we need to shed when we get settled back home! My goodness! The sandwiches were very good and filling. I’m aiming for brownie points too because I promised Bill meat loaf for supper. 😊

Outside, the sky was tumultuous 

But there were periods of the sun breaking
through bringing us some pieces of blue sky

After lunch, we resumed our lazy activities and I sat with the heating pad against my shoulder again. One time it seems to help, another, not so much. I’ve started into the next J.E. book. Notorious Nineteen opens the door for even more of Stephanie Plum’s crazy adventures and it is easy reading with the occasional outbursts of laughter.

Gibbs and I got out for our windy walk
to the 'back 40' where the rustic cabins are.

We were walking directly into the wind so we
went as far as this small creek waterfall
and turned back

The afternoon didn’t turn into a complete loss of a day. I decided to try a recipe I found on my keto site. I love the rolls that I make, too much, and they are not keto in any way. This recipe is for Keto Breadsticks. Hmmm, sounds good so I’ll see how they turn out. Bill was still busy on his laptop and it was too windy to go for a walk with Gibbs so I began.

Good thing he's 25 pounds!!
That wind would take him away.
Here's where he (we) decided to turn around.

It was a bit messy but I found that I had all the ingredients except the protein powder. A substitute of chia seeds did the trick and I had premade garlic butter in the fridge already. They baked up quickly but, as with any other keto bread I’ve tried, it doesn’t have the taste of ‘bread’. I’ll eat them and enjoy them, but I’m sure they won’t be something Bill will be reaching for. 😉 After they’re gone, I’ll decide if I ever make them again.

Looking towards the front of the park
and our site is down the second road on the right.

After 4, I made my tea and then began putting the meatloaf together. Once it was in the oven, at 5:15, Gibbs and I went for a walk. If you can call it that. Boy, that wind is strong! We were starting to see some sunshine throughout the afternoon which was encouraging. Sunshine just makes me smile and I appreciate its efforts to spread the joy. I was feeling that Gibbs was missing out on his walks so I’m glad we got out even for 15 minutes.

First time ever this winter that we had the perfect
west view of the sun setting.
This one is looking out our back window.

Supper was delicious. I fried the leftover mashed potatoes and we had corn on the side. Bill cleaned up the dishes and went upstairs to watch a movie while I worked on my blog. I’ve been watching the second season of Fire Country, come to find out that Bill has also caught up on it. I hope we can carry on together with the next episodes. 😊

My piece of meatloaf was bigger than it looks here
I should have turned it over, it's a lot of meat.

This has been a good day with the rain stopping around noon. The winds got really wild though, with gusts between 25 and 35 mph but will calm down throughout the evening and early morning. We reached a chilly high of 56F/ 13C (feeling like 10C) dropping to an even cooler 42F/5C before it starts warming up a bit tomorrow with full sunshine. Oh well, we didn’t expect much different. 

From inside the Suite

I braved the cold in my jammies
for these last ones

The good news is that my back seems much improved this afternoon. I think I needed that walk with Gibbs to get it stretched out and stop feeling sorry for myself! 💗

Before I stepped back inside,
I looked up.
Here's what caused all the excitement on Monday.
If the sky gets any better later, I'll have to include the pics
tomorrow. It's cold out there!
Good night!

Thank you for the visit.


  1. I know nothing about a keto diet. How come potatoes, but no bread? Dumb question, but I did google and it said no to potatoes. And so I'm still wondering.....Or is it just so many carbs a day. Or something.

    1. Valid question, I'm not totally following keto now which is why i have gained weight. I have many things to change when i get home to get back on track. Sorry to confuse you.

    2. Thanks! So potatoes will be on the forbidden list in your future. Sigh. I do love potatoes. Mashed, fried, boiled, scalloped, etc etc etc.

  2. Have you considered going to a Laundromat.
    I have found that repeated days of long hours on the road caused Shoulder pain as well.
    The Rain Stopped when Darkness fell here.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Why would i go to a laundromat? I don't understand your question.
      My shoulder pain came days after we had those long drives so I'm sure that is not the problem.
      Glad the rain stopped here too.

  3. Lots of wind but no drops after the early morning hours.
    I’m glad you are enjoying the books. They always make me chuckle.


  4. Sure looks like a pretty evening there for the three of you. Hope your shoulder is much better in the morning but take it easy on it so it doesn't reoccur. Your pictures of your meals is making me hungry LOL. When do you plan on reaching home? Love to you both and Gibbs too.
    P.S. 93 today...sorry

    1. Thank you Sheila. My shoulder is better today, Sunday.
      It's okay, 93 sounds wonderful, enjoy!!

  5. Park Place misses you, too! High 80’s yesterday but windy here also. Take care of your shoulder.

  6. We have had high winds and rainy weather here the past few days as well. The low last night was 3 C. Hopefully we'll have warmer temps when you guys get back!

  7. We are in for it today ... an inch or more of rain. I have to agree with keto bread (other than the seeded one). I just don't like the texture. Hope your shoulder heals up soon. It's such a PAIN!!

    1. I love the bought keto bread, just not home made.
      Thank you, my shoulder is better today.

  8. Brrr, After those lovely warm temperatures I bet it feels cold. Hope your arm and shoulder is better very soon.

    God bless.

    1. It's the dampness that i dislike the most. Thank you, the shoulder is improved today.