Monday, April 15, 2024

Last Leg, Arm, Body 😊 Ontario ♥

Can Am RV Guest Parking Lot

On Sunday, Apr. 14th we were up and getting ready by 7. By the time Gibbs saw us doing certain ‘move day’ things, he also started getting ready. His actions are different than ours. Following us and whining. That’s okay, he’ll be with us. Bill gets him out to Black Beauty and strapped in before I bring the two main floor slides in.

Good morning!
a great day for driving.

So, first things first, Bill pulled the bedroom slide in with the broken top cable. Slowly. He checked halfway through and it came in without further incident. If it doesn’t budge now, we’ll be at Can Am, our dealer, anyway so that will be okay too. They’ll be replacing the cable this week. We were hooked up and pulling out of the park by 8:00.

Within the hour, we stopped at a Rest Area,
still in Ohio.

It's a beautiful morning, 55F/12C and a partly cloudy day. It’s a good day to drive, high winds return tomorrow. Our neighbour across the road is also moving today instead of tomorrow. We got on I-75N immediately, headed for Detroit/Windsor. It was around 9 when we stopped at a rest area. That first hour is usually the challenge after morning drinks. 😊 The interstate was smooth and traffic was busy enough for a Sunday but moving easily.

a few familiar views along the way

It's nice along here, with familiar sights that I always take pictures of and a lot of small lakes/ponds. Today we’ve seen a lot of Canada geese so maybe they’ll follow us home. At 9:30, it was a balmy 64F/16C, balmy for us not so for our Quartzsite friends. 😊 😊 You know who you are! You’d have your sweaters on. The trees are blossoming in full force so that is nice to see.

There are a few southwestern states that need
to practice this form of cleanup.
It makes me proud. All volunteers.

Okay, so the second hour was a ‘not so unnecessary’ precautionary rest stop. Not sure if there is another rest area before the border so we stopped briefly. Gibbs took full advantage. The interstate was bad for about 5 miles, we’re in Michigan now, but it improved to so-so. We had about a 15 minute wait in the line to cross the border into Canada. A couple of the parking attendants were entertained by Gibbs’ cuteness and his barking. That kept our minds busy.

Whoever would paint a team of silos (?) elevators
with Sunflowers, has my vote for anything!

Hi Michigan!
See Bill walking to the welcome centre?

We were through the ‘interrogation’ in less than a minute and at 11:05 were in Windsor. We caught the 401E to London and breathed a sigh of relief, as usual. Just to be home. It was a nice drive on a very familiar route. 

Sometimes, some of us look for a 'sign' to do something
This is one sign we were looking for. 

More signs that made me happy.
Bottom corner - special, as I lived in Rodney for 5 years with my daughter
in the late '80's early 90's

We arrived at the CanAm parking lot at 1:00 and backed up into a corner spot and plugged into power. There are a couple of issues to be looked at and our bedroom slide cable replaced. Time will tell how long it will all take but we hope to be on our way home to the Ridge very soon! We had a sandwich for a late lunch and all closed our eyes for a few minutes. 😊

Our little passenger today
Top pix, the back window was open a bit
and his 'hair' was blowing wildly.
He seemed to enjoy that.

Our site and our visitor

Keith popped in on his bike for a visit and it was great to see him again. We wouldn’t need much for supper so maybe toasted tomato sandwiches will be enough. We’ve been invited to join friends for after dinner drinks with another couple whom we hope to surprise with our attendance. I love this kind of surprise! As it turned out, we were also surprised when yet another couple of our friends arrived shortly after us.

Settled for the night
Toasted tomato and cheese sandwiches
for supper. Just enough!

We had a wonderful evening, one of the best we’ve had in a long time. Just down to basics visiting, laughing with a few liquid embellishments was a real treat! Thank you Derrick and Terry for including us. We were home by 10:30 and I was in bed by 10:45. As soon as my head hit the pillow, it was ‘lights out’ for me. 😊 What a great day!

It's like getting the gang back together.
Such a fun evening. 💖💖💖
Good night!

Thank you for the visit too.



  1. So nice when a day comes together. Glad you made it to the repair shop. Familiar roads make the trip easier. Mr. Gibbs just doesn't want to get left behind ... he's so darn cute!!

    1. Thank you. Now the waiting game.
      Mr. Gibbs needs to stop barking or he'll get left behind! haha (not really)

  2. So happy you had such a happy day. You deserve it.
    "Oh happy day" Sheila

  3. Welcome back!

  4. Glad the day went well. Always feels good to cross the bridge, no matter which direction we are going! Hopefully the fixes are quick, easy and inexpensive.


    1. Thank you Deb! You are absolutely correct about the bridge crossing.

  5. Glad that you made it home safe and sound with no major problems along the way.

  6. I always breathed a big sigh once we crossed that border back into Canada. Such a wonderful feeling.

  7. Glad you Enjoyed your trip, and you made it Safely without further snags.

    It's about time.

  8. That's how I feel when we cross over the Sacramento River...we are home. Nice picture of your group.


  9. Glad you made it safely. Hope the repairs go quickly so you can get settled in at the Ridge. Becky

  10. So glad the day went well and you are almost home. What a lovely picture of all of you.

    God bless.

  11. Welcome (almost) home!

  12. Welcome home! Hope all goes well at Can-Am and you are back at the ridge soon. I know Gibbs will be thrilled.

    1. Thank you. Gibbs doesn't know what is in store for him. Freedom!