Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Day One Alone, Bill's Routine Starts, Raking, Purging

When I woke up first on Tuesday, May 1st, it was 2:30 and Bill was letting Clemson out for a piddle. He didn’t go out before we came to bed so that is something I have to do tonight, especially when I’m alone. I don’t want an early morning wake up like that! The second wake up was to Bill’s alarm at 5 and then I must have dropped off because it was 5:45 when he was crawling across the bed to kiss me goodbye.

Bill is driving into the blue sky yonder
How poetic!
Today, he was making the familiar drive to London to work a couple of days. Getting back into the routine of packing his food and drinks in the cooler and his blankets and pillow took some getting used to again. I hope he remembered to take a book, but I’ll bet since he hasn’t got one on the go, he didn’t grab one. Could be a boring evening for him if he doesn’t have tv access.

the blue sky is coming and so is the wind
When I went to bed last night at 9:30, Bill was still up watching the Voice but it just isn’t grabbing me this season. I didn’t feel I was missing much by going to bed before it was over, especially when I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I much prefer American Idol. After getting in bed, my normal sleeping position wasn’t comfortable. Seems like I’d pulled a muscle in my upper back yesterday without realizing it and it was throbbing.

I think that is Fred and Ethel out there in the middle
I fought it and tossed and turned instead of getting up for a Tylenol. By the time Bill came up at 11, I was still awake so I got up and took a couple. Soon enough, I must have dropped off and slept well through most of the night and it doesn’t seem to be bothering me this morning. Clemson remained in bed when I eventually got up at 6:45 and didn’t get up himself until 8:45, the lazy bones.

Our turn for the grader
Bill texted at 8:05, to tell me he arrived at the far side of London, so he made good time, having left here at a few minutes before 6. The sky was filled with clouds so that wasn’t what I was expecting but I did see some blue sky coming from the west so I was encouraged. I had my tea first and wrote yesterday’s blog post before reading a few updates on what our friends have been up to. It is a new month and that means another 19 gb for our wifi usage. We managed to stretch it out for April although I was getting concerned 5 days ago if we would make it!

Much nicer road now
Bill had slipped Clemson’s sweater off through the night at some point so I don’t have to wrestle with that. He might feel chilly for a while outside until it warms up a bit, but it got him through the cold days at least. He loves his fleece sweater and fights against us disrobing him. What a nut! He sure won’t need it over the next few days if at all. Such a personality they have.

First thing on the agenda, I set about stripping the bed. Donna and I were discussing our king size beds in our trailers. Well, their ‘new’ one has a king and she was wondering if she’d need to buy regular king or deep pocket king sheets. I’ve always bought the only ones I’ve found and they tend to all be deep pockets. As you know, a mattress in an rv is different so our fitted sheet is always very sloppy and it drives me nuts. I wondered if a queen with deep pockets would fit since the mattress is not deep. 

No, Clemson you are supposed to be helping me make decisions over here!
He's bored already
Point of note - he stayed on the bed the whole 2 hours we were upstairs
That is what prompted this task today and the answer is no. My queen sheets w/deep pockets do not fit so I texted Donna. We can buy some really nice Egyptian Bamboo sheets here in Ontario at the Keady market, in Quartzsite and in Yuma but they are all deep pockets. My next discovery was that other than our fleece fitted sheet, which I obviously won’t put on now, I don’t have any more king fitted. Hmm. Guess I’ll need to go shopping. 

I did have an extra flat king size sheet and it was large enough for me to tuck it in around all edges. Depending on how well it stays tucked will determine how soon I do the laundry OR go shopping. It was time for a second tea and I had a bit of yogourt. I wasn’t hungry enough to cook anything, yet. 

The little guy moves pretty quick for an old fellow
While I was upstairs, I started at one end of the closet and began pulling things out. I was on a mission called “Ruthless Purge”. I figure if it didn’t get worn last winter or during our last summer here at home, it went in the bag. That is with the exception of dresses, skirts and fancier things for special occasions. I would be more careful with those but still not keep more than I need. Says who? Says me!

Clemson was my supervisor yet he sure didn’t seem too interested and certainly was no help at all. Hanger after hanger were being emptied and tossed on the bed and my huge Ikea bag was getting full to overflowing. I only parted with one pair of boots because I’d already thinned those out really well last fall. Purses, jewellery and belts, oh my!

A very full bag for the exchange
On Saturday, Donna and I are hosting our spring clothing exchange in Hanover. It sounds like a pretty good turnout and I’m not pretending that some things will not follow me home. That is the general idea and the purge/downsize is the bonus. Without spending a dime, we can bring home ‘new to us’ things. When we had our sticks and bricks home, there were almost as many things came back as went out but now I have to really really be sold on something to bring it home to the Suite.

Bill knows we ladies have a fun day and notices that I bring home less and less. Often, he gets together with Gerry at either the Ridge or the Acreage. Gerry needs to vacate his home for the afternoon. The boys are getting together this Saturday as well to cut some small trees down at the Acreage to make room for the rv’s to go in and out. I went out and moved everything in the bunky to do a really good sweep of the flies They keep appearing, dead, each time something is moved. I also wanted to look at what we all stored in there last fall.

