Monday, April 1, 2024

In a Blink…….Moving Day

Pilot Knob RV Resort

On Monday, April Fools Day, we were up before 7. Washed, dressed and breakfast done, done, and done. We couldn’t leave the park until, at the earliest, 9 am as we had an electric bill to pay. That was fine as check-in at the park we were going into was noon. We knew it wouldn’t be a problem, since it has been at least half empty all winter. 😊 We have resources/sources to know that.

Good morning!

One last goodbye pet from his
best buddy in the park

The clubhouse poinsettia
is working on a new life

Goodbye Barb and Gerald

The last few things were taken care of before 9 and we walked over together. I wanted to say goodbye to Patti, the manager here, and I wanted to check out the poinsettias once more. Since Christmas, I have been one of a few who have kept them watered and then trimmed them right back when the flowering time was over. They were doing good and one had a couple of new red leaves! Cool!

Leaving Quartzsite

Once hooked up, I checked the lights for Bill and was able to get a hug from Barb, a L.P.P. player and then Gerald, as well. It was no April Fool’s joke, after 5 months in this exact spot, we had hitch itch and the wheels were ready to move. Randy caught us as we rolled out and gave us and our vehicle a nice travel blessing. Thank you, my friend, we all could use a few good words now and again. 😊

Gibbs settled down nicely in his thunder jacket

The drive to Yuma was uneventful
and pretty

The Yuma Territorial Prison
and the 
Ocean to Ocean Highway bridge

We had cloudy gray skies when we left and a cool 58F/14C day ahead. Fortunately, though, even when it rained, it was light and short-lived. Before we knew it, we were approaching sunny skies with white fluffy clouds. It was a straight drive on I-95S through Yuma, crossing the state line into California, reaching our destination of Pilot Knob RV Park at 11 am. Still cool, we were set up in a large corner site which would suit us just dandy for our 2-day stay.

Guess where Bill's big Piper Cub rode?

A nice large site in the back southeast corner.

The boys dozed beside me while I played my afternoon games on my phone. I wanted to walk around a bit and check out the ‘new’ hot tub and pool, plus check out the library, laundry room (because I’m nosy) and the clubhouse but gray clouds had returned by 1:30. It meant waiting a bit. Gibbs is confused but I took him for a walk about first to get him familiar and offer up some new smells. The nice thing about living full-time in the Suite, no matter how far we drive, he is always home.

We had clouds like this all afternoon
See how far back we are?

Up near one of the buildings, this pretty little
garden area is nice to sit while waiting for your laundry.

So, this afternoon, around 3:30, I went for my own walk. So much has changed here since before Thousand Trails took over the park. Not all good changes but some – yes. There were about 8 guests playing Pokeno but I wasn’t up to joining. Instead, I started a 500-pc. puzzle as anything bigger wouldn’t fit the table. One of the sad changes. Another one, no library so no books to choose from. They had so many good ones too. Oh well, the pool is warmer and the hot tub is new.

Inside the clubhouse and outside at the pool

I started a puzzle
One of the office girls likes to work on them too.

When I returned home, Bill was trying to find something for us to watch on tv (we didn’t bother digging out our lawn chairs) with no luck. I changed into my bathing suit and walked back up to the pool with my book for some moments in the sun at least on a lounge chair. The clouds eventually moved away and it was gorgeous until 5:30 when I walked home again. We are as far back as we can be but the exercise is good for me. 😊

Another grouping of flowering cacti
I love how they trim the palm trees down

At the pool, after my swim, army choppers flew
all around me

The water was great and I managed 6 or 7 laps back and forth (not continuous!) before relaxing alone on the deck of the pool. It was nice. Neither of us were in the mood for a big meal so we watched our NCIS and NCIS:Hawaii programs while munching on chips, popcorn and cheddar cheese. That will tie us over until morning and we can call it a snack night.

This is the distance from the front of the park
to our site

We had strange skies today and word from Gerald at Quartzsite, shows some scary clouds this evening. Not sure if rain followed but the sky here was picture worthy in a different way. This was a great day and I was swimming on April 1st, no joke! We only reached a 67F/19C but the pool water was warm.

A pretty sky this evening
but by 10 pm, we had thunder and rain.
Good night!

Thank you for following us to our new location. Your comments are welcome!


  1. An easy and pleasant day,how nice! I'm glad for you, and happy that you posted about it all,Mary

  2. I can’t get over how big bills plane is, it takes up the whole bed lol, Glad you made it safe, you were brave to go to the pool at 67°, Enjoy reading your blog

    1. Tell me about it!! haha, as long as there was room for me, I was game! :)
      The pool is heated though and the sun was warm. Glad you are still reading, Casey.

  3. I drove by that park a couple of times. Half the place was empty. I guess they raised the prices quite a bit. I would be happy to be in the far back corner! LOL. Glad you got to swim ... hopefully the weather stays good.

    1. That's what we've heard all winter too. There sure aren't many here now.

  4. I recall you've stayed in that park previously - I especially remember the pool. I wonder if the new owners did any kind of survey of their clients before making changes.

    1. The new owners are a large conglomerate, all over the rv'ing world so they probably saw that it was often full with the previous owners and just figured it would remain so. Too bad although the pool and hot tub are very nice!

  5. Enjoy your rest day.
    Watching the news right now. There are forecasts of Tornadoes ahead of you. Areas with warmer temperatures are the most vulnerable when the cold air hits.
    I remember waiting them out then putting the pedal to the metal.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. On the move, and enjoying the lovely weather I see. Glad you got to swim on April 1st.

    God bless.

  7. Always a nice drive down 95 especially when it is not crowded. I always stop at Stone Cabin to remembenence when Dolly, Fergie and I stopped for a burger.

    1. My sister also stopped at Stone Canyon for a burger, way back when.

  8. you said it best, no matter how many miles you travel, you are at home. Prayers for safe journey.