Monday, May 14, 2018

Being Retired = Loving Mondays Now, Benched, Friend’s Birthday

We both woke around 5:30 on Monday, May 14th and Bill got up shortly after 6. I lazed for a few more minutes and the sun encouraged me out of bed at 6:30. Blue sky all around, what an absolutely gorgeous start to the day!

My Mother’s Day was fully satisfied last night when Patrick called around 9. He said he knew he wouldn’t ‘beat his sister’ to the punch so figured he’d be the last one to call instead. ๐Ÿ˜Š They had a nice day too, he made his wife breakfast in bed so he was raised right.

So, I finally got to the country road for my walk
Can't stop me now!
The only thing on the agenda today is for Bill to get into town early to pick up the last 3 pieces of lumber required to finish his work bench. I puttered at my laptop and then hopped in the shower. I need to get smarter in my early risings and get dressed and do my county road walks like I used to, before my first tea. Otherwise, I too easily let it slide for the rest of the day. I’ve still been managing at least 3 – 4 miles in a day but I miss the walks.
The corn fields around us have not yet been plowed/ploughed under
So, Bill left before 9 to scout out who had the wood he needs, starting in Durham. I headed out down the lane, North Line and onto Baptist Church Road. I almost over dressed but it was a calm easy walk. I felt that I could have walked all the way to the main corner at Highway #4 but there was a steep hill between it and me. Hmm. How encouraged was I? I went down a bit but turned around and figured another day I’ll do it.
I'm part way down this hill and I'm sure I could do it
but maybe after a few more of these longer jaunts
It is getting back up that concerns me ๐Ÿ˜†

From this view it looks even steeper
I ventured off to the sides of the roads to snap pictures of the beautiful Ontario Trillium. For our whole life, it was drilled into my head that we were not allowed to pick this precious emblem. I wanted to so badly because of their beauty but never did. 

Since then I’ve seen them growing in some gardens of private homes so I start to question. Maybe as long as you replant, you can dig them up. Odd, because picking them should also produce new shoots, like tulips do. Anyway, I didn’t have a shovel or a bag so just took pictures.

The beautiful Ontario Trillium
I’d love to have some growing on The Ridge. Googling trilliums, I found that it is not always illegal to pluck a trillium. Is no $500 fine if you pick, cut, pull, injure or destroy the plant anymore. The flower is protected only in property owned by the conservation authority or provincial parks. So there, that is our trillium lesson for today and if I go before they are done flowering, I will be taking a hand trowel and a plastic bag next time. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Along my morning walk, this refinished Dodge is on display

Not being Dodge people, I took a picture for my brother, Michael
When I got back, it wasn’t long before Bill returned. He’d dropped our bag of garbage and 2 recycle bins at the road on his way out for today’s pick up. By 10:30 it was gone. After making some breakfast and doing the dishes, Bill went out to start or rather finish his bench. I hopped in the shower and then sorted clothes and drove into Durham. It is Monday but to avoid Mr. Annoying, I waited until close to noon hour. By the time I arrived at the laundromat, if he’d been, he was gone. Perfect!

A farmer has hired someone to go into this bush and chop trees
front to back about every 10 feet
We figure just a way to thin it out

It was clouding over but it was mid 60’s F/     and there was a nice breeze for drying clothes. Bill was finishing up in the shed and then replaced the bracket for our big flag. It was snapped off in the wind storm. Once I hung the clothes, I walked around looking to see what is popping up from the garden and what is blooming.

this is a better picture of what they've done
I do need to sit down and determine what I’m planting in my veggie garden and buy those seedlings soon. Before I know it, my hands are in the dirt pulling weeds and grass from in between the phlox and periwinkle. LOL, I just had a shower! I mentally gave my hand a slap and went in the Suite with Bill. He made a sandwich and I had a couple pieces of cheddar. For supper, we’ve decided on plain farmer’s sausage with a side dish to be determined.

