Wednesday, October 28, 2020

A Topsy Turvy Day Because the Jell-o Jiggled

Paisley, On

On Wednesday, hump day, Oct. 28th I didn’t even hear Bill get up. He was awake before his alarm and had turned it off so that would explain it. When I woke up around 6:15, he was downstairs and I was glad to be awake. I was having an uncomfortable dream and I’m not sure what brought it on. The only good thing is that Shirley was in it. It wasn't a dream in either of our favour so I won't relay any of it. (It was still nice to 'see' her).

I started out my day driving into this pretty sky

Bill came up to finish getting ready, kissed me goodbye and then I got up too. I’d half been expecting frost on the windshields this morning but a peek out the window proved that to be wrong. Yay! I’m not looking forward to that at all. We haven't hit below freezing temps yet. I made my tea, a snack lunch to take and returned upstairs to drink it. There were a couple of letters to get to the mail today and when I left at 7:50, I stopped to drop them in the post office box.

Then it got better with a sunrise
Because I was driving, it took a few shots to get a good one
without traffic and without trees

I didn’t see Wes and Susan when I left so didn't get to say goodbye this morning. They were outside somewhere because the door was unlocked. The drive was beautiful as I was witness to a gorgeous sunrise. My buddy, Pat, texted me on my drive which brightened me up. With the thing-a-ma-jig in the car, connected to my phone, I don’t need to do anything other than push a button to hear what she says. There are ‘Quick Message’ responses that often work or at a light, I might speak a text message back. 😊

I was going to delete this one because of the pole but
then saw the sun peeking around it
I kind of like it after all!

Mitch needed me to meet him at the garage on my way to his place so picked him up after dropping his Acadia off. The morning was spent on Tommy, nothing new, I will be sanding him for a long time. There are many surprises, unfortunately, meaning dents that need to be filled before we can paint him. This is a long project but I’m still keen on it. Removing the old black paint is the hardest part so it takes a lot of elbow grease.

The final reward and within 2 minutes it changed to a
non-flattering picture so I put the camera down

Mitch wasn’t feeling great today, his back giving him grief from moving wood that he shouldn’t have been doing, so I worked mostly on my own under his direction. That’s what I’m getting paid for so I don’t mind. When I get frustrated with getting some paint removed, he directs me to the fridge for cheese to go with my ‘whine’ (all in fun) and then compliments me on what I’m doing. That gives me the push to keep going. He's clever. Ha ha.

I felt bad calling the police but Jamie said they are very good with these cases
They just move them along because the situations are tough for some of
these young people

When I left there, I drove to Durham to clean the Mat. That’s when the Jell-o moved. Inside, was another sleeper. He was curled up in the corner on a chair and he had his bicycle and little cart (with all his possessions ) parked in a spot making it difficult for me to do my job. I immediately felt uncomfortable, not knowing what I might encounter. My experience with this type of situation wasn’t good previously, although not terrible. I didn’t know what to do, a bit concerned what reaction I'd get if I asked him to move along.

If it wasn't for his stuff spread out, I could have worked around

After chatting with Jamie, at his direction, I called West Grey Police. They are used to dealing with vagrancy, even though it may sometimes just be a gentle conversation. Jamie’s wife called me and we both were there to meet the officer. It was fine, finding out he was homeless, but by this time, my hour was up and I’d done no cleaning. Officer Rod Hilton was gentle and asked the young man to pack up his stuff and he’d take him to Tim Horton’s for a coffee and bite to eat. 😊 Nice guy!

Constable Rod Hilton drove in from Markdale and seemed
very gentle in his demeanor
turns out he was and took the young man to Timmy's

I apologized that I couldn't stay to clean but had to scoot. Cheryl wanted no part of my apology and thanked me profusely for calling them, saying that they can’t have that situation (during the day especially) when customers are trying to do their laundry. Strike one. Then, I got to Walkerton, Hometown Tire, to get our snow tires put on Ptooties. I had a nice visit with Joe’s Mom (I think) and their 2 dogs. A husky and a shih-tzu, both very friendly and fun to be around.

Unfortunately, Joe said he wished he’d asked or at least looked at my tires as we have shank nuts on the current wheels. He doesn’t have enough of the regular nuts in stock to put the snows on today. Woops! Strike two. He’s such a nice guy and felt bad but I said I’d come back Friday if that worked. We’re good to go. He showed me the snows we've bought and told me customers have raved about them. Great news for me for driving in the winter.

