Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Hello Fresh! A Cool, Windy Hump Day

The Ridge

When I heard Bill up and about on Wednesday, Oct. 7th I rolled over facing the door but waited until just after 6:30 before getting up myself. When I made the bed, I decided to hunt for some large safety pins to attach the duvet top to the cover. It is my only gripe about a duvet. The top 6” of cover is always lacking the duvet, therefore very thin where I want it poufy under my chin.

I had to stop Ptooties to take these on my way home

Too soon the colours will be gone 
This is just one section along the highway where everything
else is green

First though, I went downstairs to join Bill and have a cup of tea. He was eating his cereal and was in a state of indecision. It was lightly raining and he was waiting to hear about work today since it would be outdoor jobs. He got the word closer to 7:30 and was on his way to Ayton for the day. It wasn’t supposed to be a wash out, with the rain stopping around noonish. If you can believe a weather forecast.

And this is the sky we were facing today, after the morning rains

I finished my tea and caught up on the latest blog posts of my friends. Sorry, I’ve missed some and have no real excuse for that except a bit of busy-ness. I got washed up and left for Graceland 2 before 9. Each day, the big truck gets closer to being ready for painting. To do anything with the cab, it means climbing up on a ladder, onto a tire and standing on things under the hood. Strong things. Mitch gives me a warning each time I climb up. He does the same thing on the opposite side so I remind him as well.😊 

Today, I saw what Brian was doing yesterday
He sided the door that Bill hung a couple of weeks ago
It finishes the back off, matching the rest of his house

I made another run into town and it was an hour of shopping here and there picking things up for him. It is easy enough but it is tiring. When I got back, it was 11:40 and we washed, taped and papered the windshield and I covered the mud flaps before leaving at noon. Back home, I had some salad and my smoothie. I heard that Donna was going for a visit to see Mom at 2 so hope it is a good one.

And Hitchcock's movie came to life this afternoon
Bill and I watched the sky around us fill with black birds
They didn't sit long in our dead tree 
so maybe the wind was encouraging their hurried flight

Bill surprised me by coming home at 3. They’d managed to finish their work at Ayton. Turns out they didn’t get the thunder and rain that we got here between 10 and 11:00. It was quite heavy for a while before I went shopping. 

This picture is to show you the strong winds
Our trees usually stand straight and tall

And looking back up the lane

I told Bill about the boxes I’ve gathered at Mitch’s and Foodland and that they are in the Bunky. When he told me the mail flag was up, I walked out in the strong wind to retrieve the piece of junk mail. LOL At least the walk was nice but it sure made a mess of my hair! 😊

Not a day for a fancy hairdo!

At 6, Madame IP warmed up the roast beef, potatoes and carrots from Sunday night. I reheated the gravy on the stove and we had a nice supper. I probably didn’t need it but had a scoop of ice cream because I wanted to. No more bananas so it wasn’t quite as nice. We have one more night of leftovers and then I’ve got some new meals to prepare.

The beef dinner heated up perfectly the second night
using Steam for 15 minutes in the IP

Today, a box from Hello Fresh arrived at our door step. Monica, from CanAm, had a ‘free’ week of meals sent to us from her subscription. I’d seen commercials for it but we’ve never had need for a meal plan, especially  with all the groceries we buy. 

The box was wet but FedEx had tucked it under the Suite
or it would have been worse

However, when she offered, I thought it was a nice gesture on her part so was willing to give it a try. As soon as the box arrived, I cancelled any future deliveries and my subscription.

This is very interesting, let's hope I don't screw them up!

The box came with 3 meals that I chose from a long list of options. All of the ingredients and recipe cards are included. They aren’t keto meals and some call for oven baking but I’m going to work with them and hopefully we will enjoy the gift. Bill went to the Hangar at 7 so I turned on my 2 game shows to watch for an hour before opening my book. This was a good day.

We've experienced this kind of sky far too often this week!
It wasn't really cold, 14C/56F, but the winds made it feel much cooler

Good night everyone!

Thank you for stopping in. Your comments are very welcome!


  1. I fixed all of our duvets so they don't slip. Sew ties to the seam inside the "bag" and again on the duvet itself. Just tie them in, or untie when it's time to wash. I only put the ties on the top edge of one of them, but the first one I put ties on each corner and in the middle of each side. Didn't really need that many!

    1. I'm surprised that duvet covers don't come with ties if everyone does that! :) Maybe I'll do that in the spring. I won't be taking our bedding so won't have it with me this winter. Thank you for the tip, I've heard others do that too. :)

  2. I agree with the ties, they work wonderfully.

    Never tried Hello Fresh, but I notice more and more people are doing so. Perhaps if we end up under lockdown again I will give it a try.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks.
      Hello Fresh teaches you to get more creative with meals but it is pricey (for us). At least if you consider that you can eat out for about the same price and don't have to prepare it, cook it and clean up. :)

  3. It will be interesting to hearing how your pre made meals work out.

    1. It will be interesting to see if I can make them taste good! haha

  4. I love the pre made meals. I've tried just about every one. I'm hoping to set up Hello Fresh for November and December. I'll be interested to see how you like it. I thought they were quite tasty and easy to make.

    1. The instructions look easy. The hardest part will be that I don't have the oven and will need to use convection. I think! :)

  5. Never had the pre made meals and probably won't just because we like cooking and we know what we put in our food. Looking forward to how you like them though. It was very sweet of Monica for sure! Yes it was a windy day..cute selfie. :) I love the way the back of Mitch's place turned out!

    1. Should be interesting although quite different from our usual meals.
      Mitch's house is the perfect definition of interesting! haha

  6. I'll be interested in hearing what you think about the Hello Fresh meals. I have a pretty regular repertoire of meals, and changing it up occasionally would be nice. I just can't imagine paying for the groceries to get the recipe...if that makes sense. Have fun with it!

    The stand of trees are so pretty! I can understand stopping on the highway to take a photo.

    Take care and stay well!

    1. Fingers crossed I don't botch up the meals after all this! :)
      I can't get enough of the fall colours this year. Prettiest I've seen (or noticed) in a while.