Thursday, May 3, 2018

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO US! Errands to Run, Friends to Visit

Before I went to bed last night at 10, I took some Tylenol. After my work yesterday, the muscles along my mid to upper back were aching. I’m sure sitting in my chair for the evening didn’t do anything to help either. Regardless, I’m happy I did what I did, I had a great sleep and woke to a rainy day which means a day of rest from strenuous chores today!

I thought you'd be able to see the rain drops
On Thursday, May 3rd I woke up around 6:15 when Bill and Clemson got up but lingered in bed until 6:45 or so. Bill was first to wish me Happy Anniversary so I handed him his card. I haven’t shown him the changes on our perpetual calendar yet but before the day is out, I will. We had our hot drinks together and read blog posts from yesterday. Catching up with our blogger friends makes for a good morning start up.
We followed this van through Durham, I love the murals on vehicles
Looks inviting, doesn't it?
Bill hopped in the shower after having a bowl of cereal and I had some yogourt and a banana. It was around 8:30 when we drove into Durham first to buy stamps and pick up Mom’s completed Income Tax and then to Hanover to First Choice Haircutters. We got our hair cut together and both feel much better walking out of the Shoppe. Mine is a tad shorter than I’d originally planned but I’m quite happy with having my neck bare for the summer heat. We picked up bread at the Bread Depot so Bill will be happy with his favourite sandwich makers!

A bit fuzzy, but we are happy with our new dos
We drove to Mount Forest from there and Bill picked up the tube for his riding mower tire and some other new ‘toy’. I won’t tell you about it, that is his option if and when he writes another post. On the way home, we stopped at the West Grey Meat Market and picked up a freezer pack of mixed meats. It is a great deal for us and we get ground beef, pork loin chops, sirloin steaks, sausage and a beef roast. All good things we like to eat!

Bill's perpetual calendar that gets updated every anniversary date
Back home, I made an egg and bacon western for each of us. I’m out of my tortilla wraps so had mine in toast as well. I’ll try not to do that too often but it was so tasty! We cleaned up the dishes and then I went for a walk to get our mail. We are still waiting for a couple of pieces to come from Ford.  I think it was a combination of our past two busy days that caused us all to go upstairs for an afternoon snooze. I didn’t think I was going to drop off but an hour later when I looked at the clock that was proven wrong.
I tried really hard not to wake my sleeping beauties
The way Clemson curls up on Bill's arm is priceless
Once more we left Clemson in charge again and drove back into Durham to return Rob’s chain saw and thank him for the loaner when we needed it. He is a great friend and is always offering assistance one way or another. They invited us in so we sat and had a lovely afternoon happy hour together. No drinking was involved this time, although the offer was certainly made. We had a nice relaxing chit chat.

Patsy Patsy Quite Contrary, How do your plantings grow?
From there we drove to the Movie Store where I picked up the movie I ordered last week. Yay! Now we have a copy of Bridges of Madison County of our very own. It seems to have brightened up outside, hovering around 55F/13C but the rain at least stopped this morning around 10. I’m still glad I’m not working in the brush today. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for it anyway.

*sigh* The chic flick we both love to watch
Once back home, I caught up a bit more on the post, Bill did some banking and Clemson got his supper. On time today, 5 o’clock on the dot. We relaxed for an hour before deciding that I would bake sausage for supper. I was hoping we could barbecue them but we easily opted for this instead, since we were plugged in to electric.

Can you see him?
Now you can!
This has been a good day and the weather has not really dampened any plans. I hope you can say the same. I do believe the bulk of the rain missed us today but wow, are things every growing everywhere we look. I didn’t get many pictures taken today simply because it was dull and wet so I’ll close this up before you fall asleep.

Nice to see the grass greening up as well
I haven't raked this area yet, but I will get rid of the dead grass
Thanks for stopping in today. If you wish to leave a comment, I would love to read it.


  1. Happy Anniversary and please send any rain you don't want down here to Okla.!! We'll take it. We've had terrible fires because of the lack of rain here.
    Don in Okla.

    1. thank you Don for the wishes and I'm packing up a barrel of rain as we speak!
      I wish it were that easy to exchange weather, we'd take some heat for sure!

  2. Happy Anniversary , and as always enjoyed your pictures and blog , Vern in Boise Id.

  3. Happy Anniversary guys and many more,sounds like a fun day. You had Happy hour with Rob and Pat and no tea? Oh my..

    1. Thanks guys. No tea although Pat offered it. We had just eaten at home and finished a tea. :)

  4. Happy Anniversary! Clemson is a snuggle bunny! Love your hair. Short or shorter hair, always makes women look younger!!!

    1. thank you! Clemson IS definitely a snuggle bunny. thanks, it feels funny not having hair on my neck, but I like it for the summer. :)

  5. Happy Anniversary! "Are you supposed to be in Iowa"...."yes"...."then you are not lost". I love that line. Elva Shannon

    1. Thank you Elva. Nice to hear from you!
      Yes, I totally love that movie. There are so many lines that are classic to me. :)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thank you Greg. May you have a great weekend too!

    2. Thank you! I had a great weekend with the beautiful weather we ended up having here.

  7. I love that movie and Clint Eastwood, the problem now is Meryl, if only she could keep politics out of it! uhh. the book was amazing. Looks like an awesome day and I love your hair cut Patsy..Bill is cute too..just saying. Love the perpetual calendar what a great idea! Happy Anniversary you two! :))