Friday, April 5, 2024

Better Day Ahead? Jello Jiggled, Route Changes

Lucky Star Casino

On Friday, Apr. 5th when I first woke up, it was 7:17. What??? I’ve not slept that late for a long time. I saw only Gibbs beside me on his Daddy’s side and I realized that it was actually only 6:17MT and that made sense. I saw Bill was downstairs with blinds still closed so I remained where I was until 7:30. It was a cool morning, only 47F/7C. Quite a change from yesterday’s 82F/25C!

Good morning from Texas

First and foremost, we wanted
to get another new spare tire.
Lubbock, TX helped us out.

We had breakfast and were on the road at 8:50, already warmed up to 56F/12C, which is more like it. We had a full tank of fuel so got on US62 right out of Brownfield. We kept our eyes open for a tire shop to get a replacement spare, no point in taking any chances. I Googled and found Bigham’s Automotive and McWhorter’s Tire Service in Lubbock about 14miles in our future. 😉

Light clouds and a town called Happy
Their motto was: "The town that doesn't frown"

Some interesting views
We fueled up at a Valero, in the truck lane, with
a pump on both sides. This made me laugh.
Water towers always make me smile.
Flat lands of green remind me of home

It was a bit of a run around in the city with usual construction but we were taken care of at McWhorter’s and within an hour, we were back on the road with a new spare and the newly installed one topped up. We easily got out of the city and onto I-27N. It was 74F/21C. The drive on this interstate was quite good and the traffic was very light. We were seeing clouds today but light wispy cirrus clouds only.

Little windmills and big windmills

The leaning tower and the huge cross
Things we all look for on our I-40 journey.

The Texas Star rest stop
and we see these old silos every trip this way

We weren’t hungry enough at noon to find a spot so drove as far as Amarillo and on the eastern outskirts, pulled into a Valero at 1:00. Diesel was $3.49/gal and we couldn’t complain about that! We made our sandwiches inside and took a bit of a rest. The 82F/25C was feeling pretty good and there was a stiff wind here to keep us awake. 😊

This transport passed us.
Bill pointed out the dump truck on the back.
I noticed he was from Alberta, Canadians.
I had to send the picture to my Albertan brother. 
Made us chuckle.

Back on the road and it was uneventful all the way to Oklahoma. We crossed the state line at 3:17. I-40E is great and although the traffic had increased, it was still minimal. Just before we left Texas, we saw a small herd of Texas longhorn cattle. Not quick enough to get a photo though. We drove for another 125 miles to our destination at El Reno. We decided not to rush for home so will fill in time by staying longer at a couple of places. You’ll see.

Oklahoma state and some American spirit flies on the back
of this semi

We left Quartzsite, presumably toward cooler weather
(not by choice)
This was the difference today. I think we got the better deal. 

We arrived at Lucky Star Casino around 5:45 and there were 2 empty full service sites available. We grabbed the first one and down the row, a big rv pulled out. We are level, in a good spot and have everything we need. The decision at this stage is to stay here, free, for 3 nights and then move east. Taking the South Carolina plans out of the picture, it frees up about a week with travel time included. We set up and went in to register and get a meal.

Starting to look more like home landscapes

With $20 burning a hole in my wallet, I thought I’d try my luck over the next 3 days. Bill will be changing the spare tire out for the new one since we’ve been carrying that one for almost 10 years. 

Here we are, settled for 3 nights.

We’re going to just relax here and enjoy the warm temperatures while they last. We hit 89F/32C while driving and it is now a lovely 82F/28C dropping to 58F/15C overnight. This won’t last, the next few days are in the 70’s.

Supper in the casino restaurant
is always delicious and reasonably priced.
Bill got shrimp, fries and the above salad.
I had spaghetti and meatballs with garlic toast.
Yes, I have over half as leftovers. 
Good night!

What a great day! Thank you for the visit!


  1. Glad you had a better travel day. Enjoy your stay!

  2. I told you you would pass us! Lol
    Trucks have dual tanks, one on each side, therefore they need a pump on each side. Some times only one side of the lane has the necessary equipment to pay but they need to fill the other tank, to make the pump work they need to lay the master on the ground. It is confusing to see and use.
    Enjoy your stay.


    1. That's what Bill said. I'd never seen it before and it made me laugh.

  3. What Deb said. I've seen that dump truck going down the road before. It's good to go at a slower pace rather than racing from place to place. Glad the tires are all good now.

  4. Looks gorgeous out there! Just curious why you decided not to head for SC? Is there something mechanically wrong, since you have the new tire? I might be missing something. :) 3 days to relax sounds nice, especially for free!

    1. It was adding another 800 miles to our trip and although small, the damage to the hose, cables and fender need attention. We didn't want to travel further than necessary this trip.

  5. If he doesn't already have one, bill ought to consider getting a battery powered impact tool. Would sure make those inevitable tire changes a lot less work. Get a good made in the USA one, though. A lot of the imports are just junk not worth carrying around.

    1. PS - Bill does have one - at home - but isn't sure it is powerful enough for the rig. He'll need to consider getting one. Thank you.

  6. Three days free sounds like a good deal. Casinos always have good food. Enjoy!

  7. A three day rest from driving sounds wonderful. Getting the new tire is excellent. My your supper looks wonderful.

    God bless.