Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Change of Plans, Opened an Opportunity

Can Am Guest Parking Lot

On Tuesday, Apr. 16th we woke up in a parking lot. I say that because, when I woke, I had to think about where we were. 😉 The sun was shining and the sky was clear, that’s for sure. Another bonus day. We were very hopeful that the Suite would be going into the shop this morning but after a false start yesterday, I refused to pack things up until Peggy gave us the word. 😊

Gibbs and I walked around the lot and then watched our Suite
get pulled into the shop at 1 pm

Bill was in and out of the building a few times and it was quite warm out, even in the shade. After walking Gibbs, I pulled my lawn chair out from the basement and sat between the truck and trailer with him on my lap (or under my chair). Long story short, after lunch we heard from Peggy that they wanted to get to the root of the whole cable breaking issue, if possible.

Removing things from under the bed gave us a challenge
of finding where to temporarily store things.
The shower worked great and the living room furniture too.

We were advised to strip the bed and remove everything from the under bed storage so they could investigate. (Have I read too many Stephanie Plum adventures?) Bottom line, at 1 pm, the Suite went into the shop. 

It was our last beautiful day for a while

I sat outside with Gibbs again, this time in the sun, and waited to hear. The unfortunate news was that we would not be able to sleep in our own bed tonight. My son, Patrick, lives 15 minutes away so I contacted him to see if he had room for us.

Waiting in the lounge area, 2 someones got sleepy
and dozed in the chair together

Al had the slide in and out about 4 times and could find nothing under the bed that would have caused the problem with the cables breaking. That was good news and one thing we didn’t have to think about down the road. They worked away at feeding the new cable through for a couple of hours and will finish it up in the morning.

We stopped for fuel
and this is a wee justification of
why we had our diesel/gas debacle
last spring.
Yellow handle is diesel. LOL

We left CanAm around 5, fueled BB up and drove to St. Thomas to grab a bite to eat. I’m sure Patrick would have fed us but he’s a working man and had already planned supper for himself and Nathan by the time I’d called. A & W’s Uncle burger combos fit the bill and we sat outside on their picnic table to eat before driving around. I suppose we have all done it, but it was still nice that Patrick was giving up his bed for us to sleep on and he took the couch. 😘

Driving into St. Thomas, we were impressed
with improvements to the town since our last visit.

Jumbo the elephant stands high on the hill into town
guarding the locals
Here is his story. 

We had a nice evening together, even though I know we upset his normal evening routine. Gibbs had a new experience, meeting Molly, a Goldendoodle and after a bit of a growly start (Gibbs) they got along. 

Patrick has many hobbies
One being aquariums with fish

He has about 5 aquariums and many fish
I remember one I had years ago so enjoy seeing
the variety of fish.

Molly is a larger version of our little mutt and it was cute to see them side by side on the couch. We didn't see much of Nate tonight, he's a 14 year old boy, but he did come upstairs to show us 3 card tricks that he'd just recently learned. Hmm, they were pretty good. 😁

They soon decided they could be friends
Kind of.

This turned into a good day and with all things in our favour, God willing, we’ll be home tomorrow afternoon.  We reached a lovely high today of 69F/19C but it will all be changing for our return home.

A pose with Molly and my son
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in to see where we’re at.


  1. Such a nice bonus ; getting to spend time with your son and grandson! ❤️. Patti

  2. YIKES!!! Having to remove all that stuff? Well I suppose it's a good thing ... you can clean out anything you don't really need!! Glad they are getting it fixed. Slides can be such a pain!! You can't fault Bill ... I did the exact same thing in Canada ... except I grabbed the GREEN which was GAS!! Lucky for me, a passerby yelled and said yellow was diesel. Nice you got to stay with your son and grandson. You'll have to tell us about the card tricks!!

    1. It wasn't as bad as I first thought it was, moving the stuff. We just left it in the shower until we got home and my paints and puzzles will go to the Bunky. :)
      Nope, I didn't fault Bill for the error. This just shows why the confusion. We both learned a valuable lesson. :)

  3. Well things are turning out to be okay for you the bad turning into something good. God is good. Look for the good to get through the bad. Sheila

    1. Yes, things did turn out just fine. You are absolutely right. Something positive.

  4. Good times! Cute pictures of the babies.

  5. Sounds like things are starting to come together for the fix. Nice that you were able to get a visit with your son and grandson too.
    Safe travels home!

  6. How lovely that you got to visit with your son for an evening. I hope by the time you read this you are at home on the Ridge.

    God bless.

  7. Nice you got a visit with your son in while waiting for repairs! Nice pic of you and Gibbs in the sun! 89 on my patio today....the shade is nice though! :)) Hope you get to The Ridge soon!

    1. Thank you Payson48. The sun yesterday is now but a memory, it's cold here at the Ridge.