Sunday, May 6, 2018

Home on the Ridge, Mom’s Visit, Working on Storage

It was 6:30 when I crawled out of bed. I make sure to do my leg stretches so I am flexible immediately after my first movement. No creaks or body complaints that way. Bill was up before me maybe by 15 minutes, I’m not sure. We had our morning brew together and read some blogger posts before Bill put on his ‘grub clothes’ and went out to empty the shelves in the storage shed.

I was slower drinking my tea but soon got dressed in similar attire and went out too. We wanted to rearrange the shed to firstly get rid of ‘stuff’, junk and other stuff. Some of it is sell-able but we needed to make sure those things were in good condition. While he emptied that shed I rearranged things in the bunky back to the way they were before. I was trying to free up space but it just wasn’t working any better.

the pond picture

Joining Bill, we discussed a new arrangement for our storage and he set about moving racks around. Clemson was outside with us and was pretty much enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. We just had to do a check once in a while to see where he was. He had a tendency last summer to take off the down the laneway. Just because he is a ‘big boy’ now doesn’t mean he can wander on his own.

Clemson sat for a while with us doing what he does best
Around 10 I began frying our bacon and eggs for breakfast and called Bill in when it was ready. Time was zipping by and I had to rush a bit to get cleaned up as I’d planned to visit Mom around 11. Bill started dishes and I dried them before heading out the door for Durham. Arriving on time, the elevator was working better and faster this time. Mom was in her room with her door closed but very happy when I peeked my head in.

We had another lovely visit, with a walk down the hall to look at the plant seedlings in the sitting rooms. It is interesting how the knowledge of plants also escapes her because of this horrible disease. Mom was always quite the gardener, inside and out and could name them instantly. I’ve never had her ability or the same green thumb but found I was the one refreshing her memory of the African Violet, tomato plants and Ivy. We talked about her television on her entertainment unit and she was quite happy for me to take it out of there. I replaced the empty space with her little stereo/cd player and think she will use that a lot more now.

Half of Mom's babies
We sat them up in a sitting position so they could look at us
Mom was concerned about the hair on the one and wished she had a hat for her too
I told her it was today's style and it was fine
I went down with her to her lunch table and once again, she was the entertainment on the ride down. She always gets people smiling, laughing and chatting. Before leaving the dining room, I stopped and greeted Aunt Mary at her table. She also welcomed me with a smile and held out her left hand for mine. Brief but still very nice to see her. As I walked towards the door, turning back, Mom waved many times until I was no longer in view. She looked so pretty in her pink sweater today and I could see her easily across the room.
Moving the shelves around gives us a more open space
The clothing rack went in the middle at the back wall
The garden tractor will go in the middle but this shows where
Bill can set up a table to work on airplanes in here
Back home together, Bill and I put up our pup tent, our gazebo canopy and used the new air compressor to blow up the inflatable boat. Everything was fine to sell. Then we pulled down 2 of our 4 gravity chairs and decided which 2 we were going to put up for sale. No way do we need 4 of them. There are a couple of other things we want to try and get some cash for too, better in our pocket if we aren’t using them.

Bill empties the storage shed

A big pile of junk
Not the bikes, lawn mower or truck flaps, of course
We were able to move the portable coat rack into the storage shed so it can stay up all year. Last winter, it was in the bunky with our spare winter boots and coats so we didn’t have to take them south with us. After taking photos of the items we were selling, we packed those up again. There was a new pile of garbage that Bill decided he/we didn’t need and a couple of things I even had a say in! It is just nice to get rid of things.😊 

His windsock finally flies
We hopped in the truck around 2:30 and drove over to the Acreage to fill our water bladder. Gerry was there cleaning up some of the items in their outside trailer compartments and trimming even more branches. We chatted briefly and drove back home. I was feeling kapooped so avoided sitting in my chair for a while by hanging the ‘new to me’ clothes in the closet and tucking some in drawers. I’m very pleased with what I came home with.

today's pond photo
Bill was in and out adding the fresh water to our tank and the rain was teasing him, off and on. It was cooling off too so I closed the windows in the Suite to keep the air warm inside. Adding more to my post, I finally gave in to a need to rest and sat in my recliner with my book. I know I dropped off after reading a chapter but soon woke when Bill came in.

This little guy was hungry
took this on one of my walks down the lane today
Looking to the west
Supper was easy, leftovers. Meatloaf, potatoes and I made a salad for on the side. It was just as good the second night as the first. We cleaned up dishes and by 7 we were ready to relax for the night. I didn’t take many pictures today at all so will call it a night here. This has been a good day made better by the time I spent with Mom. I hope your day was as fulfilling.

We are quite hidden from the road view
Good night all
Thank you for stopping by. I love hearing from you and will read every comment and respond accordingly.


  1. I can't believe how good it feels to get rid of so much stuff! Being organized helps too. Looks like you've got it together!!

    1. It does feel good cleaning/purging stuff! Crazy how we still manage to collect.
      Thanks, we're trying to be organized but that's another wagon we still fall off on occasion!

  2. Nice to get things cleaned up and rid of "stuff" enjoying you time outside as well.

  3. OMG you had some trouble of your own. Just being caught up on blogs and things are happening elsewhere too I realized. Hopefully the summertime will be good at the Ridge and I am looking forward to seeing your garden showing some nice colours. You guys are always doing so much work there and it will show.

    1. Yes, but minor trouble is all. :) Could have been so much worse.
      Thank you, I'm looking forward to a fun summer up here, some gardening, lots of relaxing, lovely Mom visits and so much more! :)

  4. Looks like you guys had an awesome day. Looks so beautiful out. It is always nice to clean out the house to get organized. Thanks for the share, keep up the posts.
    World of Animals

    1. thank you! We've had some productive days and the weather sure helps!