Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Trip to Mexico, Shopping, Different Kind of Pool

Pilot Knob RV Resort

On Tuesday, Apr. 2nd we had plans for a change. Well, plans for a busier day. 😊 We were up, washed and dressed, having breakfast before 7:30. I guess that is pretty normal for us. 

I'm curious what you see.
This is where Bill's plane spends
the day time hours while we are parked.
I see an upside down fish-tailed man with white hair & sunglasses.. LOL

I took Gibbs for his walk around the park; a beautiful morning here in Winterhaven. There aren’t many guests here but those who are, appear to be very friendly and offer greetings.

Good morning
this is looking over our back fence

Bill and I left the park at 8:30 and drove to Los Algodones, Mexico. It was our last teeth cleaning this trip. Dr. Eva Urena opens at 9 and we arrived right on time. We were a bit delayed because of the slower line coming in. You now are required to show your passport going in and let the guard take a look into your bag. My purse is tiny so it was a quick peek. I went into the chair first and 30 minutes later, I was out and Bill was in.

The walk in and out of Los Algodones
The black wall always gives me pause

We enjoy what Yuma has to offer

Five Guys offers fresh peanuts in the shell
if you eat there

Is that my sweetie taking a bath? 💖

We had a couple of things we wanted to look for through the vendors ‘stores’ and then to the Purple Pharmacy for Bill to stock up on his cholesterol medicine. The price was crazy good and he’s good for a year at a ridiculously low price. We were able to walk through the turnstile and chatted with a couple from Kamloops, B.C. before showing our passports once more and we were home free!

Supper, finishing up the beef

The guard at this end just wants to see that you are who you should be and wants to know what you bought.  Since it was still only 11, we drove into Yuma and made the stops at Sally’s Beauty Store, Sam’s Club, Walmart and Arco. At noon, we had lunch at Five Guys. Their burgers and fries are great! Almost as good as Bill’s. Back home to our little man, we hung out (& dozed) until 2 when I slipped out and up to the pool.

Our back door view

This pool does not involve balls and sticks, instead towels, noodles and water. 😊 Bill joined me around 3:30 for an hour and I returned home once I was dry, around 5. It is so nice to get into a pool and a hot tub before we leave the area. We watched an episode of 9-1-1 before Bill took Gibbs for his walk and I started supper. Hot roast beef sandwiches and the last of the potato salad. We’ve had a warm day of 79F/26C and the sky has been clear blue.

Good night!

This was a busy but great last day here. We’ll be back in October. Tomorrow another new adventure begins!

Thank you for the visit.


  1. Sounds like an awesome day Sheila

  2. Nice that you were able to get a few errands run and have time to enjoy the amenities too.
    Safe travels!

  3. They have checked my purse going in for the last two years. Someone said they are checking for weapons. Getting meds there is definitely cheaper!!! I like Five Guys, but no one makes burgers as good as Bill!! The hot tub? I'd be in there in a flash!! Enjoy your pool time!

    1. Yes, I've had my purse checked since Covid, i think, too. Not passports though until this year.

  4. Nice to get those last-minute things taken care of.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your travels.

    It's about time.

  5. Don't you get your meds covered by the government here at home? After the $100 you just pay $4 dispensing fee.

    1. Yes but Bill doesn't ever get to 100$. He paid less than 60$ for his years supply. No dispensing fee.

  6. Good for you on getting those tasks completed. I can't get more than one prescription for my meds at a time. Though if I wait for a couple of weeks I can get another.

    Yes, I also see a man with sunglasses.

    God bless.