Saturday, May 26, 2018

The Kind of Mornings We’ve Waited For, Water Fill, Clemson Gets Drugs, Daughter Visit, Laundry, Garage Sales, Brief Storm

On Friday, May 25th I woke up at 5:30 and tossed and turned a few times trying to go back to sleep. It feels like the ‘gator roll’ we see on Swamp People because I go from side to back to other side to front to side again before giving it up altogether. I got up at 7 and Bill followed soon after. Windows were open and the duvet was up and down a few times through the night. It was a great night for sleeping.

This is a cute depiction in a Vet's office
We made our tea and coffee and read comments and blog posts from our friends. Nice to catch up with what they are up to, kind of like a ‘Good morning’ called across the campground. I stepped outside in my skivvies, as Daddy would say, (my pjs) to retrieve more bottles of water from the basement. This is the kind of morning I’ve been longing for! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous and 60F/15C. The slight breeze feels refreshing.

Clemson waits his turn
At 8 we ‘let sleeping dogs lie’ and drove over to the Acreage to fill our water bladder. Bill drove to the back with Gerry and Donna and I sat at the front and enjoyed the sun in their King’s chairs. We visited for half hour and headed home. Bill transferred water while I cooked breakfast and then cleaned up dishes after he was finished. We also needed propane so he loaded the tank in the bed of the truck for our later trip into town.
and these dogs waited patiently too
Clemson had an appointment with the vet at 11 am to get his distemper/hepatitis and 2 things I can’t pronounce shot and a blood test for heart worm. He was very good but naturally fidgety with all the poking and prodding. He has lost a bit of weight so we both are curious how we can follow his diet. Hmmm. We also picked up his Revolution solution for fleas and ticks. He came out of there with a bandage on his ‘arm’ , feeling proud of his bragging rights and we came out with emptier wallets.

"I'm okay and pretty 'cool' in my bandaid"
Back home, I changed and continued with my rock/stone clearing project. It is quite warm out there at 82F already at noon hour so I took lots of breaks and drank lots of water. With the small rocks spread on the laneway and the big rocks dumped by the Restroom, I came inside with Clemson. He needed a bath, his backside tends to get dirty at certain times so into the sink he went. One of us can do this but two makes it easier. It's a family affair, usually.

Hard at it
Before I went out to work on the smaller rocky areas, I made us each an ice cream cone. Breakfast was early and supper would be as well, so an early afternoon snack was in order to tide us over until 4:30. We shared the last inch of each of our cones with Mr. Mooch and then I went back outside to dig more rocks. Bit by bit it is looking more promising. I’ll need to get some top soil to spread over the area and then sprinkle it with grass seed. After that, it will be up to nature.

Pretty little Chevy in town for sale
Bill was out working on the generator. When in town, we filled the gas can and also refilled our 40-lb propane tank. There is still an unknown problem, the Champion doesn’t run with what should be normal power. He hasn’t given up yet but if Bill can’t figure it out, he’ll take it up the road to North Line Repair Service. This guy is a neighbour, 2 lanes up and we hear he is pretty good at what he does.

When I came inside, I was so hot that I hopped in the shower right away and kept the water temperature at cool. That felt so nice! I sorted the dirty clothes for an early morning trip to the Durham Laundromat. Hoping soon after I get up, I’ll get in there since it opens at 7. The weather will determine if I dry them there or bring them home to hang. Fingers crossed!

Love lasagna
At 4:30 Bill plugged us into power so I could run the microwave for 10 minutes to reheat our lasagna. We’d invited ourselves to Bill’s oldest daughter, Yvonne’s (the birthday girl) for a visit since we hadn’t seen Dennis and the 4 boys since we’d returned home in April. We have gifts for them and we were happy to hear they would be home tonight. It is so hard to pin these kids and grandkids down with all of the things going on in their lives.

A pleasant evening drive
 With dishes cleaned up, we put Clemson in charge with a couple of treats at 5:30 and drove to Tavistock. This weather is something else. Sitting at 84F/29C and that makes the decision of what to wear easy. I doubt it will cool down too much but I’ll take a sweater along just in case. The Suite is warm but there is a lovely breeze coming in the windows. The little bum will sleep most of the time while we’re away so we'll hardly be missed.

