Thursday, October 8, 2020

Adjusting My Hours on a Cool Day, Calming Visit with Momma 😊

The Ridge

On Thursday, Oct. 8th our routine didn’t change much. We get up, Bill showers or washes and goes about getting his breakfast. I wash, make my tea and kiss him goodbye. I was out the door, in the dark!, at 6:45 to clean the Mat. We have a time change coming up so that will make it lighter in the morning, earlier, and darker in the evening, earlier. LOL I get all mixed up when the clocks go back and forward for Daylight Savings Time. That happens around Hallowe’en so not for a while.

Thursday morning's sky

Interesting the way the heat shows up on the trailer
walls in the morning light

Only one customer at the laundromat this morning. An older gent, a Newfie, he’s very proud to admit. He told me a few stale jokes but I laughed anyway. He offered to help me if I needed it. A nice little man. I finished up there and since I had no call from Mitch, drove home. That’s a first! Ha ha. I almost got to our corner of Baptist Church Road and he called. His record is intact. LOL When I told him where I was, he laughed and said he’d see me at 9.

There were many sky changes today again
This has been a crazy fall already

the beautiful view as I turned onto Baptist Church Road

If I was a painter, this view would be the one to paint

Back home, I rested for 30 minutes and drove over to start work at 8:45. I explained my early arrival. I was going to go visit Mom today so wanted to leave before 12, get home to wash, change and eat first. I know Mom won’t see me but I dressed up a bit anyway, in a nice top and pants. She was sleeping and when I sat on the floor beside her, she stirred awake. Her non-stop chatter was a little different today. More agitated so I was sad I couldn’t understand her. She really had stuff on her mind.

The monster is partially painted

Anything behind the cab will not be touched with paint

Around 1:30, because of her uneasiness, I asked the nurse on duty if she was due for a pain shot and she was. With that taken care of, Mom still couldn’t settle and I realized she was needing to use the facilities. Two nurses came and helped her as I stayed outside her room. When they left, I stepped in and Mom was almost sound asleep again. I didn’t disturb her, instead pulling my book out of my purse and read until shortly after 2. 😊 I’d rather her be comfortable and asleep. All of us would.

A cute Hallowe'en display 

I received a few smiles today but not too many. She made me laugh right out loud when I rubbed her head and soft hair. I asked if she liked that and she grinned and said “Don’t ask me! I don’t know!” It came out so comical that I had to laugh. I talked a bit but it was more difficult since she chattered for the whole half hour, some understandable but most not. I told her I loved her and kissed her forehead before I left.

Another sister from further away is coming later today to stay for a while with Gayle so she will be able to get in to see Mom a few times as well. On my way home, the rains came and I was grateful for being inside the car. I had to wait about 3 minutes before getting out though or I’d have melted, I’m sure. Hah! I had made a list of things to do today so came inside to start on those.

Remember I told you yesterday about the coloured trees only
being in one section?

Here you can see the abrupt change to green evergreens

Making a strawberry cheesecake was one of the items. Just because. Getting in touch with Susan and Wes, our winter hosts, was another thing taken care of. I’d picked up a large pack of pork ribs on Tuesday and they needed to be separated. With those things done, the cheesecake looking mighty fine in the refrigerator, I cleaned up the dishes and went for a walk down the lane. The temperature was 12C/54F with some sun, rain, clouds and more wind. Not a bad day.

And then the rain came

Bill got home around 4:30 and we caught up on our days. Now I was ready to sit for a bit before supper. I made a cup of tea and sat with my book beside my sweetie. I reheated lasagna and meatloaf and cooked some corn for our vegetables. With a few green olives on my plate, the meal was tasty and very filling. I didn’t need dessert tonight.

Some patches of blue again

Unfortunately, our fireplace went on the fritz again this afternoon. It wouldn’t shut off. So, whether what Todd didto it at CanAm was an actual fix (temporary as it was) or if it was just from sitting, unplugged, for so long that did the trick. Either way, it isn’t working right again. We can’t turn it down or off without the heat still pouring out. Maybe they need to replace it, under warranty, when it is in over the winter too. Darn! We had to unplug it.

I doubt you can see the geese here but there
were gathered again in the pond

After dishes, Bill got our Veito infrared heater out from behind our chairs. May as well use something that we can control for our last week and a half here. We’d decided during that heat spell a couple of weeks ago that we’d put the Blue Flame heater away. Well, since we came back from CanAm actually, it has been stored. 

The wind has died down and I think we’re expecting a very cold night again before our next heat spell. Crazy Ontario weather.

Another night of leftovers, but it has been great!
Good night!

This was a great day. A good work experience at both jobs and then another opportunity to spend time with Mom. I hope you’ve had a good one as well.

Thank you for your visit.


  1. Nice that you are spending these precious moments with your mom.
    The big truck is looking good.
    Even though you can regulate the temperature you can simply turn the Fireplace on and off using the Breaker.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the nicer weather.

    It's about time.

  2. What beautiful trees. Thank you. Lots of changes everywhere in your life. Sounds like you're handling them well.

    1. Thank you Judith. Challenges and changes are good for us, no? LOL Makes us stronger for sure!:)

  3. That's to bad about your fireplace, now is when you really want to use it. We have use the one in our bedroom a few mornings to take the chill off but it's still warm enough that we don't need it most days, but that is supposed to change within the next few days :-(

    1. It is disappointing. I love the use of the fireplace in the morning and in the evening watching tv. Well, we won't be needing it soon, will we? :)

  4. Hello Patsy!
    That has tough to deal with your Mother. But I think you are handled it well. Take care, Rawn Stone

    1. Thank you Rawn. It is nice to just sit with Mom when she is peaceful.

  5. It must be very hard to see your mom. You are handling it exceptionally well. She's lucky to have such a nice family.

    1. It is hard to see her like this. It was only last fall that she was talking, although not making a lot of sense, and walking the halls every day.
      Thank you Nancy, I'm glad there are so many of us close.

  6. It was good you were there for your mom. I'm glad to hear other family members are able to spend time with her too.

    Take care, stay well.

    1. Thank you, I'm glad there are 5 of us close enough to visit her.

  7. Love the red on the truck! Your fall colors are amazing! I'm glad you got to see your mom once again and that other family members are coming in. I know it's difficult but nice you were able to figure out what she needed. Hugs to you!

    1. Isn't that red pretty? On a big old work truck! :)
      Thank you, we are all very lucky to get in to see her as often as we want. It is comforting to just sit with her.