Saturday, October 31, 2020

The Day Got Away From Me! Just a Short ReCap

Paisley, On

On Friday, Oct. 30th, from beginning to end we were on the move. Bill left for work at 6:30, I left for work at 8 and we didn’t seem to stop until our heads hit the pillow. I won’t bore you with the details but I will recap our day so I know what we did and when.

My first picture of the day was of Moka, Joe's dog at
Hometown Tyre
I think he wanted to come for a ride with me

There was still no frost on the windshields so my thoughts of scraping before work was put to rest. Thank you! I left Mitch’s at 12:30 and then subsequently left the laundromat at 1:45 where Bill met me. Yes, he left his work in Mildmay at 1:00. We drove separately to the I.D.A. Pharmacy in Durham for our flu shots at 2 and then he came home to Paisley and I stopped in Walkerton at Hometown Tyre to get the snows on.

Second picture, Buddy, sitting on his Mama's desk
He was watching me from the other room
after showering me with affectionate kisses and licks
My doggie fix has been fulfilled

That all went like clockwork. Joe was sweet enough not to charge us for the nuts that he had to order in. He said that was our solace for not being able to go south PLUS he suggested that for the $50 he spent, Bill should take me out for supper. I’m liking Joe more and more. 😊 Bill was just hopping in the shower when I got home at 3:30.

The real reason I was there
other than dog visiting

The clock was ticking so after his shower, we didn’t have time to have a ‘lay down’ but instead warmed up the lasagna leftovers, ate, did dishes and drove back to the Durham area and dropped the tires off at the Ridge. They will sit nicely in the Bunky until we need them in the spring. 

the drive to the Ridge was a dull one

Until the sky broke up a bit

It looks so lonely and sad up there but at the same time, toooo cold to be hanging around for very long. After leaving there, we drove to Chatsworth to visit Gayle and John for an hour.

I've often showed you this tree in the spring and summer
It is usually adorned with a full vine all the way up the tall trunk

When we left their home, it was dark but we carried on to see my little sister, Wendy in Owen Sound. The plan was to deliver all of the ‘estate’ packages I’d put together by early weekend. We had a short visit and were able to drop off Wendy’s electric keyboard and stand as well. She had loaned them to Mom while in Rockwood Terrace and they were being returned now to the rightful owner.

Arriving at Gayle and John's
I managed a blurred shot

It was around 9 when were driving home. We took some back roads, all paved, into Paisley, following our newly found gps*. *another story for another time, if I remember! I was kapooped but we were also a bit hungry so did the worst thing possible and snacked on some Lay’s chips. LOL I crawled under the covers at 10 and was gone by the time Bill joined me at 10:20. It was a good day though.

and because I was good at the 'blur' 
a spooky picture of Wendy's pretty home
Good night!

Thank you for checking in! Your comments are always appreciated.


  1. We put our snow tires on today. Hope we don't see any of that crap for awhile though.

  2. At least after a bust day you are ready for the White stuff.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Definitely a busy day! Hope you got a bit of rest on Saturday. Take care, stay well!

  4. Windy today, and not many ghosts and goblins visiting at all.

    God bless.