Sunday, May 20, 2018

Fog Blanket, Must be a Long Weekend, Raking the Garden, Bird Watching

With a bit of a restless night, I woke for the final time on Sunday, May 20th just before 7 and got up. Bill was quick on my heels and we came downstairs for our coffee and tea. The morning is gray again, this time it looks like someone pulled the fog blanket up over our heads and it stretches for miles across the land. 50F/10C is registering on the thermometer and depending on which network you listen to, it ‘could’ partially clear by 10 am OR by 4 pm.

Whether in a tent or a trailer
Campers go out in droves this weekend
This sounds pretty typical for our Victoria Day long weekend. Thousands upon thousands of Canadians look forward to this first long camping weekend of the year. Trailers, back seats and trucks are piled to the brim with families and their camping equipment. I remember it being so exciting and usually, 7 out of 10 times being let down because of Mother Nature’s weather raining on our parade. There isn’t a doggone thing we can do about it, so most of those thousands go anyway.

Been there, done this

But luckily, this weekend isn't going to be a washout
Things have changed in other ways and unfortunately, this was through no other fault than the careless campers. Many Provincial Parks, if not all, have prohibited alcohol in their parks on this weekend. I don’t think that is entirely fair at all. Sure no one should ‘need’ it to have a good time BUT if someone wanted to sit around of an afternoon or around a campfire and responsibly have a drink, they can’t.

Obviously, I filled this one just in time
Noticing the birds in the area, I picked up some wild bird seed in Hanover yesterday so filled the feeders and boiled a batch of hummingbird food so I filled those two feeders as well. I had an interest in our canopy that is for sale so I will meet the buyer in Durham later this afternoon to make that happen. I got cleaned up and dressed for the outdoors and went up to the garden with rake in hand. As Larry the Cable Guy says, ‘Get ‘er done!’
My empty palette
Bill went out to work on one of his model airplanes on his new bench. I went out to my garden and began raking, pulling the loose grass out and the rocks. It was a very rocky area but still a nice piece of earth to plant in. It probably took me about an hour to finish prepping the area and that was pretty good physical work. 

This is the easy part, putting the little suckers in the ground
By 11:30 the sun started to make an appearance so it seemed like we were getting the good part of the day early. Yay! Bill drove over to help Mike with his water pump issue and helped them put up the gazebo canopy over at the Acreage. When he returned, Clemson who had been sitting on his stool jumped and ran for the truck. He has never run near the wheels but he always gives us a start when he runs excitedly like that. 

Durham's new Heritage Bridge Walkway
This is where I met Tina to pick up our gazebo
Bill said that the guys are coming over to help us put up our canopy next so that is great. Bill and I can do it and have each spring and taken it down each fall but it is soooo much easier with 4 people. That job didn’t take long so we chatted for a bit before they left. Mike was impressed with what we’ve done with the Ridge and that is always nice to hear. I'll have to get a picture tomorrow of that.

This is the kind of day we've had up here on the Ridge
At 1:15 I drove into town to meet Tina and she was prompt and very happy to have a gazebo for their trailer and something for the kids to play under. The money in my pocket felt pretty good too. While at the meeting place, I took a walk across the newly reconstructed Heritage Walkway behind the fish and chip place. It is very nice. Well, now we only have 2 things left to sell. There was a nibble on the tent but the lady was too far away to make it worth while for her. No worries, I totally understand that.

Carrots and onions planted
 I came back home and had a small piece of banana cake with a yogourt cup. The sun was lovely so Bill had unplugged us from power and turned the invertor on. I took my carrot seeds and went out to the garden to begin planting. I’ve never put carrot seeds in the ground before so wish me luck! With the temperature likely to drop to 4C/39F I’m not planting any of my peppers or tomatoes yet. I’ll play that by ear.

Bill working in his cargo trailer
When I finished putting the carrot seeds in the groove I created, I figured green onions are pretty hardy so planted a row and a half of those too. Half will be white and the other half will be red onions which will be a nice change for salads. I will eat the white ones more regularly as green onions (shallots) and let the red ones get big. I’m sounding so positive, aren’t I? This is the easy part of planting the garden, now that the hard digging, hoeing and raking is done.

