Sunday, October 25, 2020

A Mostly Lazy Sunday

Paisley, On

On Sunday, Oct. 25th we were up by 7ish. Bill showered and once it lightened up outside, around 7:45, I decided to go for a walk. It was a cold 1C/34F but no frost that I could see. I bundled up and, on my way, out the door, said Good Morning to Wes and nodded to George and Luiji. I got 2 miles in, walking along the Saugeen River again and was surprised that within a couple of days the trailers were gone from the campground. All except one.

On my walk I found your shoes! If you need them, sorry, I can't reach them

Across the river, cool stairs up to the house

There was no wind so I experienced another nice walk before returning and coming back for my morning tea. I texted Bill since he hadn’t been down yet for his coffee and told him I was home, making tea. I felt hungry, odd, so had some Shreddies and cream while he had toast and jam. Upstairs, I had my shower and blew dry my hair. I don’t do that often either but because we wanted to drive to Port Elgin, 15 minutes north, I wanted my hair completely dried before going out in the cold .

It was a walk full of interesting things today
This small nest built through and around the branches

This fungus on a log caught my eye
A quick glance looks like an island being invaded

Wes and Susan went to a service at the United Church this morning for 10 and Bill and I slipped out around 10:15. Years ago, we think we’ve both been through Port Elgin but don’t remember it much. It is a small place with just over 7,800 for population. I was happy to see it has Canadian Tire, Walmart, Giant Tiger, Dollarama and Pizza Hut for starters so on days that I don’t work, it would be quicker to drive there instead of back to Hanover, 30 minutes the other way.

In the campground, all but one fifth wheel have been towed out

Yours truly
and boy she was 'chillin'!'

With a stop at Shopper’s Drug Mart, I made copies of some paperwork, all in the call of duty of an executor, purchased large envelopes and then we drove to Canadian Tire for some Command sticky hooks for our keys. Bill was able to find some good winter gloves for work and for personal use. Back home, we had a coffee and I had some soup. Obviously, the Shreddies didn’t last, not enough good fat in that meal!

This church has been converted very nicely into a single family home

Oh, how I'd love to see inside!

I joined Bill upstairs and started putting the copies together for individual packages for family. This will be a process over a few days until the bank is ready for me to deal with the accounts. Searching for pension addresses online is painstaking, log in to this, log in to that, email this, phone for that (Monday) and snail mail for other things. Mom’s health card can be dropped at Service Ontario just down the street so that saves one mail out. I’m not complaining, just re-iterating how my day went.

Like all towns, there are many large old homes

At 3, Bill stretched out for his Sunday afternoon snooze and I went downstairs to make a cup of tea. Oh! I forgot to mention that before we went out this morning, I threw a load of dirty clothes in the washer. They were done and dried just after having lunch so put away nice and early. It is quite nice not having to pay to do laundry for a change. 😊 I read my book for a while in the front room again and was pleased that they were a few chapters that kept my interest.

It was a pretty gray day for the most part until mid afternoon

Outside, there was quite the bustle. Wes, their son Edward, his girlfriend, Michelle and Susan were visible out the window from my vantage point. It looked like the seasonal ‘rv covering’ event was taking place. Bill had asked Wes yesterday if he was ready to do it, offering to help but it was still too wet to get up there. Young Eddie was up on the roof of their motor home covering sharp edges of the a/c units etc. first before the major cover went on.

Sweet Pea (fitting name for this cutie) is Daddy's girl
but Daddy was too busy to pay her much attention

When Bill came down, he went out to lend a hand. That’s when I noticed that Michelle had their cock-a-chon puppy outside too. (Cocker spaniel crossed with Bichon frise). We hear her bark on the other side of our bedroom and closet wall. Good thing she’s cute as the incessant barking when they go away is annoying. Sweet Pea is quite adorable and was open to receiving hugs and kisses from Bill and I. Our doggie fix.

Eddie still took the time to pet her when she got too close

I stayed outside with them for maybe 30 minutes and it was quite nice on the porch in the sun but when the sun disappeared behind the clouds, my feet and arms got chilly. Time to come in. Bill came in with me and things were done for the day within minutes anyway. We were upstairs for about half hour and at 5:15, I went down to start supper. Fish and chips tonight, Bill didn’t have lunch when I did so he was hungry for it a bit earlier than our normal. 

We sat and chatted with our hosts while we ate, they had just finished. We enjoy their company and their stories are fun to listen to. They have done a lot of different things, businesses, hobbies, car stuff and vacationing so it’s interesting to hear new tales. Our supper was good and after dishes I came upstairs to write on my blog and Bill joined me after making his lunch. Yup, back to work tomorrow! For both of us.

When the sun disappeared, it was time to go inside

This was a good day. Wes asked if we played cards and tried talking (and then bribing for fun) Bill into playing Crazy 8’s for a couple of hours but it didn’t work. 😊 Later, we went downstairs to watch Why Women Kill at 9 and then to bed by 10. Each day brings more satisfaction with what I accomplish and with that comes more peace with it all. I miss Mom many times throughout my day and many of those are when I am alone. I know she is at peace and hopefully, if what I believe is true, pain free with a full memory again. I pray for that each day.

The other day, I mentioned a little water fall coming
from an open field
I wasn't kidding

On that note, Good night!

Thank you for stopping around today! Your comments are always appreciated.


  1. What a lovely walk by the river. I am always amazed by the differing fungi that I see on my hikes as well. So many different colours and shapes.

    Wow, that old house is gorgeous and like you I would love to see the inside conversion of that church into a family home.

    God bless.

    1. It is interesting to see the varieties of fungi, this one looked very prominent as if it owned the river! :)

  2. Glad you had a good day exploring, visiting and taking care of business.
    Love the older homes. They had more character then the cookie cutter homes of today.
    Be Safe and Enjoy going back to work.

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks Rick.
      You're right about the older homes, nooks and crannies and definitely character!

  3. That church home ... love it! It's my dream home-quilt store!!!

  4. The photos of the fungi and homes are lovely. Somewhere new to explore!

    It sounds like you have a good handle on everything that needs to be done for your mom's estate.

    Take care, stay well.

    1. Thank you Maebeme. I do enjoy exploring new places. :)
      Funny how we just forge on when things need doing, eh?

  5. Patsy, I think of you often over there in Paisley. Sounds like your life for the next few months is coming together nicely. I like the photos of the big old homes. There is some interesting architecture there. Port Elgin is a nice little town to visit as well. I do hope things go well for you and Bill this winter!

    1. Thank you F.G. for thinking of us over here. It is different and will be for a while. We've made a new friendship here and that will make the challenges easier:)
      Port Elgin seems like a nice place and Walkerton too.