Saturday, October 10, 2020

Quite a Day!

The Ridge

Saturday, Oct. 10th we were up before 7 and a few minutes after I was at the Mat in town. Get that job done and over with and then back home, we loaded the back seat of Black Beauty. Bill had already loaded our Bunky desk into the box, among other things. He had a bite to eat before we left around 9 for Paisley. It felt good to get a start on moving things from the Suite into the Leybourne household. 😊

Good morning!

Pink sky in the morning, sailors take warning
Hmmm, we had a pretty good day

Mostly kitchen stuff, plus a box of bathroom items were unloaded into empty cupboards. Bill put the MT boxes put back into the truck. We didn’t stick around but cleared up a few more things and made plans to return on Monday with another load. Unfortunately, the fridge they ‘bought for us’ had a problem so won’t be ready until Friday. It is a nice size with a large upper freezer compartment.

Driving through Hanover, of course I had to get a picture
of there water tower

We took a couple of different routes to Paisley, going and returning, as suggested by Wes and Mitch but neither of them will work out for me on the days that I work. In the winter, I will stick to the two main highways for safety sake. Back home, Bill basically dropped me and the boxes off and headed over to the Acreage to help Gerry and Mike winterize their trailers.

It sure is funny driving through towns from my youth

I filled a couple of boxes with my craft stuff and then took advantage of the time alone to go see Mom. Bill would be busy for the afternoon. I met Donna at Rockwood, she had arrived about 5 minutes earlier. We had a good discussion across the bed from each other while Mom slept on soundly. There is no change, and none expected, really. She is peaceful. Our prayer today is that she waits for our oldest sister, Cathy, to come home from the cottage up north.

These partial home structures intrigue me
How they remain standing.

The staff at Rockwood are so sweet to us. We’ve known all along about how well they care for Mom, even through the rougher times, but today they brought in a food cart with a Keurig, coffee, tea, creamer, snacks. All for Mom’s visitors, family. At Donna’s suggestion, we searched the closet for something for Mom to be dressed in, when the time comes, and latched on to her Legion jacket.

Scenes from our drives today

Look at all the leaves that have fallen on the side of the road

Mom was always very proud to wear it and with a white blouse and colourful skirt, she will be lovely. I found some RCAF (Royal Canadian Air Force) pins in her jewellery box to adorn the jacket lapels.
😊 Mom loves the ‘fanfare’ of pins and beads etc. so we knew it would be what she would choose too. We chatted with Amanda about the future days and the protocol. These are all things new to us so it was good to get some feedback from someone who has dealt with it before.

Gerry and Bill  going through the process of winterizing
and 'unpacking' their rv

We stayed for 2 hours and parted ways. I made a stop at the busy Foodland (holiday weekends!) and picked up creamer and milk before heading home. I had a headache and I knew it was from the erratic diet today. Tea and snack bar on the road, coffee and banana at Rockwood, another snack bar on the way to the Acreage and a tea at home after spending some time with Donna while Bill and Gerry worked on things with their Landmark. Bill’s diet today wasn’t much better. Things were just getting in the way.

And because I was due for a cute little thing in my day,
this little guy escaped from this farm house and ran to greet Ptooties
I stopped in the middle of the gravel road and waited for his Momma to come and save him
He had a big barking brother so I didn't get out
His owner came running out very distressed and worried
I told her I would adopt him before I'd ever hurt him :)
He was as cute as they come and she was very grateful

I’ve planned pork ribs for supper even though the Weber Q has been stored away for the winter. Hmmm. That just means no crisping up after they cook in Madame IP. No worries, we’ve done that before and they still tasted great. I finished my tea and wrote some of my blog post. The day has felt a bit out of control with decisions over food etc. and visits and Thanksgiving meals so I sat back in my chair and relaxed until Bill returned home.

Too lazy to get up from my chair
I took this picture of the early evening sky
before sunset

Supper turned out great. After cooking the ribs in the IP for 20 minutes and a release of 25 minutes, they and the 2 yellow potatoes were done perfectly. I cooked the ribs in the convection oven for another 10 minutes after coating them with sweet & sour sauce and then the corn for 3 minutes. There were some ribs left over for another night. That was a lot of meat!

Good supper!

After dishes, we relaxed for the evening. It was a busy day, a little upside down with a variety of things happening spur of the moment and/or taking longer than expected. But it was a warm day with temperatures hovering around 18C/67F for most of the day even without a lot of sunshine. Tonight, will be a whole lot cooler with near freezing temps. It is that time of year when you don’t know what to expect.

Good night everyone!

Before our evening ended, I called Bridgette and Chris for a chit chat and then Marilynne called to get caught up on things. 

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Nice that you have your sister, and the support of more siblings, with you to discuss things about your mom. It's only my sister and I and I so appreciate the two of us being together when we spent four days and nights in the hospital with my dad five years ago ... and I think he would be happy to know the two of us were with him when he passed.

    1. It is wonderful to have siblings. I can't imagine those who don't, going through this alone. That is where spousal support would be appreciated even more than it is now. Bill is a rock to me too. :)

  2. So many changes for you right now. Hang in there!! I would take the puppy, the cheesecake AND the ribs!! Cutest little puppy ever!!

  3. It's a good thing that you and your siblings will be there to support one another. It is always a hard time when you lose one so dear.
    Nice Fall colours on and off the trees.
    Cute little puppy.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Beautiful colors on your drive! Such an awesome time of year! Glad you were able to get some things over to your new "home". I have to agree with the Legion jacket, I think that's just what your mom would want. Brings tears every time I read about your mom. Just know you all are in our thoughts and prayers as you go through this journey ...hugs!

  5. I echo the comments of other posters, it is a time of transition, many of them. All the best as you make your way on this path. Take care and stay well.

  6. Don't be afraid of your mom's passing. It is such a special moment you will never forget. Thinking of you and your family.

  7. Hoping all's well with you Patsy, - Mary