Lots of birds, turtles, geese, vultures out and about today
so picture overload coming up
I think this fella is eating the grass seed Bill spread around

Now he's telling the Paparazzi to get lost
Now he is just ticked off and left
Bill and I sat outside after 4, when everything was completed for the day. He said, “the frogs aren’t chirping”. Huh, that is odd, they are always chirping early in the afternoon. The story (wive’s tale/farmer’s tale) is that when the chirping frogs stop for 3 consecutive nights and then start up again, it means the cold days are over. I’ve had that relayed to us by 2 or 3 people and usually just laugh. Tonight, isn't the night though for it to begin. At 6, the frogs had started. 

Turtle camping

Turkey vultures going to battle

I didn't realize there were so many hovering around this shack
Look at the one in the doorway, he didn't move the whole 15 minutes
that I watched
It's like he's the Armed Guard or something
We both enjoyed this day. Some comradery with Donna, Gerry and Mike, helping each other. I got my garden started and I’m beginning to feel excited about those rewards. Bill got his hands into some of his planes and is finishing a few small jobs around the place. The weather seems to be turning for the better and that is encouraging.

A few of the old order still hang out on last year's log

Back to the turtle campground
Looks like Fred and Ethel were invited

Everyone gets along in the pond
I took my Canon with the zoom lens outside today and captured birds, turtles, geese and even turkey vultures! At 5 o’clock when the sun went behind a cloud and the chilly wind gave us goosebumps, we took my margarita and Bill’s rum and coke and moved our private Happy Hour inside. I tried to read but knew I’d soon be reading the inside of my eyelids, so Bill found a movie that we both enjoy. It was nearing the last 30 minutes but we watched Guarding Tess anyway.

The hummingbird was a little confused with the bright yellow finch feeder
For supper, Bill lit the Weber at 6 and I pulled out the Swiss Chalet Pork Back Ribs from the freezer. With some potatoes on the side and a veggie, the meal will be complete. All day, I’ve had a fire going in our pit. We’ve had some boxes piling up that were just getting wet sitting outside so I lit the fire late morning and kept at it all day. Adding cardboard and wood just to keep it burning, I love the smell of a campfire even though we don’t always sit around it.

This looks like a Wilson's Snipe but I'm not sure
Supper was great, I’d buy these ribs again even though the sauce was a little spicy for us. They were so tender and just the right amount for two people. When dishes were done, we watched the season finale of Madame Secretary. It was a good one, we were hooked from beginning to end. I won’t let the cat out of the bag in case you haven’t seen it. Then we watched American Idol, of which we’ve followed from the beginning of this new season. They're down to 3 contestants.

Ending the day with a wonderful meal
I hope you have had a great day. The sun in the west is preparing to set and so is this gal. 
And a fantastic sunset
Good night from the Ridge
Thank you for stopping in today. Please feel free to leave a comment.


  1. Your pictures are beautiful of your day. The sky looks perfect! Garden is looking wonderful, looks like nice rich soil! The Heritage Bridge Walkway is just gorgeous, love the wood. Nice that you were able to sell something else and are down to two items! Dinner looked great..yummy! Doesn't sound like the bugs were too pesty today?!

    1. thanks Shirley.i love the wood too in the walkway and a nice smell to it.
      the flies are lessening. yay!

  2. Yay for getting stuff sold! I have about 200 turkey buzzards in my back yard trees when they migrate here. Thus my homes name, Buzzards Roost. Your garden looks great. Bet you'll be eating out of it in no time.

    1. happy to get a bit of cash for stuff.
      interesting and fitting name for your Roost.odd looking things.
      fingers crossed on the garden.

  3. I'd love to see more photos of Bill's cargo trailer and how he has it set up. I also have a 6x12 cargo trailer for my giant scale and small planes that I use for fun fly's, etc. Great minds also think alike with the screen door to keep the bugs out. I'm flying primarily arond the Ottawa area. Great posts!

    1. thanks Mike. check out my latest post for pictures.
      The screen doors are awesome unless it is really windy. 😉