Friday, May 18, 2018

Some Relief and Advice, Happy Visit with Mom, Finishing Outdoor Work

Friday, May 18th it was chilly in the Suite when we got up, not having turned our heater on last night when we went to bed. We slept well, except for one wake-up I had when I absent-mindedly scratched a bite. Darn! It kept me feeling irritable for about 10 minutes before I went back to sleep. It was 7 am when we both got up for the day.

The pond ripples are crystal blue
Bill mentioned Benadryl when I told him I was totally uncomfortable with the numerous bites bothering me. I took 2 capsules to get them in my system and so did Bill. A couple of our friends also suggested the same thing so thank you George and Pat. We finished our tea and coffee while reading blog posts and then Bill went out to get the information about the replacement generator parts we’ll need.

Dented gas can needs to be replaced
 He has taken the new Champion apart since the Suite did a nose dive and partially crushed it. It started for me that morning, immediately after it got damaged. I didn’t leave it running for any length of time but when Bill got home and did the same thing, it started and then died. We figured the gas tank was damaged OR it was empty but we couldn’t get the cap off to determine which scenario applied.

Checking the Champion inards
So, after taking pieces off, pulling things out and getting one of the main frame brackets welded, he is convinced that all he has to do is order 3 parts from Champion and we should be good to go. By the way, the tank was empty so with fingers crossed, he ordered the parts and this is looking like a possible cost-efficient fix. The parts should be here next week and he can replace them himself.

Two out of 5 Trilliums seem to have survived
I took a moment to go outside and test the weather and was not impressed. The wind was strong making the 51F/11C feel much colder so at least I knew what I had to put on today. I got dressed in long pants and a long-sleeve top and grabbed a sweater. At 10:50 I drove into Durham to have a visit with Mom. I found her wandering the halls, which is always encouraging and her face lit up when she saw me.

No recognition yet but immediately after I took the picture
she broke into a smile
We had a great visit, no slips of sadness over anything. The conversation was all positive and she was very happy the whole time. Today she seems to know where she is and has no problem with staying there. I love this type of visit, it is like having Mom back again. I left her at the dining table and said goodbye. She watches us leave all the way from her table in the back corner as we walk to the exit door. We turn around often and the waves follow us outside. Warm fuzzy feelings today.

Mom looks so pretty with her beads
I couldn't believe she was warm enough to slip her sweater off!
From there I went to Foodland in town and picked up some much-needed groceries, next to the Beer Store and then to the Liquor Store so we are well stocked up for the May 2-4 weekend. 
As I was crossing the days off of Mom's May calendar,
I noticed this little picture she had stuck in it
This is my Dad holding my oldest child,
I'd guess that Bridgette is only 2 months old here
Back home, Bill was trying to chip some of our brush clippings but that wasn’t working out so well. It appears to be a complete waste of time so we'll take the chipper back to John tomorrow. They haven't used the tiller yet and won't until the middle of next week so we will pick it up and return it to them when we've finished. I want to get my garden ready for planting this weekend.

The water bladder to water tank process
We had eaten bacon and eggs at 10 but for some reason felt the need to have something else around 1:30. Bill made himself a toasted tomato sandwich and I had some cheese and a yogourt. I don’t think we slept too well last night as we were both dragging today. Yesterday was very busy and that may be part of it but staying up until 11:30 watching another of my favourite movies, Déjà vu, didn’t help matters.

And Ptooties finds her summer parking spot
Bill sat in the chair with Clemson and I went out to finish cutting the small area of grass that I couldn’t yesterday. It didn’t take long so after completing that, I took a walk down the lane to gather the mail. The bugs were kept at bay by the wind it seems, at least for the most part as I didn’t get eaten alive during my walk. When I came back, I, too, laid down on the couch.

when Bill was barbecuing, he noticed this Blue Heron fly in over the pond

I love watching these beautiful birds

But he didn't stay long
At 3:30 Bill drove over to the Acreage to fill our water bladder and I tried sitting outside in the sun with Clemson. Eventually, I needed my bug hat and yet couldn’t keep my eyes open. I gave in and climbed up on the bed and slept for 40 minutes at 5 o’clock. After eating his supper, Clemson joined me. 

At 6:30 Bill lit the barbecue and grilled up some bacon and burgers. They were loaded with bacon, cheese, pickles, onion, tomato, lettuce and condiments and they were delicious!
These Whatchamacallits (Phlox) are starting to bloom
Soon they will be totally purple
Randy isn't the only one confused with their name, see the frog
scratching his head?
We cleaned up the supper dishes and settled in to watch some tv and to read more of my mystery. I’ve taken a couple more Benadryl but some of the bites are just too nasty for the pill to give much relief. Oh well, this bug season is usually only for a short period.

And a beautiful Good night from the Ridge
I hope yours has been a good day. Thank you for stopping in. Your comments are always welcome


  1. Nice the you can get the parts for your generator and sou have it up and running again. Love your sunset pictures.

    1. Yes, we are both very happy about the generator fix!
      Thanks, it was an easy subject to capture last night.

  2. Your mom is just too cute! I love the pearls! Your haircut is adorable on you..probably very easy to take care of too I would imagine! Glad the generator fix won't be too costly and that Bill can fix it himself. Love these handy men! Hopefully you have more energy today..dinner looked amazing!

    1. Mom is pretty cute, always with a necklace and bracelets. :)
      Thank you I do like my hair. It's easy to care for, yes.
      We are lucky that the generator will be an easy fix. We, of course, figured the worse case scenario of buying another one!
      Today was a better day, I'm sure it is the Benadryl making us drag.

  3. I know the bug bites ... while back east I got hit by chiggers. Talk about itch! I read up that they deposit some saliva on your skin, which is what all the reaction is from. I scrubbed them hard with the scratchy side of a sponge, then washed the area with soap and water. Voila!! No more itching. Not sure if it will help with your bites, but it's worth a try!! Benadryl definitely helped me sleep better!!

    1. Well, I'll have to try that in the morning! They only seem to ease now with the cream and taking Benadryl but it seems that they are fine until you touch them and then very itchy.
      Thanks again for yet another tip! :)