Sunday, May 13, 2018

Limber Legs, Feet Forward, Walking for Mom, Evening Company

On Saturday, May 12th I woke up before Bill and got up at 6:30 for my tea. He joined me soon after and then Clemson by 7:30. We finished our brews and read blogger posts until it was time for me to get dressed and ready to go. Today was the Annual Walk for Alzheimer’s at Kelso Beach in Owen Sound. Trying to figure out what to wear was the hardest part.

Driving to Owen Sound, the sky was looking promising
It was a cool morning with a slim chance of showers. Once I layered up, I left the Suite at 8:15 to meet Donna and the girls at Rockwood Terrace. It was a good place to leave the Toyota for the morning. 

Gayle had obligations elsewhere so couldn't join us for the walk
We stopped at her cottage style home to pick up her donations
I felt quite good about my choice of clothing but when we stepped out of the car at our destination, the chill wind along the Sydenham River hit me and I second guessed my attire. Nothing to do for it now, but I put my hood up and utilized the neckerchief that all registrants got for walking.

We were bundled but prepped before the walk
Donna, Wendy, Joanne, Cathy, me
Morgan (our logo designer) with her scooter in front
The walk started at 10:15 after a few brief speeches. Off and running. Cathy, my older sister, was unsure how she would manage with her cane but she strutted along as good or better than most. Cathy had back surgery last fall shortly after we left the area so we were quite proud of whatever effort she could make. The walk took 45 minutes along the river from beginning to end and the sun shone brightly for the most part.

It was a great turnout
Walkers, sponsors, pooches and little people
Oh and we high fived Buddy Bear
 After walking, I poured a coffee and grabbed a tangerine to munch on. Then I realized the Grey County Beef Farmers Assoc. sponsored the event and provided delicious little sliders for lunch. Such tender beef and with a little horseradish and mustard, it sure slid down into our tummies. We said goodbye to Wendy and Morgan, Morgan scooted along the walk today, and Donna drove us back to Durham where I hopped in my car and headed home.

The young gals with the signs were smiling and encouraging us along the walk
The top picture on the right is where we met the walkers on their way back
Bill was just finishing his project, the rack for holding the kayaks during the summer. Great job!  We both came in and had a bite to eat before going back out to see what we can get into this afternoon. I feel tired now that I’m sitting but want to stay active rather than get lazy. Bill went out to gather the logs we cut the other day and then tighten the lines to the Suite’s hydraulic landing gear.

Beef sliders hit the spot after our walk

I helped him with a few logs and then raked the end of the corral where the trees dropped twigs and branches. As I was loading up the wheelbarrow, Donna and Gerry drove in to invite us over to see their trailer. Bill hadn’t seen it yet so we tidied up things here and drove over 2 concessions to the Acreage. Mike was also there and hopped onto the tailgate and rode back with us to the back. As I’ve mentioned before, it is a very nice Landmark and Bill was duly impressed. There were just a couple of things that Bill was able to show them, the air mattress in the sofa being one of those things.
My niece, Morgan
Clemson followed Mike as he walked up the crooked road through the woods so I had to go looking for him. There is nothing wrong with that little bum, you know. We worry about him but there were no signs present of him slowing down, running all the way, back and forth. Bill filled our water bladder before we said goodbye to Donna, Gerry and Mike and drove home.

The initial planning and building stage

Bill was busy too and built this rack for summer kayak storage

It doesn't take up any more space than required on the back of our storage shed
I was feeling pretty tired, after all I was up at 6:30 and had walked a fair bit today already. I knew there was nothing else on my agenda so I sat outside with Bill as he transferred water into our fresh water tank from the bladder. We took turns stoking the fire in our pit and burned a lot of gathered paperwork, envelopes and other paraphernalia. The sun on my face felt absolutely amazing and I enjoyed the hour just sitting.
Cutting a wee bit of grass behind the shed
It is growing fast now!
Sitting by the fire but not for the heat
The sun was warm enough today
Our supervisor dozed off on my jacket
At 6 Bill lit the Weber and I prepared a chicken thigh for me and a pork chop for him. I had enough potatoes leftover from the other night so cut them up and wrapped them in foil with butter and carrots and wrapped some frozen corn in foil for Bill as well. Within 30 minutes we were sitting down eating when we noticed a very pretty GMC pull in the driveway. Not to scare them away, we invited them in to chat while we finished.
Testing to see how comfy their air mattress would be for guests
We had a lovely visit with Rob and Pat for about an hour and a half and walked out with them to say goodnight. That is what we like about our friends. They feel welcome enough to just drop in. We’ve done that to them often enough and it felt really nice. We told them to go straight home, no gravel running (except from our lane to Baptist Church Road) and to behave themselves. It was neat to see them in his pretty red truck.

We came inside and cleaned up the few dishes. Included in the dishes, Bill washed up the new Tfal frypans he bought me from Costco. Call it a Mother’s Day gift if you will or call it a nice gesture, it doesn’t matter. I wanted the pans and now I have them. Out with the old and in with the new, I will be sure not to use metal utensils on these! 

Nice to have surprise company
Pat wearing the Infinity scarf I gave her
I knew I wouldn’t last long once I sat in my chair but could hardly keep my eyes open sitting here at my laptop. I think I’m looking at a morning post when I can download my pictures with clarity.

Empty nesting down in the corral
This pretty chubby goldfinch landed on our ladder to see what I was doing
I hope you have enjoyed your day as much as I have mine. It has been wonderful and an even nicer one on the horizon for tomorrow!

Sunflower Marchers for Memory
For Mom/Grandma
I’m so happy that you stopped in today to see what we’re up to. I’d love to hear from you.


  1. Goldfinch? Don't think I've ever seen one. Great image. How nice of you all too walk for Alzheimers. It's such an awful disease.

    Clemson looks pretty comfy. It's funny he alway wants to lay on your jackets. Mine love to lay in the sun!!

    1. There are so many around here right now. It is our second year to walk and we are happy to support the cause in any way we can. Close to home for us.
      Clemson can't wait for us to take a jacket off so he can sit on it. LOL

  2. Happy Mother's Day Patsy!! What a great day and nice that you all walk, even Morgan at her young age, way to raise her! (even if she scootered)..Love the kayak holders, Great job Bill! I like when friends feel comfortable enough to drop by. Your dinner looked perfect and I bet the sliders were really tasty. Have a wonderful day!

    1. Thanks Shirley, hope you had a great one too! Morgan is quiet and shy but a sweet young girl. She is a mini-Wendy and they are attached at the hip. :)
      Bill did do a great job for the kayaks and now has room for his plane-building table.
      We love it when company drops in too. The weather is getting better so easier and easier to have great outside days! :)

  3. Sounds like a great day doing the walk and spending the afternoon outside with this wonderful weather. Nice to See Rob and Pat again.

    1. The days are getting warmer and warmer, yay!
      Rob and Pat were out with the red truck and we were glad they felt comfortable enough to just drop in. :)