I'm never sure if this is a business or residential home
It is an hour and a half and the sky remained blue the whole way so it was a pleasant drive. Their neighbor had just backed a 37.7’ Grand Design Solitude into the driveway so Bill, of course, had to chit chat with them for a couple of minutes. Our friends own a Solitude and we know they are very happy with it. Somebody is doing something right when a young couple in their 30’s can afford such a large, new, house, truck and rv. Good for them! However, because it 'just' barely fits in the drive, it is a bit of an eyesore in a new sub-division, blocking the view from Yvonne's house up the street. There may be some complaints registered from a few residents.

through the smudges on the windshield, two mature Mennonites are heading out for the evening

Dennis and Yvonne were inside and we moved outside onto the beautiful sitting area on their deck. They have been in this place in Tavi for 10 years and that just doesn’t seem possible. They have done a lot of work to the property as it was newly built when they bought. We had a couple of drinks together, caught up, talked about Dad/her Grandpa and soon Carter, Zach, Connor and finally the 16 yr. old heart throb, Braeden came home to greet us. He'd blush at that but soon his brothers will be called the same thing.

It's hard to catch the boys together and sometimes individually
this is young, Zach, one of the twins

Enjoying a drink together
Bill, Yvonne and Dennis
 They liked their t-shirts and Yvonne really liked her funky Arizona/Mexico purse. The time went by easily and at one-point Connor and Dennis started a fire in the back yard at their fire pit. Ten-year-old Bella sauntered around the property, sad to see our dogs age, she is a sweetheart and has calmed down considerably since we first met her, as they naturally do.

They have a lovely backyard

And I was amazed at the size of her hostas
Bella poses for me but I had to be persistent

Connor on the left, trying to play shy
It was around 9:30 when we said our goodbyes and drove home. I could hardly keep my eyes open so relaxed with my seat back for a bit. I can’t sleep in a car anyway but rested. I sat up in Teviotdale when Bill commented on fireworks going off. Someone was celebrating the American Memorial Day and a beautiful night to set them off. I knew Bill was getting droopy eyes too so we talked a bit and soon enough, we reached Durham.

It's blurry but Connor enjoys the fire
After letting Clemson out, Bill followed me to bed and I know I was gone in a very few minutes. There was no need for the duvet tonight so we covered in a sheet only and with a few windows wide open, had a peaceful night’s sleep. This was a busy day and we enjoyed it very much.

Sunset over the rooftops in Tavistock
Saturday, May 26th began with us waking and rising around 6:30. Another wonderful sleep for me, my body felt that it needed it after all the digging yesterday. Bill made our coffee and tea ‘to go’ as I was heading directly into Durham and he was heading out to the riding mower to cut grass.

I was the first one in the laundromat and loaded 3 machines before taking my laptop to the bench outside to catch up on my blog. I’m getting lackadaisical in not finishing my daily posts but life is moving quickly and that is more important. I know you have all been there and totally understand where I’m coming from.

Woohoo! My first iris!
I had a nice conversation with a young lady also doing her laundry and we parted ways after the wash loads. I went in search of a garage sale. I’m looking for a couple of large outdoor flower pots for 2 tomato plants. The only sale I found was that of a British lady, Dawn, "like the morning" who stole my heart. Her idea of garage sale is exactly what I love. Low, low prices ‘just so things won’t go to a landfill’ and a nice variety of smalls. Things that you have to hunt through to see what treasures are within.

Hardly a breeze but lots of heat to dry them today
Notice the dead tree in the background, now that is personality!
 I found a couple of perfect aptly designed (for rv cupboards) containers and pair of dripless teapot clips. 

These are great storage containers with seal-tight lids and slim designs for my narrow pantry
I never knew there were such things but you can bet they will go in my purse for those silly China made stainless steel teapots in restaurants that drip all over the table when pouring. For $1? Are you kidding me? SOLD!

Bill just about finished the grass cutting
Before I left I was politely informed of the 5 boxes of candles that she had marked ‘free’. I kindly informed her, no thank you to the boxes but did choose about 10 that would be good to melt down for my homemade firestarters. She said I was welcome back later to pick up the boxes.  Such a card. We had a fun connection and I drove home and relayed my whereabouts to Bill, who was wondering if I was okay, being later than expected.

