Sunday, April 7, 2024

A Calmer Day, Sunny Sky, Critter Entertainment

Lucky Star Casino

On Sunday, Apr. 7th I can’t tell you what time my boys were first up but when I woke up at 7:15, they were both in bed. The little guy was snuggled up against me and didn’t budge too much when I rolled over except to flop right across my chest. Love bug, he is. I know Bill was up late watching movies, knowing he didn’t have to drive today, so that was nice. The winds were still pretty crazy throughout the evening.

They're baaacckk
Good morning!

My entertainment last night was to watch a couple of episodes of Season 2 Fire Country. I didn’t think I’d enjoy it after Season 1 ended but it seems not too bad, so far. Then I watched a couple episodes of The Rifleman to fill in time. I read a couple of chapters in my book before calling it a night at 10. The chapters are long so I have to be dedicated to get through one before closing the book. 😊

Nothing like a clear sky, cheap fuel
and a sunshine walk to start your day.

This morning, we woke to a clear sky and, at first, a calm day. I had my tea and Gibbs and I went out for our walk. It was chilly, the winds returned to some degree, and it was only 48F/8C. After dropping him off, I put on a warmer jacket, grabbed my big Canon and walked on my own. I wanted some prairie dog moments and they were out there ready to perform. As I said yesterday, I can love them because they are not in my yard.

I asked Bill if we could stay until May 14th
W.N. is only my favourite country singer!! πŸ˜‚
The holey homes of the prairie dogs.

I hope you don’t mind the excessive photos of them, it’s my last chance. Back home, Bill and I went over our new route together, making a change here and there, I read some emails, played my games and a bit of my book. Soon enough, it was lunch time and I made us bacon and eggs for a change. 

Filling lunch

We’ll be ‘on the road’ for a couple of days and I never cook lunch when we’re traveling like that.

Our inside critter was making his needs
obvious. I gave up and closed my laptop. ♥

We have found, this trip, that it hasn’t been necessary to even pack a lunch. Stopping for a break, it is easy to open up and make our sandwich. It has been a treat to pop into the Casino for suppers too. The prices are so reasonable for a full meal, under $15, and we don’t eat out a lot, that Bill said we’re treating ourselves here. I’m game! 😊 Tonight, will be our last night to go in and I already know what I’m ordering.

here we go, more critter entertainment

These guys must take lessons from Gibbs
He sits like this too.
I counted 11 in one of my photos.

We watched a couple more episodes of The Voice this afternoon, slowly catching us up, and then Bill dumped tanks, added some fresh water while I vacuumed and washed the tile floors. 

A view from the northeast

A view from the northwest

These holes are huge!
Most are 2 - 3' across.
This whole area is 4'. Don't fall in!

In the morning, because our angle in this spot is not easy to work under, we’ll pull out into the lot and Bill will swap out the 2 tires, putting the new one on the Suite. This summer may find us replacing the other 3, we’ll see. With the chores done, Bill and Gibbs went up for a snooze and I started my blog.

Nearing the end of the pictures for today
of these little rascals.
As I neared, each one chattered to me.

An afternoon walk is in order so I’ll make sure Gibbs gets his exercise. He has been Snuggle Bum 2 all day again and we don’t blame him or mind one bit. It has to be a challenge for him in the truck all day when he doesn’t sleep. I took him out around 4:45 and there was a little Chihuahua running around loose at the neighbour’s rv. I knew it wasn’t theirs and he came out and confirmed that.

Bottom left picture - a Gibbs pose again

It had a collar and just wanted to run around Gibbs and bark at him. It was cute to watch because he stopped Gibbs in his tracks, our little bum didn’t know what to do. It was a neighbour’s dog on the other side of us………..a couple that didn’t seem to have their ‘wits’ about them. Either the bottle or other substance seemed to be in control. Too bad, cute dog, people can be careless. Our neighbour carried him over when she finally called for the dog (30 minutes + later) but she was pretty out of it, he said.

Gibbs was afraid to move so we didn't get much of a walk in.
He growled at the dog a few times when it got too close,
but just plain wanted it to go away.
When we walked after supper, he was quite timid until he realized
the dog was no where around. LOL

Around 5, we walked over for supper and I ordered the Quesadilla that was in the appetizer section of the menu. I hadn’t noticed it before last night. For 9$, it was enough for 2 meals so I brought half home with me. 😊 Back home at 6, Bill had a couple of small things to do outside the Suite and then we relaxed for the night. The winds have died considerably, which is nice.

This has been a great day and we are well rested, ready for the journey to continue. We’ll be on our way in the morning headed further east. It's too early for a sunset picture and with no clouds, it wouldn't be worth waiting for anyway. 

My Quesadilla and Bill's club sandwich
and home made chips.
Good night!

Thank you for coming along for the ride! I read your comments and try to answer accordingly.


  1. Oh yum the food looks so good makes me hungry for that.. I was hoping we would get a picture with Gibbs and the Little Critters love to you all safe travels and be well be happy Sheila and Randy

  2. That sounds like a great relaxing stop. Those prairie dogs have been very cooperative posing for They are cute. Your dinners all looked and sounded yummy. Always nice to have a break from cooking. Sadly not all pet owners are responsible and it looks like a little cutie. Gibbs of course is the really cute one...😊 Safe travels.

  3. It sounds as if this has been a good break. Hopefully the roads aren’t too busy Monday. Signs everywhere about not stopping, more traffic, etc.
    The food looks great!
    Safe travels.


  4. You got some wonderful shots of the prairie dogs, especially the very first one. I'm sure they were fun to watch and listen to, but like you I'd avoid walking where they have their homes. I'd break an ankle for sure.
    Your dinners look delicious! It is nice to spoil oneself every once and awhile.

  5. I can't believe Gibbs is afraid of that tiny dog! Funny to see. Your supper makes me hungry for a quesadilla. Looks good.

  6. Gosh I feel bad for that little puppy. LOVE the prairie dogs!!! And eating out? Oh yeah!!! It looks delicious!

  7. Gibbs is a lover not a fighter. Chihuahuas tend to be aggressive.
    Food looks good.
    Be Safe avoiding people trying to see the Eclipse and drive at the same time.

    It's about time.

  8. I've always found casino food to be very good. Your quesadilla looks pretty packed with stuff....yummy. So sad about the chihuahua.

  9. I'd love to watch those Prairie Dogs!

  10. Cute pictures of the Prairie Dogs, they look just like our Marmotts. Casino meals are usually good and cheap and it's nice to enjoy them while you can. I hope the rest of your trip goes without any issues :-)