Monday, October 12, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving Sunday! Lots to Be Thankful For

The Ridge

It was a beautiful morning on Sunday, Oct. 11th here in Canada. The sun made an appearance on schedule and even though Bill said things looked a little icy, we didn’t really have much frost. It was 2C/36F at 8 am. I sat with my tea and read blogs, catching up on how our friends who write are doing. I sent a message to siblings to see if and when they might be going to see Mom. No point in us overlapping visits since only 2 are allowed in her room at a time.

Coming home from town, this patch of colour still catches my eye

Donna answered pretty soon after and so we agreed to meet at Rockwood at 10. It isn’t that we ‘need’ to have someone else there with us but it makes the two hours pass easier. Plus, there seems to be lots to talk about right now. There really was no change in Mom but we were present when Chaplain Dianne came in to chat and then offered a prayer for Mom. 😊 I thought that was very nice. She has had many conversations with Mom during her stay.

It was before noon when Donna and said goodbye and headed home. Our original plans for dinner had changed for personal reasons so with the two small hams I’d purchased for today, Donna and Gerry invited us to their place for a small get together. I had some cauliflower to cook up so put a casserole together and added a strawberry rhubarb pie (I couldn’t make it for the $4 it sold for!) to the cooler.

And then on Baptist Church Road, the view that I love

Bill didn’t think he would cut grass any more this fall but he had to start the mower to move things around in the shed. Since it was running, he carried on and cut some of the key areas while I was in Durham. He had his shower while I heated the hams and prepped the casserole. It is wonderful that we have such a sunny day and a shame not to be with some family members today.

Seems fitting that Mom has ‘brought’ us together on the special weekend. Because of her, we have so much to be grateful for. The rest of the day is a bit of a blur but we enjoyed a lovely meal in Hanover, just 6 of us. Six of us who have been in the safe healthy presence of each other for weeks. We stayed around in their sitting area until around 8 when we bid adieus to our hosts and drove home. I had a little more to drink than normal so really hoped this wasn’t the night to get a call from Rockwood.

Our combined supper was wonderful!
Donna made a packet Curried Bean Sweet Potato Soup (yummy!)
carrots, roast potatoes and roast beef with gravy
I took original and brown sugared ham, cheesy cauliflower casserole
and the pie
Donna had bought the same rhubarb strawberry pie so we didn't need mine
With that, I consumed some of the Australian wine that I took

A wonderful day all around and we’re very thankful for the blessings we have and are experiencing even though some of it is sad.

Thank you for stopping by! Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends and family!


  1. What a grateful attitude you have,Patsy, every day, it's so refreshing I am the same way and become weary of folks that complain more often than find the good in this world.

    Appreciating your mother is precious, mine has lived in heaven for several years now, and I am so grateful for her ongoing wonderful influence in my life .
    As prepared and ready as you are for her passing it is still heartbreakingly sad, thank God you have Bill.

  2. What a beautiful time of the year to spend time with family. You will draw strength from one another. And the food looked delicious.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! A shared meal is always a treat, glad you were able to get together.

    Thinking of you in this week ahead. Take care and stay well.

  4. So glad that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a nice visit with your Mom.

    God bless.