He is getting to be a pro on the slopes
I hung the clothes but had to put on a long sleeve top to do so, the little black flies were up on the hill trying to snack on my exposed flesh again. Bill told me that perhaps I should go back and pick up her candles and it would be another project for me, making a batch of the starters. Hmm. He hopped on the mower to finish cutting the back field and the berm behind us. When I saw he was about finished, I lit the Weber and fried up breakfast. The timing was perfect!

the eggs are bunched together to keep warm while waiting for Bill
Once I’d cleaned up dishes, I drove back into town to snafu more candles. She was, of course, delighted and tickled to see me back again and offered to help load them in my car. I told you she was a lovely lady. Unfortunately, when I sorted through the boxes, many of them were in containers and that was more trouble that it was worth for me to take them. I took any candles without painted decorations and glass, metal, plastic pots and she was quite happy about that.

Lilac Burst

Surprising to me, I found some almost new scented candles in glass jars that will go into my cupboard to burn in the Suite. Lilac, buttered rum and cranberry to name a few that will bring hours of fragrance.  

A few of the many candles I brought home
Of course, one more thing caught my eye and I picked up a Brita water jug for .50, just perfect for my Beer Margaritas, taking up less fridge space. Oh Deb D. what have you done? 😊

Beer margarita, yum
When I left there, I was still on a mission for finding pots and now to find a metal pan to melt the candles on the bbq. I drove to another recommended yard sale. No luck with my search but I met the most beautiful greyhound while there. His name is Parker and because I know Bill is fond of these dogs, I asked for a photo. He took to me and instantly while petting him, he leaned up against me. So gentle, just loving the attention.
Parker and his Daddy, a pretty tiger striped beauty

Posing for the picture
Back home, Bill was putting together some well-thought words for a short speech he’ll be making at Dad’s memorial service on Monday. When he finished, I typed them up for him and once plugged in we can print them off. Bill has no trouble speaking in front of people and often can ad-lib better than most. I love that about him and always have. This will no doubt be one of the hardest he’ll ever have to recite.

Our own little beauty sits under the awning with me

The skies darken
 The skies began darkening around 2:30 so we brought the dried clothes in off the line and I settled under the awning with my book until the spatters of rain blew in, chasing me inside. It grumbled, rained steady for about an hour before at 4 the sky once more calmed and let some blue through again. Just like the weather people said it would. Imagine that!

And thunder and rain make an appearance for about an hour
Supper tonight will either be bbq’d hamburgers or the last serving of lasagna. Either one will be fine by me. Whatever is left will be eaten tomorrow. Donna and Gerry have been enjoying their time at the Acreage since Thursday night, only interrupted by a work trip into Hanover this morning. I’m so happy that they are spending time out there with their new 5th wheel and that the weather is co-operating.

A picture of our summer home
The brown area is almost 'rock-free' and hopefully will soon
be green
This has been a great couple of days and it feels good to be slowing down a bit. We still have things to do, more rocks to dig, top soil and grass seed to spread but the in-between times are used well too with hobbies and happy hours. I hope your days have been enjoyable too.

And the blue sky returns
By the time I posted this at 5:30, the clouds were completely gone again
Thanks for peeking in to see what we’re up to! Leave a comment if you wish, I love hearing from you.


  1. Wow you have been busy! Clemson is so cute coming out of the vet with his bandaid..Lasagna looks awesome. You guys are tough, after the day of work etc to drive and hour and half to Yvonne's. They do have a lovely home and yard! The boys are adorable. Garage sales are so much fun. Love the Beer Margarita holder! Those are tasty! Even though the skies darkened it's still beautiful! Your summer home looks beautiful. Glad to hear Donna and Gerry are enjoying their place too!

    1. Thank you guys for your comment. It's awesome how you comment on things, by the time I get to the bottom, I've forgotten what I wanted to say. LOL
      I think 'summer' is here early and this weather is making everything grow so fast.
      it feels good to work hard now and reap the benefits later.
      Take care!

  2. Keeping busy is good for you , getting things taken care of a visiting with family , now to enjoy some wonderful warm summer days.

    1. Right now, especially, it is good to keep our minds occupied, Bill needs that.
      Beautiful days are afoot! yay!

  3. I'd love to try the beer marqurita, could you please post the recipe again for us?
    Love your blog.