Thursday, April 4, 2024

A Long Wonderful Day, Crossing States, Losing Time

Dream Catcher's RV Resort

On Wednesday, Apr. 3rd we pulled out of Pilot Knob RV Resort at 8:15 and were on our way to destination #2. It was a gorgeous morning but I slept past the sunrise. We travelled I-8E to I-10 to Eloy, Az. Our friends spend the winter at Picacho Peak RV Resort and we were meeting them for lunch at Denny’s. We haven’t seen Ken and Nancy for 2 years!

Good morning from Gibbs
Didn't want to walk too far because
Daddy was getting the truck ready.

Leaving Pilot Knob RV Resort

Mohawk rest area, panting puppy,
trains and water towers

When we started rv’ing, still working, we vacationed at Silver Lake, MI, we met for the first time. Each year, we rebooked and met at the same spot for a few years. We’ve had great fun rv’ing, swimming, riding the dunes etc. together. 

Oh my goodness! This brunch meal
was delicious!!

A great visit, although short, with dear Illinois friends.

It was a great lunch and gab session, catching up. So good to see them again. We left Eloy at 1 after fueling up and I texted my sister in Deming to let her know how the time was playing out.

Pretty views, even a
San Diego street car!

Yes, we are homeward bound

The terrain has changed so much
Snow caps
Turn off into Eloy, Az

We saw snow on Neaman Peak mountains off in the distance – a long way off and up. It can stay there. Our weather was perfect at 82F/25C. We eventually lost our Saguaros today but saw lots of those beautiful cacti, Teddy Bear and Staghorn Chollas as well as Ocotillos. We were rewarded with the amazing boulders (can’t call these rocks) as we entered Texas Canyon. With a stop at the rest area at 3 we were making good time.

Slow down in west bound lanes
Want a job? Painting the A?

Trump tower, Tuscon overpasses
and a C130 flies over

Until……..brake lights ahead and a semi beside us locked his brakes burning some rubber as we came to a dead stop. No one knew why but we poked slowly along the next 5 miles stealing 45 minutes of our travel. Eventually, it became as clear as mud that there was some kind of construction but other than moving to one lane for a short distance, it still didn’t seem obvious. I texted Gayle that we would be yet another 2+ hours including NM’s time change.

Amazing views

Getting ready for Texas Canyon boulders

bottom left, a grumpy old man
watches over us

Traffic slow down
Looking ahead, looking back
and speed reduced??? We were crawling
at 9 mph.

Our elevations changed from 500’ to over 4600’ on the drive today, crossing the Continental Divide after crossing into New Mexico. This would be our first time change, simply giving up an hour at the ‘invisible’ state line. Now, we were only 2 hours behind our home friends and family. 😊 

We arrived at Deming, New Mexico at 7:15, pulling into the Dream Catcher RV Park, an Escapees members park. This park has 8 non-member boondocking sites for which we were grateful.

Fraggle Rock
Decent priced diesel
The only cloud in the sky all day

It was a surprise to see a different
surveillance blimp
Thought this was another Cadillac Ranch
but it's solar panels.

It was great to see my sister and her husband and we parked just across from them for the night. No need to unhook, so we opened up, got Gibbs settled for a nap and walked over for a visit and a nice supper. I didn’t have to plan anything and the cold plate meal was perfect after our big lunch at noon. Thank you, Gayle and John! We would not see them again until we were all home so had a nice evening until 9:30.

Our little guy was ready to stop, as were we.

Gibbs doesn’t sleep while we drive, for some reason, so would surely sleep well tonight. As would Bill. They missed their snooze! I was too tired to blog but read a couple of chapters before joining my boys in bed at 10:30. It was a great day.

Supper was perfect with (ugly) homemade apple pie
for dessert. (her words, not mine. It was delicious).
Great night for a sleep over.
Good night!

Thank you for following along with us.



  1. The signage for the construction was clearly not sufficient. Ugh, to spend 45 minutes to travel 5 miles would have my blood pressure rising, though I realize there is nothing than can be done about it.
    Safe travels!

    1. You are correct. No one even knew there was construction but all you can do is sit and wait. Thank you!

  2. Last two times I’ve been stuck in construction, there were no signs. Just screeching tires. Glad you made it safely!!!

  3. Construction Season never seems to stop in the southern states.
    Being Escapees since 2010, we've stayed at Dream Catcher every time we're going by Deming.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. You're right about construction down here.........I guess when the weather is nice all year long, why not? It still is so frustrating!
      Gayle stays here each time too.

  4. Wasn't that nice to have dinner waiting for you? Safe travels for you and your sister.

    1. It was wonderful!! We've done it for them a couple of times so they've repaid the favour.
      thank you Elva.

  5. Glad to hear you're headed east!

  6. How wonderful to catch up with friends and family. A very good days drive.
    Safe travels.


  7. Lovely scenery. You really are making excellent time, even with the construction.

    God bless.

  8. Oh poor Gibbs looks so tired. Rest well little one! Glad your trip is going pretty well good weather great people yay. Sheila

    1. If poor little Gibbs would just shut his eyes and sleep!!! But he is too busy keeping an eye on us. :) Thank you Sheila.

  9. Nice that you could visit with your sister on the way home. Safe travels for the rest of your trip.