Saturday, May 19, 2018

Overcast, Early Cash, Swapping Out Garden Tools, Puttering

I heard Bill get up with Clemson at 5:30 to go out for his piddle on Saturday, May 19th and then heard them crawl back in. We all dropped off again immediately. I think it was 10 when Bill woke me up in my chair last night and said “Let’s go to bed”. That doesn’t happen often, I am usually fully aware of when I can’t keep my eyes open and go myself.
Bill backed up to the hill and loaded the chipper using wood plank ramps
I dozed a lot yesterday and today I’m already, at noon feeling draggy. I slept for almost 9 solid hours last night. I’ve come to the conclusion that the Benadryl is drowse-inducing but I’m not about to stop taking them right now until the itch eases. It’s no toss up for me, it is the lesser of two evils to take the meds. As Bill and I were at the table having our morning brew, my phone rang. ‘Lucy’ was interested in coming to see my food processor. Yay!

We arrived at Cedarhaven (Gayle and John's)

Going up their beautiful cedar and periwinkle line driveway
After giving her directions, she arrived within 20 minutes. Checked it out and the cash was in our pocket before 9:30. We loaded the wood chipper and Clemson in the truck and drove to Chatsworth, to Gayle and John’s. Bill unloaded their chipper and loaded the rotor tiller, easy! We chatted with my sister for a bit and scooted home.

Back home, backed up to the hill again to unload the tiller
We’d had very few spatters of rain early morning but nothing to deter anything we wanted to do. The sky would lighten up and then darken again and drop a few more sprinkles. The temperature is bouncing around 59F/15C and there is a bit of a breeze today. Back home, Bill offloaded the machine and started on my garden. The earth looks really good, nice for planting.

unloading the tiller
Before finishing he asked if I’d like to make my garden bigger, “Now is the time”. “Yes!” So, he added an extra 3’ to the area east of the present plot. The rest is up to me and I’ll rake the grass out and remove the big rocks that he dug up. I’m excited now to start getting things in the ground. I made breakfast, bacon, eggs and croissants before we returned the tiller to John. Now they can take the time they need to do their garden.
We drove home through Hanover, stopping at the Bread Depot and Home Hardware. 

This was the size of my original garden
Bill purchased a bracket hanger for my weed trimmer in the shed and I perused the birdseed aisle and the packets of seeds. I think I’ll also try planting some carrots this year. It is something I use often and hate running out. They take just over 2 months until I can harvest them, so I’ll get them in the ground this weekend for sure. I might also try cutting off and planting the tops of the carrots I have in my fridge now. That is another technique for growing the orange vegetable.

Here he is moving into the grassy area and extended it
back to that long pole you see
We stopped briefly at the Acreage to see if Bill could help light Donna and Gerry's new Weber Q. Unfortunately, we gave them a bum hose, so that was the problem but we’re glad it isn’t a problem with the barbecue. He’ll pick up a hose and they’ll be set! Back home, I made myself another tea and sat inside with Clemson. Once again, I felt drowsy.

I’ve already planned supper so with that out of my head, I decided to make some cream cheese icing for the banana cake that I made the other day. There is some left in the fridge and I think it will taste better with this addition. My freezer is too full to pop it in there so we need to eat it up. Out of sight, out of mind so when Bill wants a snack, he doesn’t see the cake. This is a healthy cake with no flour and no sugar so even I can help clean it up.

Just a couple more runs back and forth and it is ready for me
to get in there and clean it up
Bill is in working mode so he went back out to the storage shed to putter around. He has small jobs that he can work away at. After I made the icing and covered the cake pieces, Bill stuck his head in to inform me that he had to go into town for some longer screws to reapply the brackets for the sewer hose storage. He worked away at that for the rest of the afternoon. Gerry popped over briefly to pick up a new barbecue hose that Bill picked up in town for him. He’s a happy guy now!

We each had some cake tonight and it is so moist
The icing made it much nicer too
I was inside with Clemson and my book and once more fell into a snooze. Good grief! It wasn’t until Bill came in just after 5:30 that I snapped to attention and started to get out the deep fryer and to cut potatoes for supper. It wasn’t until after I melted the lard and poured it into our fryer that I noticed it wasn’t heating up. I tried a different outlet but no, it was the fryer that had given up the ghost, so to speak. Hmm, what to do, what to do.

We bought Bella in the States for only $25 so weren't interested about going through
the warranty process of returning it
 Grumbling a bit over another thing gone wrong, I resorted to using my electric frypan and poured the grease into it. The potatoes fried up fine and when they were close to being done, I began frying 2 haddock filets in a pan on the stove. I do love my new T-fal fry pans, they cook so fast and before long we were eating fish and chips. The problem was when we poured the lard from the fry pan into my grease jar. What a mess, there is just no easy way to do that without a spout.

French fries in an electric frypan
Leaving the ‘what to do’ decision for another day, we cleaned up dishes and settled in for the evening. I went out with Clemson, who will soon be getting a new name and put on his long rope from now on. After chasing him down the lane again, I noticed how warm it felt outside. It was 64F/18C and that is with NO sun all day. We didn’t get the 80% rains today but the day is not over (it is 7:30) and the sky to the northwest is getting dark.
Bill moved our sewer hose casing

He has another plan in his head so he had to change the position
 I hope you’ve had a fun day today. We have! We made some $, semi-prepared a garden, saw a few family members, completed a couple of jobs and I even got a few chapters read in my book.

Supper was good
I like my fries at home with butter, sour cream and salt & pepper
It is like a baked potato taste for me
I love it when you stop in to see what we’re up to! I enjoy reading your comments if you wish to leave one.


  1. Yay for the food processor, boo on the fryer!! Your garden will be awesome. Pouring oil? Make a funnel from aluminum foil. Hope your itching goes away soon. Get baby Benadryl, maybe 25 gr (?). Doesn't make you as sleepy.

    1. Yes, one thing at a time is getting sold. Yay!
      The garden should be good for sure, fresh tomatoes and peppers especially.
      We've tried a few ways to pour the oil and it always is a mess of some sort. LOL
      thanks, we're hoping that we are done with the itches and the flies soon! I'll have to compare the baby Benadryl but they may not work as well. Hmmm.

  2. Nice to get those things taken care of bigger garden and family time as well. Too bad about your fryer there is always alternatives.

    1. We had a good day, got a few things done and yay, hardly any rain at all!
      Yup, we'll look for another fryer, that is our alternative. :)

  3. Last year I went with an air fryer for fries. Picked up a knock off one at Walmart. You have no hassles with oil especially in the RV. A consideration for you. I think they are even healthier for you. At least I am sticking with that.

    1. I'll have to look into an Air Fryer, I don't know anything about them. Thanks! Just not having to deal with the oil would be nice. I'm not worried about the grease or oil we use because I believe in good fat in the lard and olive oil but it is the elimination of going back and forth with oil that would convince me. :)

  4. Daughter in law has an Air Fryer like Peter says. She loves it. A very busy day for the both of you. Bill reminds me so much of Ken, he always stays busy. haha..I would love the link, or recipe for your banana cake if you would share :) I'm thinking you're going to love the extra space in your garden, can't wait to see how that develops!!

  5. It sounds interesting, the air fryer. We're hoping the busy days lead to a relaxing summer. :) Hah!
    Yes, Bill has to keep moving, where I like to stop and take time off. :)
    I'll send you the recipe for the cake. I think I'll love the extra space too in the garden. I'm excited!

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