Time for another selfie
You know you've missed them (ha ha)
By 3 pm I was sitting outside for a while with my book, enjoying the sunshine. Clemson came out for a while and I’m happy to report that I haven’t noticed him shivering for a couple of days now. There have been enough patches of sun inside the Suite for him to sit and curl up in and outside, definitely no shortage of it. Bill lit the Weber around 6:15 and began barbecuing.

Bill can write more about his work bench but I think he did an awesome job
It looks like there is some rain in the forecast for tomorrow but I’m just watching the CTV weather now to see what that means for us. Morning storm, wet afternoon and clearing towards evening. We’ll see, it looks like a fantastic week coming though. Inside I prepared a salad for each of us plus I made up a box of Stovetop Stuffing. Bill needed an extra side dish. Supper was great and we each left something on our plate for another night’s meal.

I usually walk just to here and turn around so I pushed the limits today

Our country road
I went out with Clemson at one point, he piddled and sniffed, I used the Restroom and closed the bunky doors. We’ve heard that someone is interested in our pair of gravity chairs so hopefully tomorrow brings a little extra cash in our pockets. None of the other things on Kijiji have moved which is discouraging. They may be going in Rob’s garage sale at the beginning of the month.

He has no idea how adorable he can be
The murals on display in towns these days are so beautiful
whether it is your town, our town or any of the towns in the southwest
After dishes, Bill turned our Fantastic Fan on to cool the Suite down from 85F/30C. The outside air is a pleasant 74F/24C but it is the sun that has warmed us up. Windows have been open but we keep the blinds open for the most part because of the natural brightness we get. We watched our two game shows, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy and then settled in to watch The Voice and then a recorded Madame Secretary from Sunday night.
Just a little breeze today, it was perfect

I loved how the clouds played in the sky tonight before sunset
I hope you have enjoyed this wonderful Monday. Before signing off, I wanted to send out a very Happy Birthday to a good friend of ours. I know he reads daily. I hope it has been perfect!
Happy Birthday, Randy!
(here with his lovely lady Brenda)
This was in Quartzsite, Az
at Carl's Jr.
Thank you for stopping by today. If you wish to leave a comment, please feel free.


  1. As a marathoner, I ran lots of hills in San Francisco. Here's my trick. Take smaller, shorter steps going uphill. You'll be surprised how much easier it is with no sore muscles as a result. Love the work bench.

    1. Thanks Nancy for the tip! I will take your advice and walk it the next time. You'd think the opposite, at least I would think taking longer strides would be the way to go but yours makes sense!
      Bill will enjoy having a space to work on his hobby now.

  2. Nice to get things taken care of and enjoy this wonderful weather at the same time.
    Happy Birthday Randy!

    1. It is nice. And then a day off with the rain. That's okay, things need to grow. We'll be cutting grass tomorrow. :)

  3. I love the area around The Ridge, so beautiful! Great job Bill on the workbench, gives you lot's of working room and storage underneath. Love the red on the Dodge, beautiful truck. The trillium is beautiful, can see how that would be a beautiful ground cover!

    1. Thank you, it is very COUNTRY. :)
      Bill never thinks he does 'great' work even though I tell him. He is pleased with this bench though and will get a lot of use out of it.
      It is pretty and a nice paint job on the Dodge.
      I love the trillium and will get some plants one day! ssssh!

  4. The bench looks great. Dean passed his on to one of his boys and I know he misses it. We do plan to park at his house occasionally so he can make use of some of the tools he left with him as well.
    Oh yes I now love Mondays too....being retired, isn't it Grand!
    How did you know we were waiting on a new selfie of you??? :)
    Enjoy your blogs - each and every one, even though I don't always comment.

    1. Thank you Cheri. Bill has to keep busy so the new bench will be good even on a wet or cool day should he want to build a plane. :)
      Isn't retirement grand!
      Glad to provide a selfie for you, you are too funny!
      Thanks for reading. I'm the same, I read but don't always comment.