Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Warm and Breezy, Some Yard Work, New RV Friends, Happy Hours and Turtles

On Wednesday, May 30th Bill was up ahead of me again and I think it was actually 7:30 when I made my entrance to the downstairs. I made my tea and sat with Bill to read what everyone has been up to. We are approaching the end of another month and we did well again with the use of our 19 gb of wifi. On the last couple of days, we use more than usual just so not to waste it!

Clemson feels the cold and the heat
He stretches out here to enjoy the fan's breeze
After finishing our hot drinks, Bill took Black Beauty over to the Acreage and filled the water bladder. We just like to keep our fresh tank topped up, once we get to ½ tank (50 gal) we talk about when to go get more. Our water bladder has paid for itself 100 times over and if you are thinking about buying one, we highly recommend it. We never, no matter where we are, have to worry about how much water we use for a shower, washing up, doing dishes. I like that a lot.

Pretty sky resting over our Suite
While he was gone, I pulled a few weeds out of my flower garden and wished Donna and I had talked about the landscape screening before she began planting there. The grass, in particular, is such a nuisance coming up through the periwinkle and phlox. Oh well, too late now! I did buy 3 bags of black mulch so will finish pulling the weeds and then spread it around. It doesn’t need a lot, there is so much ground cover now, but it will help.

A new snapping turtle crossing the lane this spring
When Bill returned, we took Clemson with us into Durham. Bill needed to go to the bank and I went into the Liquor Store to buy some wine.  We are having company at 1:30 this afternoon from Flesherton. We’ve never met them before, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, and want to be sure to have a drink selection for them. They are having a house showing so will be bringing their mini schnauzer. I hope Clem is on his best behavior!
I have 2 of these metal geckos
I made a bacon and eggs brunch and then skipped out to cut our ‘front lawn’ (it is the only way to describe it) while Bill cleaned up the dishes. Of course, I want it to look nice today but when I finished I was really hot and had to sit to cool down. A cool shower felt wonderful but I was still red-faced for a while afterwards. Bill was cleaned up so went outside and hopped on the rider and did the berm (hill) area behind us. We’re not happy with the darn dandelions, Deb D.!

this one got a new paint job first!
With windows open, our Fantastic Fan and ceiling fan pushing the hot air out, the Suite although warm, isn’t too bad. There is a lovely breeze up here on the Ridge and with our blinds half closed, we probably won’t be needing the a/c today again. We sat outside for a bit and soon enough a Chev Equinox drove up the driveway and our company had arrived right on time. We had a wonderful visit with Ellen and Scott. The conversation flowed easily, as it often does between fellow rv’ers and we shared some wine, water and rv'ing tips.

Bill, Pat, Ellen, Scott and Rob
Oh, and Tanner is between Pat and Ellen
After about an hour and a half of great chit chat, our friends Rob and Pat dropped in on their way home from Barrie. The more the merrier! That’s what we say so we pulled up a couple more chairs and they settled in quite nicely. Time flew by and when everyone left, it was with the guarantee that we would all see each other again soon. The wind had really picked up but with the high temps around 87F/30C and the humidex reading much higher, we were grateful for it.

Chair hopping a bit following the shade under the awning, which tended to flap crazily every once in a while, we managed to stay mostly out of the sun. Bill fed Clemson at 5 and Bill and I chatted about what a nice couple they are. They are almost 10 years younger than us, well Scott definitely is, and we are so excited for their upcoming adventure. We hope they went home after a successful showing to an offer on their home and property.

Look what Clemmy found!
Oh-oh, neither of us put any thought into supper tonight so when Bill said how does toasted bacon, tomato and cheese sandwiches sound? I said ‘Great!’ I went outside for another few minutes, enjoying the breeze sitting in the shaded king chairs. At 6:30 we were so lazy that we even skipped the bacon and just had toasted tomato, lettuce, cheese and mayo. That was quite enough, we were sated.

"And what are you doing up here?"
And Mr. Snapper had turned around to cross the road again

After dishes, we drove into Durham and took Clemson along. We were going to see his buddies again but this time so Bill could check Rob’s fifth wheel hitch. Something about the capture plate, things that I know what they are but don’t get involved in. Pat, Clemson and I sat up on the deck until the guys joined us. We discussed some weekend plans and took our leave around 8. It was a beautiful night but without the breeze, you could feel the day’s heat lingering.

Such a pretty sky
Back home, Bill finished a few things he was working on and we settled in for the night. Between the heat and the couple of glasses of Girl’s Night Out wine, I knew I wouldn’t be up too late tonight. I’d really planned on reading a few more chapters in my book. It is good. 

This has been a really nice day. Some work and lots of visits with friends at Happy Hour. It felt good to have company today and to meet new friends. I hope yours has been a good one too.

The sky before a possible evening/overnight storm
Good night from the Ridge!
Thank you for popping in. Your comments are appreciated!


  1. I don't think Clemson could be anything but sweet!! I can't believe you have so many turtles. Haven't seen any around here in 30 years.

    1. Ah, Clemson thanks you for the compliment. :) He was very good with Tanner, his new friend. They sniffed each other and then ignored each other. :)
      Yes, with ponds on each side of our driveway, they are crossing all the time and 'log sitting'.

  2. Always fun to meet new friends and sound slike you had a wonderful day enjoying this amazing weather..
    Gotta love it !

    1. It is wonderful to meet new friends, such a nice couple starting towards a new goal.

  3. How nice to make new friends, y'all looked like a real happy group! Is that the name of the wine? Girls Night Out? cute if it is! Great sunset and sometimes a real simple dinner is all you need. Sounds like a great day!!

    1. Ellen and Scott are great people and excited about what is ahead of them. Yes, that is the name of the wine, it is a pink blush wine, right up my alley.
      We had a wonderful day.