Saturday, October 3, 2020

A Nice Friday with Hard Work and A Lovely Dinner

The Ridge

On Friday, Oct. 2nd it was a busy enough day for both of us. We were up and out the door by 7. Me to clean in town and Bill to work in Mildmay. Mitch called when I was at the Mat and asked if I could possibly come to work for 8:30 rather than 9. His (our)customer for the finished pick up truck was coming at 9 with his wife and Brian as well. It would take 5 of us to replace the topper on the truck, to place it on the double-sided tape around the box. Mitch asked if I could wipe all those areas down and make sure the windows on the back of the truck and the front of the topper were cleaned. 

Brian is inside attaching the 6 clamps
and the customer and his wife were happy campers. :)

With me sitting inside the box to stabilize and helpe position the topper and the 4 of them lifting a corner, we managed to get it all assembled by 9:15. I took a quick picture and then retreated inside to the warmth of the wood-heated shop. Up on the ladder, I resumed power sanding the roof of this monster truck. It is awkward to reach so I had to be careful as I perched myself up on my butt, knees and feet to reach. Talk about using my muscles!

The back doors each have windows now
The second chip board door could not be reused

Before I left at 11:30, the roof was done, looking much like a leopard and most of both doors. My upper arms were tired and so was my body from up and down the ladders. 😊 Not as young as I used to be but I was cautious and did a good job. Before I left, I took a picture of the second door that Brian had installed on Thursday. It looks good and now the other shop will be able to maintain heat from the wood stove better in there over the winter. Bill was glad that he didn’t have to work on a Saturday to finish it, which he was prepared to do.

This is a popular perch for the big ravens

I waited until he flew off
but almost missed him!

I had some lunch at home, washed up and set out clothes for supper tonight. Bill got home at 3:30 and we left for Kettles, past Chatsworth towards Owen Sound, at 5:30. Donna and Gerry followed us and we got in within 5 minutes. This is a popular family-type restaurant with good food (always) and good prices. They never take reservations but we wanted to get together with them and Gayle and John for our traditional birthday suppers.

The drive to Kettles 

I played with a setting for this one
for a colour change

This was back to natural colouring
the sun popped when I wasn't expecting it

The restaurant was set up well in response to Covid-19 rules, with plexiglass framed dividers around the tables. We actually liked it as it seemed to give you a quieter, more private space. I ordered the lasagna with Caesar salad and garlic toast. Bill had a hot roast beef sandwich with coleslaw and fries. 

The parking lot looked busy so we were surprised that we got a table for 6
so quickly

Yum, everyone’s choices looked and tasted wonderful! When Gerry asked, the waitress brought Bill and I a free dessert for our birthdays. No staff song, thank goodness! We brought them home. A generous slice of coconut cream pie for me and a nice chunk of carrot cake for Bill.

Hot apple cider, a delicious caesar salad

I could only eat half of the lasagna but it was wonderful too!

Bill's full plate of food
The fries look particularly yummy not to mention the roast beef

After leaving the restaurant, we drove back to Gayle and John’s for a drink before heading for home. It was 9 when we walked into the Suite. 'The Natural' was on tv so I watched it for an hour and was falling asleep. 

Happy Birthday to us!
You can see the partitions behind us

The bed was more appealing to me although I love the movie. Bill stayed up until midnight. Darn commercials! This was a good day and now the weekend is upon us. However, cool it may be. Expecting 4C/39F overnight.

Getting ready to pull out of the restaurant lot

The sky picture is a bit blurred
on the drive home

Good night!

Thank you for popping in!


  1. Another beautiful day in your neighborhood and again you got so much done. Dinner looked great. I love both lasagna and roast beef. Cute picture of you and Bill.

  2. You guys have slimmed down since we last saw you and you look great! Eating out is now a new experience but that Kettles place looks like they have it nicely figured out and their food looked good to me. Cheers to both of you celebrating your birthdays with family and a lovely dinner.

    1. Thank you Marlene. The scales are being kind (unless they're cheating us!) but I didn't know that it showed. :)

  3. I like the idea of the plexiglass. I prefer privacy too - glad you were able to get together with family to celebrate.

    Take care and stay well!

    1. Yes, we all agreed that it made it nicer although not as roomy, obviously.
      Thank you.

  4. Mitch is going to miss your working for him, you get a lot done. Good that you and Bill had a birthday celebration, what a nice and good looking couple you are. - Mary

    1. I hope to continue some work with Mitch, at least when the weather is decent.
      Thank you, Mary, you made us blush. :)

  5. Girl, you have more energy that that energizer bunny. Would you care to share?

    The truck looks awesome.

    God bless.

    1. Ha ha, you should see me crash at night! Thank you, the truck shows well for sure.

  6. Full work day, Vivid sky and Family outing it can't get any better.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the weekend.

    It's about time.