I drove home with no more upsets and chatted with Susan for a bit. In my mind, I planned supper and then went upstairs. I was going to walk to the post office to get postage stamps but instead, chose to have a cup of tea while stretching out on the bed with my book.  You knew that would lead to sleepy eyes and I just rolled over about 10 minutes before my sweetie came in the door. It was almost 5:30. We chatted, or I chatted, filling him in on my weird day.

then I drove to Walkerton for the tires

For supper, I had some of my spelt bread to eat before it went bad so we had French toast. Woops, I set the smoke detector off again. I think because it is right outside the butler’s kitchen and frying in butter is not its friend. I even had the exhaust fan turned on! Wes, just removes it from the ceiling until I’m done. Bill set it off the first time when he used the toaster. It hadn’t been used for a while either. 😊

The trip to Hometown Tire wasn't a total loss
Buddy and his husky friend gave me a doggie fix today
They were both so cute and affectionate
Here, Buddy is watching for Joe to return

Supper was filling whether it was good for us or not and we enjoyed it with Jamie's maple syrup. After dishes, we came upstairs for the evening. Nothing on tv tonight that we need to watch. I hadn’t decided if I’d watch Jeopardy with W & S so caught up on my blog for a while and downloaded pictures until 7:30. Then I walked around the corner to the theatre room. When I left at 8 we all felt smart because we got 3 or 4 correct responses. ðŸ˜Š

Backed into the driveway looking out to the main street
See the motor home all covered up

Bill caught up on his online reading and watching FB videos. I know he isn’t the only one who does that. This was a mixed-up kind of a day but I got through it. When I came home and told Bill that I made the tire appointment for 2 pm on Friday, he reminded me that we were scheduled to get our flu shots at that time. Third Woops! of the day. I left Joe a message at Hometown Tire to call me tomorrow to reschedule.

Yummy french toast
Never fails, this meal reminds me of my late brother, Bruce.💓💓
Good night!

Today felt cooler than its actual daytime temperature of 9C/48F because of the wind but we all enjoyed seeing the sunshine for the best part of the day. I can’t believe we are at the end of Wednesday nor can I fathom that we are just around the corner from month’s end. The good news is that our Canada and Old Age pensions went in today. 👌 Wherever does the time go? Have a good night!

Thank you for your visit today.


  1. Kind of amazing. We've just had 14+ hours of 32 degrees F temps....and you haven't hit freezing. Of course we warmed up today.....Sounds like a bit of a long day you had!

    1. Not yet, however tonight and tomorrow nights it is calling for -2/28F and -4C/25F. So, it is coming. I'll have to cover my wipers or lift them before I go to bed. :)

  2. P.S. I'm writing from central Texas. Forgot to say that. ha.

    1. Aha! that makes it very strange, doesn't it? I couldn't remember where you were from. :)

  3. How nice the police treated the Mat visitor with such kindness, and I'm sure the young man was grateful. Beautiful sunrise. We had one night this week where temps hit 32, but that's our lowest so far and we are glad for that. We are camping with friends and it's rained every day except for Sunday, when we arrived. It was supposed to freeze last night but is expected to warm back up today. Your french toast looks quite yummy!!!

    1. Yes, I had a feeling the officer would be nice. I wouldn't want them to be nasty in any way unless called for.
      Cold temps are creeping in, freezing overnight tonight and for most nights in the next week. :( Blech.

  4. Snow tires ... I do remember those days. Glad I don't have to get them now. Very nice of the police to help that guy. I suppose smoke alarms are a necessary evil, almost as bad as the beep beep beep when they need batteries!!

  5. Lots of Jell-O to your day. Glad the officer was able to handle the situation in a kind manner.
    Knowing that we can minimize out winter travels and we don't get as much snow as you will we'll limp along on these for another year.
    Some of the exhaust fans don't have enough draw and some smoke alarms are too sensitive. There are special ones for kitchen use that don't sense the Humidity of cooking.
    We carry a Day Planner so we don't have a problem with appointments.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. Beautiful sunrise pictures! Can't help but feel sorry for the homeless in these temps but I wouldn't have felt safe either in there by myself. Nice that the officer was so caring. I have a habit of setting off smoke alarms too, even when I don't think they should have gone off! All that Jello makes life interesting doesn't it?! :)

  7. Laundromats are popular for the homeless I guess and I noticed that in our travels. In a small town its a bit unusual though. With all that is going on in your life to forget about an appointment its excusable for sure. Too bad you don't have your own living room with TV where you can relax in and not feel like you are visiting. Hope things will go smooth for the rest of the week.

  8. Love the sunrise photos. That is something I rarely happens but I'm in the house at the point.

    You certainly had "one of those days". The police officer was wonderful! Take care and stay well!

  9. I am glad you are still having nice weather. We do have frost in the morning so today I had to start my car to get rid of it.

    What a lovely police officer.

    God bless.