Wednesday, October 21, 2020

A Wonderful Walk, Taking Care of Business

The Ridge

On Wednesday, Oct. 21st I woke up when Bill’s new alarm sound went off. It actually was the same one but a notification reminder went at the same time so it really woke us up! He got up and prepared to get ready. By the time he was ready to go downstairs, I had decided to get up for my ‘day off’. 😊 Aaah, sounds relaxing, doesn’t it?

Paisley Legion

Only one thing was on my plate today and that was to drive the 30 minutes to Hanover to see the lawyer. I knew it would be an ‘in-out’ stop as we’d discussed everything that was necessary over the phone. Well, after saying goodbye to my sweetie, I finished my tea upstairs. Then before 8, I’d gotten myself dressed and out the door for a walk. I wanted to explore this little sleepy town.

There are some very cool buildings

It was a mild morning, to be not a bad day of about 10C/55F. There had been rain overnight but currently, it was just wet. I thoroughly enjoyed this break from the ‘busy-ness’ of the previous hours, days, weeks. I’m convinced that even through a snowy winter (provided it doesn’t get too icy for walking) I am going to enjoy walking along the Saugeen River. Of course, I'll be bundled a whole lot more!

Some day, when it isn't wet and slippery, I'll go down these steps

I was very surprised to see a small Rotary Club campground back behind where we are staying. A few die-hard campers are still living in the rv’s on site. The trees with leaves were pretty and those that had lost their fall dresses left them splayed out across the lawns and parkway. They were very wet or I might have been tempted to run and kick them around as I would in my childhood. Well, maybe not at my age!

Saugeen River is a long winding river

This looks back to the main highway bridge

To finish the walk, I strolled back down the main street, (Queen St.), checking out the stores and opening times as well as the historic buildings and plaques indicating how the town of Paisley began. 

These little falls were self-created from nothing
I should have zoomed out for you to see it comes from a field of grass

Sadly, a few shops didn’t make it through Covid-19 but others are closed for now, not giving up yet. Wednesday it seems a lot of stores are closed but I’ll be popping in and out to see what the locals are selling over the winter since we are so close. I've always enjoyed small town life.

Campsites packed up for the winter

Some of these units had lights on inside
I wonder how long they can stay here

Wes and Susan went out for a couple of hours so I slipped around and took some pictures for you to see our ‘digs’. I told you it is a lovely home. 😊 I finished getting cleaned up and drove to Hanover for my ‘appointment’. 

still in Paisley, I'd love to see inside this old shed/barn

I parked a way down the street since there was traffic behind me as I looked for the address on the main street. It was easier to just park and walk than worry about finding the office while driving. After picking up what I needed I walked across the street to Fashion Boutique a consignment store that Donna has introduced me to.

Very antiquated steet signs

I’ve always had success in this store, off their clearance rack and today was no different. I had a nice chat with Jen, she remembered Donna and I coming in. This is a high-end consignment store and most clothing items are out of my reach but I found 4 beautiful items and walked out after a $65 expenditure! I wished that I’d gone in before the funeral, the little black dress would have been a welcome addition to my wardrobe. Now I'll be prepared for the next time I need one.

Back home where Ptooties is parked
Black Beauty will back in in front of her

Another peek into our winter home
Oh, that's George there to greet you as you walk in the front door

The living room, where we've only sat in for our first two meetings

From there, I visited 3 other shops. The Salvation Army Thrift Store where I found some baskets for our spices and a Keurig pod holder, Dollarama where I found over the door hangers, stick-on clips for keys and belts and lastly Walmart, where I picked up some food items – again. Back home, Susan was alone, Wes had gone to work and Bill had called that at 2 he was also on his way home, done for the day.

Theatre room with 4 chair seating

Upstairs, I managed to get yet another tardy post written after putting the groceries away and organizing all the hangers and clips in our room. More things will now be easily accessible rather than being piled on top of each other. We sat together after Bill had his snooze and since I was too hungry to wait until 6, we went down to start supper at 5:30. A poor man’s supper tonight, Kraft dinner with mini sausages and coleslaw. Works for me!

The double oven and double stove top

Too funny, Wes and Susan were also having mac and cheese. After dishes, and after some blog writing I did some homework on who I need to contact regarding Mom’s passing. There are pensions that need to be notified. Then we congregated to watch Jeopardy. Seems like we’ve set up our own new tradition here at Lilyfield. Well, Bill and I are joining their tradition. 😊

Our butler kitchen

This was a good day and I think other than my cool purchases today, the walk was the best thing. I will do it again on the weekend, if not before.

One more of Mom
I love you Momma!

Good night!

Thank you for your visit! Your comments are always welcome.


  1. Nice you are able to take this time to heal and get things straightened around.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    I's about time.

  2. Good attitude on your new adventure. Enjoy.

  3. It's nice to see more of the house and area you'll be spending time in,such charming sights, I'm happy for you. - Mary

  4. Isn't it nice to have new place to explore during your walk :-)

  5. Such a lovely photo of your mom - that smile!

    You've got a wonderful place to walk. I've decided to buy ice grippers for my shoes for the winter, as I want to be able to continue to walk. They have them on Sport Chek on line and I expect they will have them in the store. However, I know darn well if it's really cold I'll probably stay indoors.

    Your new place is very nice. It's great you have your own kitchen space as well.
    Take care, stay well!

    1. Thank you. I do have some ice grippers too and i actually remembered to pack them!

  6. What an adorable town, can't wait for more pictures. Seems there's always something to take care of after a death, nice it sounds like most things were in place. Take care of yourself. Love the little butler kitchen, certainly makes it nice to have your own space for groceries, etc. The house is lovely!

    1. It really is nice here and i can walk 'downtown' as i did as a kid. 😅

  7. What a beautiful town Paisley is. I love George!, what a welcoming fellow he is! I love the old shed and those beautiful street signs. They are very elegant looking. Is the butler kitchen for your use, or for you and your hosts? The picture of your Mom is beautiful. Thinking of you as you deal with necessary things.

    1. Thankyou Cheri.
      The butler kitchen is just for us. We're are still welcome to use theirs if we choose.

  8. What a cute town and a beautiful area. I loved your mom's picture. I'm glad you showed pictures of the house. I was confused about the cooking arrangements. Now I get it. It takes some of us a little longer than others. LOL

    1. Paisley is a nice size and i will enjoy the small town life this winter.
      No worries. It was confusing spo thought id share more detail. 😉