Thursday, May 10, 2018

Baking Day, Dullness Overhead, Trailer Delivery

It was just after 6 when I first got up to use the facilities on Thursday, May 10th. The rain that had started last night was still showing it’s dampened head when Bill let Clemson out. This certainly didn’t appeal to me, even though it was 60F/14C outside, I decided to crawl back under the covers. Clem soon joined me and couldn’t stop shivering. How can he be cold? We were kicking covers off all night. Regardless, I lifted the duvet and he crawled under it and the trembles stopped.

From early morning until about 5 pm, this is what the sky was like
With the weather being damp, I doubted I would get into the garden until later afternoon if at all so decided to try a recipe that our friend, Rose Ann, posted on Facebook. It is for a Flourless Banana Cake and I just happen to have some ripened bananas to use up. Before starting this, I thawed the second piece of corned beef that was in the freezer and started it in the slow cooker. A good day to plan that for supper! I’ll add carrots and potatoes a bit later.

Corned beef in the crock pot for 7 - 8 hours
I posted on my blog this morning and then mixed up the batter for the cake. This shouldn’t be much different than the banana bread I make with the exception of the flour. It was calling for 1 cup of raisins, certainly not my favourite thing but it is one of Bill’s so I split the batter easily into 2 cake pans. Into one, I added the raisins and into the other I added Craisins, dried cranberries. On the second one, I also sliced a half a banana to tell the difference.

At the beginning of the 35 minute cook time

At the end, but still a bit soft in the centre
Bill called the doctor’s office, (from the clinic the other day), and got the date and time for his next appointment. We thought our last trip to London called for an early wake up, this one is worse with a check-in time of 8:45 am. Can’t be helped, we’ll make it work. The temperature has dropped out there this morning as they said it would and yet I do believe that is blue sky peeking through the clouds.

I realized today that this log wasn't there last year
It looks like the rain has stopped too and that is good news for Donna and Gerry. They are having their ‘new’ trailer delivered after their orientation/walk through this morning. I communicated back and forth with Donna and Bill and then made a phone call to the Durham Vet Clinic here in town. Clemson is due for a vaccine and his flea & tick meds before June so we made that appointment.

Okay, so I hard boiled some eggs for my breakfasts and other than some broken shells in the water,
they peeled pretty good! Thanks George and Nancy!
Mind you, the eggs are also a week older...........hmmm
Bill and I are also somewhat concerned about his bouts of shivering. The pet doc will check him over at the same time. If it is just age, cold or nerves, at least we know it isn’t anything to worry about. Sometimes he shivers so much, his little choppers chatter. Between now and his appointment, we should settle on some steady warmish weather so we may be able to rule out some possibilities on our own. At 12:30 after getting word that the Landmark was being set in place, I invited myself over so I could capture some of the excitement.

Out with the 'old' 2005 Prairie Schooner

Donna said goodbye as Morry's towed it out
Before driving over to the Acreage, I peeled some carrots and potatoes and added them to the slow cooker. By the time I arrived, the Prairie Schooner was pulled out and set off to the side and the new rig was being leveled in place. Donna was excited, and rightfully so, to show me inside. It is an absolutely gorgeous unit and I know they will be very happy with it. So many improvements/upgrades to their 2005, even though that was also a nice trailer.

In with the 'new' 2012 Landmark
I didn’t want to overstay my welcome and knew that I would want to get to work moving things in, if the shoe were on the other foot, so I said goodbye and drove back to the Suite. 

Proud owners
I noticed the dark clouds were bouncing all over the sky but when I returned and saw the red flag on the mailbox was up, I drove up the lane and then walked back down the lane. I needed to get a few steps in today, since I’m not doing anything else outside. I just needed to walk fast and keep an eye on the sky. 

I walked back to the truck after leaving them to their new trailer
I’m sitting at the dining table writing this and the birds out there are going crazy. Fred is not allowing Desi and Lucy to land in ‘his’ east pond, red-winged blackbirds are chasing other wingers away and ducks are seemingly riding on the wind’s current across the sky. They are probably going for the rides of their lives and having a ball. I haven't seen Ethel with Fred all day.

