Thursday, October 22, 2020

I Don’t Think We’re Wicked, but We’re Not Getting Any Rest!

Lilyfield in Paisley (I finally got caught up with our location!)

On Thursday, Oct. 22nd Bill didn’t have to report to his work. He had decided to take it off anyway but a text first thing indicated that the crew wasn’t working because of the rain. That way, he didn’t feel so bad for skipping off. 😊 I was on the job though this morning so we left the house at 7:50 in Black Beauty and Bill dropped me at Mitch’s before 9.

Yesterday, I mentioned baskets I found for my mis-matched spice containers

I think I did prety good and I even found a window sill in the butler's kitchen
perfect for them!

There were quite a few memorials throughout the town
This was for the man who started the Rotary campground

He carried on and drove to the Ridge. There were a few things that needed to be taken care of so he was busy for the two hours I was in the shop. I ‘puttyed’ and sanded, and then did it all over again. I’d told Mitch I could only work 2 hours today as I had an appointment in Owen Sound with the BMO bank’s financial advisor. I needed to get things in motion regarding Mom’s accounts.

I didn't get pictures today so these are more from yesterday's fun saunter
around town
The words say
"Paisley, where friends and rivers meet"
Two rivers (Teeswater and Saugeen meet here)

So, when Bill picked me up at 11, he had drained the Suite of all water, dumped tanks and picked up the DEF from the Hangar for storage here at the house. We stepped inside long enough to change into clean clothes and then pulled slides in and closer her up. 😢😢  

Of course, a picture of the laundromat, all decked out for Hallowe'en
Hey Jamie! We're slipping back in Durham!

We cleaned the Mat for an hour before leaving Durham at 1:30. It meant another stop for a fast food lunch at 1 but I’m not feeling too bad about it these days. Yes, another Cheddar Bacon Uncle Burger each. Things will settle down and we’ll get back on track eventually.

The bank appointment took an hour but part of meeting up with Shannon is personal catch up time. We really like her and share our individual updates with each other. I’ll miss our chats when we no longer need to deal with the Bank of Montreal. Bill is so patient while I do what I need to do. 

this spooky run down old building is ready for Hallowe'en too
The sign on the fence says Home Sweet Home
This is a main street structure

And here it is from across the street

We left Owen Sound at 3 and headed home. There is a site along #6 highway called 6 & 6 where online auction pieces are assembled. Bill was interested in looking at a couple of things so we stopped for a quick walk through.

There are two bridges in town, one is being restructured

The library, you know I'll make an appearance in there

Beside the library is the only remaining building of the original business section
1 1/2 story framed shop
Fitting that now it is an Antique Shoppe

Some history of the sole survivor of the framed building

There was nothing that we needed so forged on home. It was a mildish but damp day and by the time we got home around 5, we were worn out. I did some more research online with my Executor’s cap on and then we went down to start supper. Wes and Susan went out for some errands and we were alone for a couple of hours or so. Leftover meatloaf, squash and mixed veggies was supper and it was cleaned up by 6:30.

This is the Museum but sadly it is closed due to Covid-19
Hopefully, it will open during the winter

The night was getting late and sitting at my laptop looking things up, at 8 o’clock I remembered that I was going to have my shower. A busy day and another early start tomorrow will prevent me from doing so. I’d accomplished a few things on the laptop, jotting down phone numbers and filling out forms to send off with death certificates so that was good. It has been a fulfilling day for sure.

I didn't even know these big boys were real until one stood up
The reflections were everywhere so this is the best I could do
They were quite content just watching
And on that note: Good night!

Thank you for stopping in!


  1. Aw,I understand it being kinda hard to leave your suite for the colder months. I'm grateful that you have a nice warm place to stay now though! What a busy couple you two were today! Nice that a lot of those tasks won't need to be repeated.
    - Mary

    1. Thankyou Mary.
      We're very blessed for sure.
      Yes, a lot of one time things to do.

  2. Thanks for sharing more pictures of Paisley. I so enjoy driving through or staying in small towns that really have a heart, with history and beauty. When your RV is your full time home it must be hard to leave it. I pray things calm after the winter and we get to a point where we can cross the borders of our countries again.

  3. Love the spice holders! I'm sure it was hard to leave for the last time for the next 6 months or so. Love your new little town! Nice to be able to get your mom's things done so quickly. I know it's hard on the heart from experience. Hugs!

    1. Thankyou Shirley. True, we're not doing anything that many of our friends haven't done so we know we'll get through it all. The support is awesome.

  4. It certainly seems that you've found a good place to spend the winter. It isn't your preference I'm sure but I know you're making the best of it.

    Good luck with the executor duties. I recall taking care of things for my parents, there was certainly a lot of paperwork and phone calls needed.

    Take care, stay well!

    1. We have found a good place and true, not our first choice, but still fantastic!
      The executor duties do involve a lot of calls and paperwork but we'll get through it. :)

  5. It's always sad when you need to Winterize your RV.
    Nice that Bill was given the day off so he could accomplish it.
    Nice things are things are going smoothly dealing with your Mom's estate.
    Also nice that you were able to do a little more exploring Paisley.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. It was indeed sad to send the Suite away but now we don't have to worry about it. CanAm will do the winterization for us, Bill just got it all empty and prepped.
      Settling a parent's estate is a once in a lifetime thing, at least for me and it is going pretty smooth.
      Thank you Rick.

  6. Well, you couldn't come to the Southwest but what a beautiful town you found in exchange. I like the basket for your spices. I'm going to try to find one like yours. Take care.....

    1. First choice, definitely southwest to walk in BUT this is a nice third choice. Don't forget my Ridge walks. :)

  7. The baskets are just great and fulfill the purpose wonderfully.

    I love our financial advisor at the CIBC, we always have a lovely conversation and fill each other in on what is happening. What should be a 30 minute or less meeting usually stretches to at least an hour.

    God bless.

    1. Funny about the baskets. I didn't even really have to look at the flea market. They were the first thing I saw on top of the clothes racks. :)
      Shannon is the same at BMO, a sweet young gal who we've come to know.