Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Not Much New to Write About

The Ridge

On Wednesday, Oct. 14th we were up for work early. When I left the Suite at 10 to 7, I noticed Ptooties had frost on the windshield. I wasn’t expecting that with the temperature reading 4C/42F. It wasn’t too thick, nothing that the washer fluid couldn’t take off after a couple of good doses. But it was still dark as I went down the lane. The darkness slows me down, especially on Baptist Church Road.

As I'm heading out for the laundromat,
this greeted me in the eastern skyAdd caption

I made it to the Mat with no critter sightings and that’s a good thing! The laundromat wasn’t overly dirty today which was a nice change from last time. With it cleaned and the floor damp mopped, I nipped back home. There was only half hour to spare before my next job. There was a bit of anxiety (the good kind) as I walked in the door of the shop. Good morning, Tommy!

For the most of 3 hours, I air sanded the Plymouth. At 11, I took a run into Durham for Mitch and was paid $20 for the use of my vehicle. Bonus! When I was soon ready to leave, an oil furnace was delivered and being installed in the shop. This would sure help heat up the area for the winter. I do like the smell of the wood stove but to be able to switch a knob is a whole new convenience for him.

And the sky remained clear until late afternoon

Back home, I had some lunch and a coffee. I followed through on a couple of emails and at 1:30 headed back into town to see my beautiful Momma. 😊 Cathy was there and we watched Mom go from bad to better (not leaps and bounds) in her breathing. However, none of the movement was visible today during the 3 hours I was there. Donna joined us for the same amount of time and when we left, we met Audrey and Gayle out in the hall, arriving for their visit.

We are all in limbo, as is Mom. She is maybe waiting for her wings because we can’t find any conceivable reason for her to hang on so long. Needless to say, we repeat our words of love and gratefulness over and over. I’m finding it very hard to concentrate back home with the other things that need to be dealt with. Of course, everything happens at once. Murphy’s Law. Bill followed me up the drive after his full day job.

Driving up our laneway

For supper, I reheated the spare ribs and roast beef. I had carrots and Bill had mixed vegetables as our sides and of course, more pie for dessert. The evening isn’t supposed to be as cool as last night, reaching a comfortable 10C/50F overnight but some rain expected for tomorrow. How much, we’ll have to play it by ear. I worked on my blog and since I finished my book earlier, had to find a new one to start.

This was a pretty good day with a lot of the same stuff going on. Mom, is our centre of attention right now with packing for our move next in line. We are getting good at living in limbo. 😊

a leftover meat meal
A little beef, a little pork
and lots of carrots
Good night!

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  1. I can't imagine how hard this must be. Hang in there girlfriend. There's always a reason for why things happen the way they do.

  2. Prayers for your family as you spend this precious time with your mom and your siblings. Hugs!

  3. Beautiful early morning picture. I'm glad you girls are getting the time to spend with your mom, just wish it were under different circumstances. You all are in our prayers.

  4. I would echo Ken and Shirley's comments. Thinking of you and hoping the transitions in your life will be easy.

  5. What a difficult time you're going through! My prayer is that it soon becomes easier for you.Sending you hugs and love, - Mary