Monday, April 15, 2024

Sitting Tight aka In Waiting

Can Am Guest Parking Lot

On Monday, Apr. 15th we woke up to a mostly sunny sky. It was around 7 when I crawled out to join Bill. Boy, did I ever drop off quickly last night! Never heard a peep. We were hopeful, but not convinced, that the Suite would be taken into the shop today. Our initial visit booked during the winter was to get one thing checked and then changed last Wednesday when our cable broke. It is an involved repair so we understood totally that other rv’s were ahead of us.

Good morning!

So, Bill picked up the brackets required to fix the damage under the kitchen slide caused by the tire blow out. Peggy had received those quickly as well as the cable. Bill is a handyman and can fix many things on the Suite so he began that job after lunch. Gibbs and I took a few walks and basically spent our time inside together. The sky cleared out completely of clouds so it was pleasant but with a coolish wind.

We saw at least 2 brand new units leave
the lot today. 
A Reflection 5th wheel and a Bambi (?) Airstream

I took a few pictures of Bill on the job but I’ll let him tell the story. We’re hoping that we’ll be taken care of tomorrow so we can head home. Today is another beautiful day although it started out a bit chilly. We reached 63F/17C by mid afternoon and the wind had died right off. We had toasted westerns again for lunch and that finished off the cut up veggies I had left over from the other day. It was good and filling.

Our cutie pie likes the grass
Can't wait to get him home on the Ridge

The ’gizzy stop’ (plastic closure on our screen door) broke off today for the second time so Peggy brought us one. Bill replaced it. The hardest part was removing the dried glue from the last time he jiggered the fix. 😊 Told you, handyman. I sat in my chair, feeling quite (dare I say) bored and did nothing but read my next Stephanie Plum story. This one is Finger-Lickin’ Fifteen. At 4, Gibbs and I walked around the front lot and when we returned, I made my tea and took my book outside.

The clouds cleared out nicely.

It was not the comfiest place to sit, on our step, but not worth getting the chair out for a couple of hours. As I was finishing up my last few chapters, a horn honked and a reddish coloured Dodge pulled in beside Black Beauty. It wasn’t until Marlene got out that I realized who it was. They were in the city for their own business and took the time to stop around for a quick hello. It wasn’t too long but it was sure nice to see both her and Benno.

then our little 'old' man watches
us make supper

For supper, Bill and I had the last of the meat loaf and a vegetable of choice. Mine was asparagus, his was corn. It hit the spot. 

Supper was good

After cleanup we watched an episode of Fire Country and then NCIS and NCIS Hawaii. It is nice to be back on home time to watch things when they come on instead of 3 hours earlier! This has been a very quiet day but ultimately a good one.

Good night!

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Gee, you might be home much as you enjoy the USA I imagine there's something special about
    the oh so comfortable
    familiarity of the Ridge, hope all goes smoothly as

  2. Hopefully the repair is today, and by tomorrow you are back on the Ridge. There is something soothing about knowing the date of summer spot feet down. At least it’s warmer in Southern Ontario. Our Little Rock is surrounded by the frigid waters of Lake Huron….brrrrr. lol. Good luck!


    1. Thank you Deb. Remember The Ridge is open for a parking spot of you need one.

  3. Certainly hoping all the repairs are complete today and you're on your way to the Ridge shortly.

  4. It was great seeing you guys yesterday. Hope you get the slide cable installed today and you will be on your way to your home base.

  5. So close yet so far. Nice Bill can make some of the repairs. It's good to have a Handy Man!! You'll be on your way in no time.

    1. Thank you Nancy. Bills abilities do impress me and saves us labor costs too.

  6. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Hopefully you will be back on the Ridge very soon and settled into your summer routine.

    God bless.

  7. Welcome, almost, home ... but at least welcome back to Canada :-)