Thursday, May 17, 2018

To the Dump, Dump, Dump, Chipping off the Old Block, Grass Cutting

On Thursday, May 17th Bill and I both woke up and rose about the same time. It was 7 am. I slept well, again with calamine lotion and an ice pack on my shoulder. It is crazy how itchy a bite can be! We had our tea and coffee and did our reading together. Bill soon got washed and went out to load the box of Black Beauty with all of our ‘junk’, while I did the same. True dump junk.

To the dump
We drove to the Durham dump, which is really nice and close and the gentleman asked for $6 for the load. Perfect! Eventually, this will be a process by driving on the scales before and after dumping so it will probably increase what his ‘trained eye’ relates to dollars and cents. When we left there, we stopped at the Acreage to see what the plan was for the day. Bill and Gerry were going to use b.i.l. John’s chipper to clean up the branches they’d trimmed to bring their trailer in.

Entering the dump, we can see the weigh scales in process
No one knows yet when they will be put into play
My intention was not to hang around there while they worked, Donna would be busy with her own stuff anyway. I wanted to stay home and cut the grass areas that I look after. There is a breeze here at the Ridge so hopefully the flies will not be as bothersome today and I’ll wear the appropriate clothing while I cut. I have a few more bites and they are places that ‘were’ covered! I’m trying hard to avoid scratching them.
My daffodils had babies!
So, we drove home so Bill could change into working duds, get another coffee-to-go and something to eat. He left with gloves (he says I checked 3X already!) and his bug hat at 10 to go back and help Gerry. They are so sheltered at the Acreage that the breeze is often non-existent BUT the bugs are horrible. After I finished my tea, I needed to find a long sleeve collared shirt that I could tuck the netting of my hat into and yet something lightweight enough so as not to be uncomfortable.

I thought the line between cut and uncut would show up better
but trust me, this lawn is only half done
Jotting a few things in today’s post brought us up to date and I went about my chores before it got too warm. I began by pulling the lawn mower out of the shed. It is battery powered and so we weren’t sure how charged the battery was but it sounded powerful from the minute I started. Cutting first around the shed, the restroom and down the lane beside the corral. By the time I got halfway done the main area of our front ‘yard’, the battery was running out. Hmm. I plugged it in and that will be grass cutting for the day.

The teeny little house flies are the ones prominent today, all around my ‘netted’ face, trying their darnedest to bite me. And they do bite. The next thing on the list was to finish with the rock piling and that I can do as slow and leisurely as I want. It took about 10 or 12 trips back and forth between the 30’ which was less than I imagined. At 12 noon, I was done all I was going to do without eating so just sat in the king chairs and rested while I finished my water. The flies were having a heyday.

Can you believe the flies I'm being protected from?
Donna texted to tell me that she was feeding the boys lunch which is great. That means I can fix myself something. My something again is another bowl of soup with a glass of milk and a yogourt cup. After taking my hat, and long-sleeved shirt off inside to eat, I noticed that I have a few more bites to deal with. The thermometer says it is only 64F/18C outside and it is amazing how warm that is in the sunshine. We say that when we are in Arizona too but it is definitely a different heat.

Before heading back outside, I cleaned the few dishes up and tried to wrap my head around what to have for supper. We are out of burger and sausage buns, so the easy meals are off the menu. I’ll have to pull something out of the freezer so it will be thawed. Need to put my thinking cap on as Bill isn’t here to ask at the moment. Still with no clear vision on that subject, I went outside just before 1 to whipper-snip the weeds around edges and buildings, fences and gardens.

Close up of our black flies
Thankfully, I have a feather-weight weed-eater for this job. Bill’s is too heavy for me and wears me out really quickly. I see that mine has a full tank of gas so that is perfect and it started up really easy. Double perfect! It took me a minute or two to remember how to maneuver the thing as I hold it differently than probably any other gardener in the province, well, maybe the world. It works for me and that enables me to keep going for the next almost 2 hours with only a couple of breaks.

