Wednesday, April 10, 2024

This Time a Really Short Day, It’s Not Our Year

Arrowhead Lakes Resort

On Wednesday, Apr. 10th I slept until 7:30, not hearing a sound before that. At least, not that I recall. Bill was starting to get his breakfast downstairs and yet I didn’t feel rushed. Our trip today was a mere 86 miles/138 kilometers so we would be there in an hour and a half. I took Gibbs for a walk and we were packed up and ready to move at 8:42 EST. Last night we realized that we were in a new time zone!

After a long day's drive, Gibbs sleeps
easily beside one of us.
Here he is with Daddy.

Here we are parked nicely, away from everyone
beside a blossoming tree at Walmart.

We exited Richmond and were only on I-70E for a short distance before we crossed into Ohio 8 minutes later. We didn’t need fuel today so let’s just go. 

Are these guys going to follow us home?

Ohio here we come

It was a cloudy day, all day
but mild

We pass this beautiful home each time
we come this way. I take a picture - each time too.

Let's get on the I-75!

If you don't slow down - a lot - on this ramp,
you'll be sorry. I don't watch Bill's side, I turn my head. 

Even though our park didn’t allow check-ins until 3, we figured we could go to the Walmart down the road if we had to wait. The I-75E was blissful after yesterday’s mess and the miles flew by. It was 10:15 when we pulled into the park, sheepishly. 😊 They were very obliging and said our site was empty, to go right in.

Our C to C park welcomes us

There's a sense of humour here
upon entry

We usually have to stop at the office before doing that but we soon found out why that wasn’t necessary. The office/clubhouse/pool etc. etc. was demolished! They had a tornado April 1st of 2023 and the roof caved in. Finding that the foundation was bad too, they will rebuild. Wow! We stopped on our way down in the fall but not the previous April. Thank goodness! Bill backed into our site easily and we’ll sit here until Sunday morning.

This is the building we were looking for that houses
the Office.

This is what we saw πŸ˜–

They had a great indoor pool
and 2 hot tubs that I was looking forward to.
Sad for them.

Our site for a few days

Here's where it goes downhill. Our bedroom slide cable, the top one this time, snapped about ¾ of the way to open. Oh no! I was teary-eyed as Bill inched it open and thankfully, it went all the way. Will it go in? Who knows? We’ll find out on Sunday. At first, we thought ‘let’s just bring it in and go home (to our dealers)’, but common sense prevailed and even though it is wet and cooler here, we’ll stay and make the best of our quiet days.

You can walk through the park with me

this gave me a start from a distance
Is that a wolf? coyote?

Ah, because of the many geese,
it is a deterrent.

The Arrowhead lake?

I made us a coffee and Bill found that they’d set up the office in a small cabin. That’s where he found out the info about the main clubhouse and other damage in the park. How sad but she said many rv’ers have returned, which is great. We like this park and this will be the longest we’ve stayed, I think. It is a Coast to Coast park which means it is $10 (paid by collected points) per night. Darn reasonable! I sat to start today’s blog and let the day play out.

Peeking in one of the smaller cabin windows

One cabin was blown on its side in the tornado
This new one has been installed in its place

Bill and Gibbs went up to watch a movie after lunch, since it is a dull day, and I took a long walk around the whole of the park. As I was walking, it began to spit a bit but didn’t scare me back inside. Then it quit. I sat on the picnic table and played my afternoon Word Hurdle games before slipping inside. I’d found another Janet Evanovich novel that I didn’t have so brought it back. 😊

A games room but the continuous
music on a couple of the games would
drive me bonkers
Small pool table - no balls or sticks

I’m trying to read them in order but there are a lot missing so dug Explosive Eighteen out of my cupboard and was hooked right away. They are goofy and somewhat repetitive but they make me laugh too. 

I had my tea at 3:30 and it was spitting harder by 4:30. I should have taken Gibbs out for a walk while it was dry but I’ll make that up to him tomorrow.

A better picture of a robin
There are lots here

A selfie in the gazebo 
overlooking the lake

The lake
There was a fellow fishing
Catch and release only

I woke this morning with a hitch in my left shoulder blade, feels like a pulled muscle or something. Don’t know how that happened but it hurts to take a deep breath. I took a couple of extra strength Advil although they didn’t help too much. For supper, we went the poor man’s route. Hot dogs and beans. Bill had the beans and a dog and I had two dogs. I had no guilt since I’d found Keto buns with only 3 grams of carbs! They were quite good too!

Lots of water after the rains

Lots of dandelions too

We cleaned up and planned on watching a new episode of 9-1-1 after I finished my blog. It is raining steady now at 7 pm but it is gentle on the roof. A good calming rain. 😊 


This has been a day. Not a great day, not a terrible day, just a day. We sure could have gone along without the cable breaking, wouldn’t that have been a treat? On the way down and now on the way home, geesh! Two different ones.

Sleeping with Mom this afternoon

He was REALLY sleeping
Good night!

We thank you all for following along and lending support in your words. Like the rain, they are also soothing to us. πŸ’“Have a good evening!


  1. Welcome to our state. Wishing you success in getting the slide back in. It's always something. Hope you have a good time to rest up before heading out again. Safe travels. Becky

  2. Sorry to hear about the issues.
    Janet Evanovich is a truly funny writer, I enjoyed her wit.
    Good luck, enjoy your days of rest.


    1. Thank you, Deb.
      I've read 6 of these stories and there are many laugh out loud moments. I have to share some with Bill.

  3. Well rats. It’s not been the best of trips, but you are safe, which is the most important part. So sad for the RV park to lose that beautiful building. I laughed at the “coyote”. Better days are ahead - sending hugs!!

    1. Thanks Nancy, surely not our best year!!
      I agree about the red building and the coyote sure made me slow down on my walk.
      Thanks for the hugs too!

  4. Enjoying following along on your travels. Nice to have this stop and rest
    up for once home you will be busy.
    Hopefully your slide will come in and you will have safe travels home !
    Linda a

  5. Sorry to hear about the slide issues 😞…
    Hope you have a relaxing stay at the park.

    1. Thank you Kim. We are putting it out of our mind for now and despite the rain, will enjoy the rest.

  6. So sorry to hear of your issues. I guess these cables are only good for so many years. I assume you'll be stopping at Can Am on the way home?

    1. Thanks sis. Yes, a CanAm stop for sure. It will be longer than we first thought, hopefully not too long though.

  7. I’m sorry to hear about the cable; at least you can get to the bathroom this time!! Have a nice rest and a safe journey home.

  8. Try to get a new cable NOT made in China. It will last a lot longer that way

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  10. I am so sorry about the cable. I hope the slide goes back in. Enjoy your stay and rest that shoulder.

    God bless.

  11. Well that is a bummer about the cable but I'm glad to hear you decided to stay and enjoy a few days of rest.

  12. Other than the slide, your day was peaceful. Enjoy your Stay. May have to pull out the manual to manually bring the slide back in, but I hope not.