Monday, October 26, 2020

Back at the Jobs, A Lot of Writing, Memory Pictures Today

Paisley, On

Bill’s alarm went off on Monday, Oct. 26th at 5:30 am. This was different as his work runs are going to be different. It might be a test run, but it might be something more permanent. His co-worker, Billy, leaves not too far away from here. The place where we originally thought we’d store the Suite. Since we are so close, they planned to ride together to their respective job sites, each day.

At Mom's 90th party, you can see the
devil in those brown eyes
Yes, she has a knife in her hands!
Thank God for memories, eh?💓

Today, was the beginning of that plan. For some reason, when Bill went downstairs at 6, I felt wide awake and went down within a few minutes after him. I made my tea and when he left at 6:30 to drive to Billy’s place, I came upstairs to read blogs. I had an hour of free time before I had to get ready to leave. Wes left the house at 7:30 and I followed 20 minutes later. The sky was cloud-filled and it was only 4C/38F when I pulled out.

It was a good drive with no delays so I arrived in Durham at 8:30. I stopped at the Mat to use the washroom and did a walk through, checking out the floor, picking up dryer sheets. I could tell that Jamie had been in yesterday and knew that I wouldn’t need to wash the floors when I returned at noon. I drove the 10 minutes to Graceland 2 and worked on Tommy for 3 hours. Before I left, I wrote 4 hours on his calendar. 😊

An older picture of Mom with my young'uns
This was before she moved to Rockwood

The Mat was cleaned by 1:15 and I drove around to drop one more box of paint at Rob and Pat’s for storage in their basement. We sure appreciate that they let us store a few things there for the winter. I drove home and it remained dry until after I’d had a late lunch. Just a wrap of cold meat, cheese, mayo and cucumbers was all I needed. I’d taken a coffee in my new thermos so that helped to fill me up.

Then I set to work on home stuff. I called Veteran’s Affairs (easy peasy), Canada Revenue Agency (what a rigmarole that one is!) and Canada Life (easy but drawn out). Then when I was ready, I walked down the short block to the post office and mailed information to follow up on the calls. Across the street is a Service Ontario office but I’d missed their business hours today. I’m off tomorrow so will go then.

Wes and Susan were puttering away downstairs so I came up to our room and did some more paperwork. I need to keep notes on what all I’m doing so I don’t get messed up, plus I want to be able to inform the family what’s going on if they ask. I was feeling warn out by 5 and Bill wasn’t home yet so crawled up on the bed and read a bit of the next book. I gave up on Little Red Chairs, I don’t recommend it, and started Secret Daughter by Shilpi Somaya Gowda. Hopefully, it will be a better read. I'll let you know!

To fill in, a picture of our special little guy

I turned the lamp off soon after I’d read a few chapters and know I dropped off before Bill came in at 5:30. He thinks the driving scenario will work out and save us some $ on fuel for Black Beauty. That is always appreciated. Today, I got the call from I.D.A. Pharmacy that our flu shots are in and we needed to make appointments.

I had a feeling today would be the day since our names are on a list. Unfortunately, I won’t be back in Durham with time to get it until Friday. Wednesday is already set up to be a busy day. We haven’t had a flu shot for over 10 years, not believing they’re necessary for us, but this year we promised Marilynne that we would get one. She said that is all she wants for Christmas, from her daughter and step-children. I think Bill and I are the only rebels. Oh well, our appointments are made now. LOL

Supper tonight seems to be the only thing worth taking a picture
of today! haha
Well, it was delicious
These sausages are so good.

Before 6 I went down and started supper. Farmer’s sausage in Madame IP, refried home fries from Friday night, the last bit of coleslaw and some veggies and rye toast, also fried to reheat. It was good! We had a lot of dishes though and when they were done, we retreated back upstairs. I felt exhausted and I’m so grateful for the work hours I’ve chosen, getting every other day off. I worked on my post and Bill sat beside me doodling on his laptop.

It would be an early night for me, and likely for Bill too. The Voice is on at 8 but neither of us feel like sitting in the kitchen chairs for 2 hours to watch it tonight. We’ll maybe catch it next week. More stuff got done today and we each got a scheduled work day under our belts again. Time is flying by so I’m trying not to rush the week through. Just less than a week left to this month.

And just because, I wanted to fill in with pictures from the past
Good night!

Thank you for dropping in!



  1. What a busy and productive day you had,no wonder you were tired afterwards. Sleeping in later Tuesday I hope.Great pictures tonight. -Mary

  2. Hello, doing some catching up. Always enjoy seeing pictures of you mom, such a pretty lady. Clemson was a little fur cutie. From the pictures of your walks I would say you have landed in a very pretty area. I agree it would be fun to look inside the church turned home. That is quite the house you and Bill are living in this winter. Sounds like you are enjoying working at Graceland 2 and certainly learning a new skill. Take care.

    1. Nice to hear from you, Deb.
      I know all about catching up, seems I'm behind on everyone right now!

  3. A definite change of pace that gives you time to take care of all the bureaucracy. Not Fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. It's difficult to change your lifestyle so much so fast. Hang in there, it will get better. You know I love those pictures of Clemson!!

  5. Love the pics of Clemson and your beautiful mom! This is definitely a different year and I so want it over...all over! You have a lot to adjust to in such a short time. Hugs

  6. Lovely photos of your mom and Clemson. Your stamina is admirable! Take care, stay well.

  7. Beautiful mama and cutie pie Clemson. I enjoyed the pictures. It's good of you to get flu shots to ease Marilynne's mind and make her happy.

  8. You have some lovely memory pictures of your Mom.

    Busy day, up early, no wonder why you had a nap.

    God bless.