Leaving the acreage you drive around this pond
I’d only eaten a half a banana with some yogourt so by 2 o’clock I was feeling peckish. I poured myself a glass of milk and had some cheese and a piece of the banana cake with the berries. The flavour was good but it didn’t solidify like it should have. I was afraid to cook it any longer as you can see, it was already looking pretty dark. Hmm, not sure what the fix would be except to cut back on the olive oil the next time.

the sky to the north as I walked back from the road
Clemson was up on the bed when I returned from the Acreage and my walk and didn’t budge when I came in. I can see him up there on the pillow shams sleeping so don’t want to disturb him. At least he is comfy and isn’t shivering. I finished my snack and settled in my recliner to do some more reading. It is so dark in mid afternoon that I need the lights on. Good grief!

If you look close, you can see the falcon or hawk on the peak of the roof
 Sitting in the chair with my book my eyes closed briefly, but I caught myself and turned the tv on. NCIS reruns kept me interested. Bill and I chatted about our day and what was on the plate for tomorrow. The little bum was sleeping soundly beside me, curled up in a teeny tiny ball, in his sweater. I think he was finally comfortable. After feeding him after 5, I was hungry enough to dish up supper too.

And then he flew off
Bill wasn’t crazy about the corned beef when I made it last but I thoroughly enjoyed it tonight. Everything was done perfectly and there are leftovers for one more night. With the dishes in the sink, I realized that I’d turned the hot water heater off earlier so went for a walk while it heated up. The turtles were not turned off by the cooler day, sitting on the log and that is when I realized that that branch was not there last year. The wind storm must have taken it down over the last week or so. They have a new place to sit.

They are grabbing some sun too
Walking to the road, I noticed the little stone ‘house’ in the farmer’s field had a couple of large birds sitting on the peak. I only had my phone, of course, so couldn’t get a good picture. I walked back to the Suite, retrieved my Canon with the zoom lens and walked back again. Naturally, they didn’t hang around. Just my luck but I did get another brisk walk in.

The first Oriole sighting this year
He looks pretty content here
Corned beef with pickle, sauerkraut, potato and carrots
The wind is feeling cool although it has calmed down considerably since 6. The temperature just before 8 is still 55F/13C but I know it is dropping to 0C overnight. Time for the Blue Flame heater.

good night to you and yours
from The Ridge
This has been a good day, with some baking, a good indoor meal and even some more chapters completed in my book. I hope you’ve had a good one.

Thank you for stopping by. I love to hear from you if you care to leave a comment.


  1. Please send us some of that COOL down here to Okla. Supposed to be around 100F tomorrow!! Been in the 90's all week! Too darn HOT, too darn EARLY!!
    Don in Okla.

    1. Wow, I'd say! Too bad it couldn't be a comfortable 75F everywhere, all the time!

  2. Jessie gets the shivers too. Mostly cuz she needs to go outside. Other times I cover her up and eventually she stops. I'm interested to hear what your Vet says.
    I love corned beef. Maybe try half butter half oil in your cake. Glad your eggs turned out

    1. We've seen it in Clemson for years but usually when he's nervous. With the teeth chattering so loudly at times, it is concerning. We don't go until the 25th but I'll let you know!
      Good idea about the recipe, the butter would give it a richer taste too. ;) thanks!

  3. Glad the egg peeling worked better for you. I have used free eggs right from the hen house and usually works good for me.
    Love that corned beef, looking forward to finding another one of these days when out and about

    1. The corned beef turned out perfect. It was a treat! meal in a pot, love those.

  4. Donna and Gerry's new "home" is beautiful! I love to try recipes like that banana bread, looks like it would taste good. Your eggs turned out really good too. Did Bill like this corned beef better than last time? Poor little Clemson and the shivers..that sweater is adorable. Maybe like some people are cold blooded and warm blooded, so is Clemson. :) I love that stone building!!

    1. Yes, Donna loves the island and the big shower. It is beautiful.
      The banana cake is good, next time I'll try Nancy's suggestion.
      You're right, Clem is like his Mom, feels the cold. :)
      I have an urge to walk back to the stone house but I'm not good at walking on other's property.

    2. Bill wasn't here for the corned beef this time........I avoided saying too much about being here alone this time. Dad gets worried and rightfully so. :)

  5. i loved the book Cold of my favs.

    1. Oh my! It was a slow read but I so enjoyed it! Tears were shed.

  6. Way behind in reading blogs. Good to see you guys are enjoying Spring. So much to see around the pond.
    Too bad the Banana cake didn't turn out to your satisfaction. We love Banana bread and so far it has turned out using the trailer's oven.

    1. Thanks Dave, our time gets consumed so quickly so I know about not keeping up with blogs.
      The banana cake tastes okay and I will make it again with just a little tweak. :) Bill likes it too.