Thursday, April 18, 2024

A Run-Around-Day, Family Visit

The Ridge

On Thursday, Apr. 18th, it was our day to take care of the most important errands. I was up by 7:30 and we had our tea and breakfast together. There is one thing (of many) that we are relishing in here at home in relation to Gibbs. Yesterday, he cracked us up with his Ridge zoomies and it was then that we realized how wonderful it is to just open the door and let him out to do his business. 😊

This morning, I took a walk
around the property
Sad to see this tree broke over the winter

We both bundled against the 6C/44F and wanted to believe that the rain would hold off until midnight. That didn’t become reality and as I walked around, Gibbs ran around and Bill puttered around, we were getting wet. We didn’t have the strong winds today which helped in a big way. Bill opened the sheds and outhouse yesterday so today he opened his cargo trailer and the Hangar. Until the weather cooperates, we won’t be moving too much out.

Our sheds - very wet from the rain
The Hangar on the left
My flower garden and Bunky/She Shed on the right

Bill's Hangar - top
(woops, same pix)
Storage shed and outhouse on bottom

Before 9, Bill had taken the mail box down to the road and then we drove to our regular mechanic to book Black Beauty in for an oil change. That was our first roadblock. Grey Bruce Fleet no longer does them, their business being mostly on big diesel trucks. They recommended a couple of places in the area to check out. From there, we drove to Murray’s to pick up Ptooties.

These blue spruce trees grow like crazy

My little Rav 4 waited all winter for me in his barn. We’ll get Jazz, our Yamaha, on the first suitable day to bring her home. On the way, we stopped at one of the shops about the oil change but they didn’t deal with trucks as big as BB, so it was down to one more place to try. On the way back, I took Ptooties to fill our two 5-gallon water bottles. A little chit chat with Mark, and then I stopped at Bath & Biscuit to make an appointment for Gibbs to get groomed in May.

When you see the plane, you know you're at Murray's

Bill went to the hardware store in town, to fill our water bladder and then to check out A & E Automotive on the way home. He, thankfully, was able to make an appointment for the oil change before he returned home. We had some lunch while the water was being transferred and then we carried on with the errands. We drove to Priceville, to the post office, to cancel the “HOLD” on our mail but this was our second stumble. They were closed for another half hour.

Happy to have my car back

Okay, we’ll go to Hanover first to Donna and Gerry’s and pick up our mail. It was a fair bit of back and forth, at a time where gas is an absolutely ridiculous price, (it jumped 14¢ overnight), but fortunately we’d left Ptooties with a full tank. It was nice to see family again and have a great visit catching up. We left around 3 and went back to the post office to take care of business there. That was it for the running around. Inside, we relaxed until supper time.

Our pond

Our second trip to Priceville

The boys dozed and I read my book. It’s coming to its end and I’ll have to move on to a different author. I’m having so much fun with these stories. Supper was restaurant fare. I had liver and onions with pepper squash and Bill had fish and corn. There wasn’t enough fish for both of us and he doesn’t like liver – at all. We cleaned up, loaded and ran the dishwasher and watched The Voice together while I worked on my blog.

The liver was cooked perfectly!

Gibbs was cuddling with Daddy after we ate
He has been a good little boy today

This was a good day and we got a lot taken care of. Hopefully, the rain holds off tomorrow so I can get out to do some raking in the gardens and the laneway. Bill is overjoyed to hear that our chorus frogs are back and in terrific harmony! (sarcasm at its best!) They are so loud! 💗 On another note, today we wish our grandson, Connor, a very happy 19th birthday! 

Happy Birthday, Connor!

We didn't see the sun all it was 
a surprise to see it preparing to set.
Good night!

Thank you for popping in.


  1. I bet Gibbs is beyond thrilled to be at the Ridge. When the weather improves, you'll both be in your happy place too with more space to do the things you enjoy.
    Happy Birthday to your grandson Conner.

  2. Look at Bill in his flannel!!😂We hit 92f but still had the wind. Sounds like you need a day of relaxing—-enjoy! Patti

  3. I love to hear the frogs croak, but they can get loud sometimes, making it hard to fall asleep. Sending you a little WARM weather. P.S. I love liver and onions!!

    1. I love the frogs too. They do increase their volume as the weeks go by but already they are singing at a soprano level! :)
      Thanks for the warm weather, I'll take it!

  4. Always lots to take care of, the first few days back home.
    Be Safe and Enjoy getting back home.

    It's about time.

  5. You are slowly getting back into the swing of things. So nice that Gibbs can just run.

    God bless.

    1. Yes, we'll have wet and dry days but we'll get there. :) Gibbs is a happy 'camper'!