Monday, October 5, 2020

Monday Madness, Power Outage, Car Detailing, Packing Things Up

The Ridge

On Monday, Oct. 5th Bill was up and out the door at 7 am for work. Their crew is bouncing around a bit right now to a few job sites, depending on which one is ready and which supplies are ready. This Covid has messed everything up and if materials aren’t available, they move on to another job. I got up before 7 so I could sit for a bit with him before I had to get ready for my job.

there was a low lying fog looking across the pond to the road

As I relaxed in my chair this morning, it was shaping up to be a niceday

Good morning, Sunshine!

Pretty, huh?

I was comfortable in my fuzzy sleep pants with my book and my tea. I wasn’t walking today even though it was a temperate 6C/43F and with no wind, not too bad outside at all. Mitch asked if I would go to town at 9 and pick up a couple of things at Foodland for him and a prescription at I.D.A. While there, I checked out the grocery store’s box pile and found a couple that will work for transporting canned goods etc. I’ll keep an eye on them this week.

While at the drug store, I took a picture of the recently painted wall
of the building
The blue sign on the right behind the telephone pole has
the names of The Mural Makers
Young people and an adult was who I saw painting it the other day

Back at Graceland 2 for 9:30, I started doing some hand sanding around the headlights and at 10, the power went out. LOL Luckily, I had a window on that side of the shop so I could keep working away but after half hour, I did some washing (detailing) on Mitch’s Acadia. It was warm working outside in the sun by then so I did that for 30 minutes and left it smelling nice and looking much cleaner. The leather seats in the front and arm rests were pretty grimy. The power wasn't expected to be turned back on (we don't know what the problem was) for a couple of hours.

A few boxes to fill

I wanted to ask Bill where he thought the garden 'toys' should go
The rubbermaid tubs that I usually use will be used for our packing this year

Inside, I did some more sanding and then we covered the red parts of the truck with paper and plastic, preparing for the first painting. Blissfully the power came back on at 11:30 and we could see again to do that. The cab is the only thing we’re painting on this monster truck so that is a good thing. Unfortunately, it is two tone so that does cause some delay and re-papering/taping/painting. We had a good morning working together and before I left, we discussed the winter hours I’d chosen to work.

Tomorrow, I hope to remove the batteries and get these put away
I was running out of steam

I’ve told both Jamie and Mitch that I will schedule Monday, Wednesday and Friday for work each week. If weather or lack of work gets in the way of that, there will be no flexibility. Tuesday and Thursday and weekends I will not be available. They are both fine with that. I'll do the auto body first and then the Mat on the way home at noon. With that settled, now I can focus on packing and deciding what clothes to take as well as any additional cooking dishes/utensils.

The garden needs to be worked up before we leave

When I came home at noon, I had some lunch. Remember I said I had old bananas to use up? There were 4 so I added them to the premade creamy Jell-o that has been in the fridge for a while. We didn’t eat it quick enough, obviously. It becomes watery after a while so I blended the bananas in it with some heavy cream and my oh my, it is a delicious, healthy keto smoothie! Sadly, Bill won’t like them as he’s not keen on that strong banana taste.

I was pleased to see some pond visitors today

Then I went outside. I knew I needed to shower today but figured I may as well get some outside work done first. I gathered the remaining garden ‘ornaments’ and bird feeders as well as the solar lights. I walked down the lane removing the metal signs that we put out for turtles to cross safely and checked the mail box. There was a parcel in the box for a different address. Funny, the last name was Richardson. I’d say she wasn’t paying attention when she dropped this one.

It's a pretty day for sure

I pulled the dead stalks for the tiger lily flowers while down there and when I came inside, called the post office to inform them of the parcel. On her instruction, I walked it back down for tomorrow’s pick up. The correct destination is down North Line but it wasn’t up to me to drive it down, searching fire numbers to drop it off. We are going to be getting some nice days this week so I’ll get up and turn the rocky soil in my garden now that it is empty. Maybe I'll get some reading done.

This is the kind of fall day we love

So, it is now 5:45 and I didn’t make it to the chair for more than 10 minutes. I’d brought some boxes home so I decided to fill them. Top shelf, middle shelf and the baked goods cupboard all got a going through. So, everything in the canned goods genre is going and most everything that is boxed. I’ve decided to take my spices rather than use Susans and baking ingredients too. I’ll feel more freedom baking when I’m not using her stuff.

My favourite picture of the day
See the cows across the road?

I felt better after getting 3 boxes full. We can take those, empty them and reuse them. My sister, Donna, called earlier but that is a subject to broach at a later date. Bill called too, telling me that he was on his way home but was going by way of the Acreage to get a bladder full of water. The weather was nice and it was the right time. It will save him having to go back later when it is cooler and dark. 😊 He was using his thinking cap today!

It's a start!

Out the window, Bill pulls up to transfer water

I guess I’m making up for my shorter posts earlier but hopefully some pictures will keep you interested. For supper, I warmed up the 2 chicken thighs, made a garden salad and a box of dressing that I found in the back of the cupboard. I was pretty sure there was one there but couldn’t find it the other day when I was looking. The cupboards are so deep that it makes it hard to see what is at the very back unless you stand on a chair or a step stool. 

Oh, I forgot to tell you that I finished my copper art work
Fly, the colours pop!
It will be hung on the tv wall but not until spring

Supper was good!

Bill didn’t pull in until 6 and started transferring the water. When that was finished, I heated the thighs and we were eating soon after. Supper was good and dishes didn’t take long. The evening was quiet with some tv and some computer work. This was a good day and I feel that I got a good start on packing indoors and cleaning up outside.

It was a really nice day today
Good night!
Thank you for stopping in!


  1. With your job plans settled and packing to move begun you should be proud of the progress you are making. I hope all goes smoothly for you to settle into your winter home and routine, both you and Bill have earned a relaxing season.- Mary

    1. Thank you Mary. It is really coming up quickly, the move and the winter! EEk! :)

  2. Your copper turtle etching turned out great! The orange background did the trick.

  3. You have been a busy girl!! Love your copper work. I did one years ago of a group of running horses. I've no idea where it went!! Hope your move goes well.

  4. Nice looking copper artwork. Next year do an even bigger one! Packing things up to take off the RV and on again is what I have to do every time we travel somewhere. The difference is, I cannot go back home to get what I forgot ;-) Hope you will like your winter accommodation and settle into a routine quickly.

  5. Love your art work! Your dinner looks amazing! Busy busy! Between work and getting ready to move wow! Love the mural on the buildings!

  6. Getting your working hours for the winter figured out is a good thing.
    Nice job on the Copper Artwork.
    The days are just getting too short for our liking. Good thing Bill allowed for that by getting the water before going home.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. Busy time, getting prepped to move while working too. I was thinking of you today as I went walking, as I know you like to get outdoors. This winter will be a bit harder but you know you'll be out a few times a week. I've decided to buy a pair of Yaktrak ice cleats. Hopefully I'll be able to continue to walk, at least when it's not ridiculously cold - I'm so afraid of falling on the ice.

    Take care and stay well!

  8. You are moving right along and will be packed in no time.

    The Copper Artwork is beautiful.

    God bless.