I found a few things that can go to Goodwill and I pulled my Braun food processor out to try and sell. You never know, I might get something for in my pocket and if not, it will also get donated. I have my blender in the Suite and that does the job for any of our needs. Also, I took a picture of our large tv, we’ve decided to sell that as well to make more room in the bunky. We’ll put our small 20” tv on the wall in the hopes that will give me room to make puzzles in there. Yay!

My irises coming to life
 After that was cleaned out, I got our leaf rake out and began raking a few of the sheltered areas. My flower garden being one and with that little bit of attention, it looks so much better already and I can see new growth with that dead foliage removed. The wind is so strong today that raking the grass anywhere else is just a battle. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get our site cleaned up and down the hill beside the corral. What an absolutely gorgeous day! The temperature rose to 25C as expected and that was despite the winds.

I'll be eating chives from my garden soon
While raking, Rob made a distress call to me. They were test driving his GMC and had a problem. When they contacted Bill, he told them where he was and that I had the truck and could help with a pull. Time to pay back for their kindness to us over a week ago. Geesh! Was that only 10 days ago? I put Clemson in the back, strapped his seatbelt on him and we headed off to find where they were stranded.

Before I met up with them, he managed to get the truck running and were headed home to Durham. I kept going just in case until Rob called and said they were home. Well, it was an adventure aborted and that was a good thing, but I wasn’t able to return the favour after all. I drove back to the Ridge and carried on with my raking. Around 3:30 I called it quits and just sat in the shade until my body temperature cooled down, then moved to the sun to sit.
He ran up the hill before I even got off the gravel
Clemson and I walked down the lane, on his leash this time, and we walked to the neighbours so I could place an invite to the clothing exchange in their mailbox for Cheryl. I’d meant to do that sooner but kept forgetting. When we got back to our property line, I let Clem off his leash in the front field. He didn’t run but he did bee-line to the laneway, glancing back to make sure I was following. I gathered our own mail and was surprised to receive an anniversary card from Rob and Pat. Thanks buddies!

I’d like to say it was peaceful sitting out there for about 45 minutes but with the spring peepers, it wasn’t what Bill would call ‘peaceful’ at all. I rather enjoy listening to them and it isn’t ‘noise’ to me in any way shape or form. Their loud, incessant chirping just blends in with my music or my thoughts, inside or out and I carry on as if there was silence. If the window was open and we were watching tv, that is when I don’t appreciate their song.

another look at my garden, cleaned up a bit
Back inside at 4:30, I prepared Clemson’s supper and did my best not to sit in my chair or I would be asleep. I want to sleep well tonight so tomorrow comes sooner. I’m just a big suck at night when Bill is away. I miss him and the secure feeling of his presence. My imagination runs rabid sometimes and this being my first night back up here alone will be no exception. At least it is our good tv night so I won’t be idle, listening to sounds. I know, as I said, I’m a suck!

and from a different angle
I'll need to buy more mulch for sure
For supper, I sure wasn’t thinking and planned a big fat nothing. I have a package of liver frozen, still in the freezer and these days are when I'd planned on eating it while Bill is away. He doesn't like liver at all. I’ll fry up some bacon (I missed having it this morning), make a salad and warm up my leftover jewels in the fry pan. It is almost 6 and I’m getting hungry so time to start the process.

this turned out quite good!
I’ve been long winded today so I better finish this post. Are you still awake? I talked to my sweetie a couple of times today and will once more when he finishes work and then at bedtime. I have enjoyed this day, managed to get a few things done and will do my relaxing this evening. I hope you’ve enjoyed this wonderful spring/
summer-like day!

Clemson and I say goodnight to Bill from the Ridge
I love knowing that you are following my blog and it is a thrill to hear from you. Please feel free to leave a comment, it will be read and responded to in time.


  1. Looks like you will enjoy your "quiet" time there and miss Bill at the same time. Not tHat Rob called but got the issue resolved, Liver for sipper supper sounds awesome, we both love it and have some in the freezer . Soon on the menu.

  2. Wow, I'm proud of you cleaning out closets. I desperately need to do that and just
    continually put it off. Maybe you have inspired me!
    Spring weather does encourage all sorts of cleaning, inside and out.
    Enjoying your posts.

  3. We did a bit of garden cleaning after dinner last night and it felt good to get the rake in hand. This morning it's my turn to purge for the clothing exchange while I move fall and winter out and spring and summer in. It is so nice to feel the warm sun at last!

  4. We love Ikea bags! We have 3 of them we use for laundry. They store away so easily and are perfect for the RV.

  5. We ordered some RV sheets for the bed from Camping World. They have worked quite well and have stood up well even with our mattress topper. I also hate a wrinkly bed!

  6. I finally bought a set of those sheet keepers ... the kind that have a clip on both ends and elastic in the middle? They fit under the mattress at the corners and are the only thing that keep my sheets straight. I even washed them once, still attached to the sheets. At home, I just cover up the wrinkly bed with a quilt!

  7. The mattress in our RV is a regular size and store bought sheets fit perfectly on it. I never realized that this wasn't the way with all RVs.