Friday, October 30, 2020

Making Progress on a Dull, Cold, Damp Day

Paisley, On

Thursday, Oct. 29th after Bill left for work at 6:30, I stayed in bed until 7:30. It was still dark (until Nov. 1st when that will change) so I had my shower and made a tea. Then, I needed to wait until my hair dried before I walked. The house was quiet and I assumed I was alone, already at 8 am. You can’t see the full laneway from any of my views in their home so I couldn’t tell if the van was gone. They have 3 vehicles that they take on any given day. Abe 'Lincoln' was still in the garage.

At the top of a paved street, it ended at this gravel lane

I walked into the front living room and was a bit startled to see Wes sitting in his chair. When I softly said ‘Good morning’, I guess I woke him and then I noticed Susan was sleeping on the sofa. Woops! (oh brother here I go again with that kind of day!) She’d had a rough night so curled up on the couch and Wes was biding his time in the room until he had to leave for work. I apologized for waking him but he said it was no problem, he had to get moving anyway. 

Curious as to what the yellow sign said, I apporached it

There are many places in this house for them to be and with no lights on, I am never sure if they are home or not. We will be diligent of turning lights off when not in use and be considerate of their efficient style of living. I came upstairs and drank my tea and then went out for my walk. By this time, Wes had left for work.

So, the most interesting path (the one down the hill to the right)
was the Private lane and this to the left, is Public
It wasn't too appealing to me today so I turned back to town

I can’t say enough about my walks, I so thoroughly enjoy them in the freshness of the mornings. I did get a wee bit wet on the home stretch when it started to rain but although it dampened my hair, it didn't do the same to my spirits. 😁 Susan has a booklet called Paths of Paisley and I have been seeing many of the older homes featured in the pages. This could turn into a bit of a treasure hunt which can be very exciting! In another post, we'll tour some history together.

I'll share one of the booklet finds with you today
It said to  ‘follow Victoria St. to Church St, which leads west to the top of Woodpecker Hill, the hill where Paisley’s first Presbyterian Church, the Auld Kirk, stood’. 

As I stood there and did a 360° turn,
Can you see it what I was being directed to?

The steeple that is currently the Legion

When I returned, I had notification from Shannon at the bank that all investments had successfully been moved into one account and that gave me the go ahead to do my thing. I set about doing that and put aside Paisley’s history lesson for now. Susan and Wes are going to Port Elgin this afternoon for some shopping and will be picking up Chinese food for their supper on their way home later. Did we want to order and do the same? I spoke on behalf of Bill and printed off a menu, chose a meal and gave them cash for our supper too. Yay!

Hard to see these gals with my and other reflections
but they were moving
One was turning pages, one stirring the stew in the cauldron
and the third pouring in the 'healthy' concoction

I’d thought about going to P.E. myself this afternoon but think I’ll wait until the weekend to pick up the few groceries we need. It’ll give me a chance to explore the town a little better. Today, I have banking and postal stuff to take care of. First, though, lunch. I had some fresh mushrooms, cheese, yogourt and peaches and cream. That hit the spot and then I bundled up against the brisk wind and headed out.

Someone's half house was going down the street

Wes and Susan were on their way as well and as we were leaving, Bill was backing in the lane. So much bustle all at one time! 😊 Because he was home, Bill walked with me to the bank and post office and when we returned our hosts had left. I felt hungry, so my meagre lunch held me for a meagre time. It was only 4 so I had a nibble to tide me over until they returned. Back in the house, I crawled up on the bed to read.

Okay, sorry Jamie but this is my favourite laundromat now

It's small but adorable!

And someone keeps it wonderfully clean which is a bonus
in my book!
Even a small book exchange
(but "Put the toilet seat down!" haha

Because we are not actually in the main part of the house (as I first thought) there is no furnace heat register into this room. What that means for us is that we can control our own heat by a floor heating system. Electric, so that means using it wisely but it also gives us a room as warm or cool as we prefer. Downstairs is feeling cool today so this is the hot spot. Wes needs to clean out the garage wood stove so it isn't going right now. It heats the garage and pool room to a toasty 24C/75F.