As I was thinking about quitting for the day, I thought I should do the front ‘yard’ trimming even though it isn’t all cut yet. It was when I was working around the little trees that out of the corner of my eye, Black Beauty appears. Good timing! I was just about to quit. We chatted for a bit, talking about what we had each accomplished and what couldn’t get done before Bill announced that since it was only 2:30, he wanted to cut some of the grass.

the rocks have all been moved so Bill can cut the other area
No problem, there were a few spots that I noticed I missed so pulled the cord once more and finished tidying up. He was still going when I finally called it for the day. Clemson came outside and we tried to sit outside for a while together but as soon as I sat with him on my lap, the flies encircled us. I was okay with all my cover-gear still on but I felt bad for the little fur ball, so inside we came. It is discouraging and if you don’t have them, consider yourself very lucky. I know this too shall pass.

the rock piles are gone
With all the little jobs today, I have walked almost 7 miles today. Guess who is going to be useless tomorrow? Back inside, I have finally decided what to have for supper. Yesterday, I had thawed a pork chop for Bill, should he be home on time to eat with me so it is still in the fridge. I pulled out a chicken thigh from the freezer and voila! Decision made.
The hills in the corral are difficult to cut, so I whipper-snipped the sides
where rocks nestle and the flat summit
Bill cut the valley area with the riding mower
Salad ingredients are scarce too but I should be able to whip something up or even have a potato on the side. Hmm, baked potato would be yummy IF I only had sour cream! LOL, we need to get to Foodland in the morning. Don’t feel sorry for us, we have plenty of choices and the store is just a hop, skip and jump away. We’ve just procrastinated when it comes to buying groceries.

When I noticed that Bill was just about finished cutting the lawn in the front field, Clemson and I took a walk down. On the way back, the little bum scooted with a determined trot ahead of me while I swatted at the flies around my face. I know what he had on his mind, it was almost his supper time. Bill followed us up the lane and did the hill beside the corral before moving in and doing the flat part inside the corral.
Bill cutting the front field
Sorry Deb D. - no more dandelions
When he came inside, Clemson and I were dozing in the chair. I can feel an early bedtime tonight and hopefully an easy day tomorrow. Bill lit the barbecue around 6:30 and I prepared what needs to be grilled. I decided on a potato and some corn as our side dish and it tasted great. After dishes and before bed we hopped in the shower to get the bug spray washed off and then applied Calamine lotion to our bites. Could be a restless night.

and coming up the hill
You won't recognize him because he is also wearing
his protective bug hat
I hope you have enjoyed your day. I do believe we are experiencing some real spring weather!
And before settling into the evening, bug free, we enjoyed our
barbecued dinner
Good night from the Ridge!
Thank you for taking the time to catch up with us today. I enjoy reading your comments if you wish to leave one.    


  1. You're working too hard!!!! But your lawns look awesome!!!

    1. I know! We need a day off! Thanks Nancy.
      Btw, look who's talking!!! :)

    2. I had no idea you had biting black flies ... how annoying!! Hope you can keep the bug bites to a minimum. You are right, ice packs usually work for me along with benadryl.

  2. Sounds like you are having too much fun , the battle of the bugs.
    You ever try Benadryl for the itch, and bug bites, works perfect for me.

    1. The Battle of the bugs , good name.
      Bill just asked this morning if we had Benadryl and we do, so this morning I took 2 as I am very uncomfortable with the bites right now. Thanks George!

  3. My goodness... you about wore ME out with all that work!! Looks beautiful all nicely mowed and trimmed though.

  4. Oh Patsy those flies are horrible! Sorry for the itchy bites. Hoping the flies die off soon! You are some worker bees that's for sure! The Ridge looks beautiful you deserve some time off! When you're talking about what's for dinner and don't have this and that we're in the same boat, headed to Winco this morning. Have a great day you two!