I wonder if any of my older sisters know this church?
Did Mom and Daddy ever bring us in to Paisley for services?
I only remember going to Mount Brydges when we lived in that area

I read the flyers rather than my book and Bill worked on banking at his laptop. At 4:45, we heard “your supper’s here!” so went downstairs to enjoy a meal of fried rice, chicken chow mein, spare ribs and wontons. It was very good and we have plenty for another couple of nights. For $30, Bill and I were very pleased with our choice. We sat and shared a bit more about ourselves, all 4 of us. We each took turns telling our own family details and childhood memories before getting up to do dishes. We were headed out the door shortly after 6.

Oh, supper was sooooo good
A nice treat from Tangs in Port Elgin

Tonight, we were driving to Hanover for a visit with Donna and Gerry. It was nice to see them again and we caught up a bit. Before we left, they said they would be coming our way on Sunday to see where we’ll be spending our winter. We were back home by 9 and settled upstairs for the night. I felt exhausted. I guess a long walk and financial stuff does that to a person. It feels good though, to get things taken care of sooner than later. At 9:30, I closed my own laptop and crawled into bed. Delayed posting again.

I picked up a free paper, The Paisley Advocate at the laundromat
Remember the day I said about so many bridges?
This write up made me chuckle.
apparently at one time, there were 11
Currently, there are 8

                                                       GOOD NIGHT!

I hope you’ve had as good a day. Thank you for popping around.


  1. Such pretty and interesting buildings and places to walk, thanks for sharing, I enjoy seeing it all.Congrats for getting so much of the work done about settling the estate.Enjoy the walks as often as you can,they may not be open due to not being shoveled when the snow gets deep sometimes.- Mary

    1. You are very welcome, Mary!
      You are probably right about the walks along the trails. I'll need high boots! :)

  2. Oh, what a pretty community! I love all the historical buildings and a virtual walking tour would be wonderful. Hopefully the colder weather stays away for a while yet.

    Yummm, your dinner looks delicious. I make fried rice and egg rolls (the latter pre-made) every couple of weeks, but getting it from a restaurant would be nice.

    Glad you're able to get things done with your mom's estate. Take care, stay well!

    1. I am enjoying this small town, after living in the country perhaps it is doing my heart good. :)
      thank you Maebeme for your comment. The Chinese food was a nice treat.

  3. Such beautiful buildings. Do you want us to pick up some Chinese food for dinner? Oh yes yes yes. That was nice of them to ask..

  4. The laundromat is soo cute! Chinese food we haven't had since this crap began. Our fave is still not open for dine in..not sure why as others are! That was nice of them to ask and then having dinner together i'm sure was nice! Nice you are able to get so much done with your mom's estate, so many aren't so easy! Beautiful town, am really enjoying the pics! Great you got to visit with Donna and Gerry and that they are coming your way!

    1. I love the little laundromat. :) the Chinese food was a nice treat, reminding us of eating at Lin's in Yuma with friends. Mom's estate has been very smooth to settle, it helped that we had sold her house in 2010 and she had no other property/assets.

  5. A nice community steeped in history. Love looking at the old buildings. (My Major was Architectural Drafting.)
    Nice that Wes and Susan asked about the Chinese Food.
    Like Mary said get your walks in before you are SXXW bound.
    Be Safe and Enjoy.

    It's about time

    1. It is and I won't remember it but will enjoy it while I explore. :)
      I'm sure you love the old buildings then.
      thank you for not saying that WORD!!

  6. What a lovely little town you are spending your winter in. When we moved from Ontario to Saskatchewan when I was 16 (many years ago) I really missed all the old brick buildings. Now in just a year the front half of our home will be 100 years old. Quite an achievement here on the prairies.

    God bless.

    1. wow! Isn't that interesting! I do love old homes and have lived in a lot of them since childhood.

  7. Gosh yes. I would be exhausted....learning to live with new roommates, nice as they may be!!!

    1. We are actually doing quite well considering a month ago we never knew them. They are very cordial, giving and all with a sense of humour too! :)