Saturday, February 29, 2020

Move Day – Quick Post, Lots of Collages

Lake Havasu RV Resort, L.H.C., AZ
On Saturday, Feb. 29th I was up and out the door for my walk at 7. Bill had his shower while I was gone then he started packing up – with a vengeance. 

Morning at Pilot Knob
Dean and Cheri's Big Horn
Our Mobile Suite in the sunlight at the opposite end
We had said 9 – 9:30 for departure and we were hooking up by 9. Kim and Ken walked down to say goodbye so that was very nice. We had no issue with the hookup and pull out so that was a sigh of relief. As we rounded the corner, Dean and Cheri were just hopping in their truck so stopped and waved as well.

Our friends say s'long!
I texted Jo-Anne and Bob once we pulled out of the park and agreed to meet at a designated spot near the foothills on I-95. Our gps took us around Yuma on Fortuna Drive and that was pretty easy with one tight turn. It was only tight because the motor home in the right lane neglected to acknowledge that we were turning in the left lane at the same time. It was close but we dodged a bullet there and at one other spot along the interstate where a neighbourly Albertan tried a similar move with his pick up. Bob saw this guy almost wipe us out.

Driving around Yuma we noticed the horizon was heavy
with smoke
Never did find out what it was
The scenery was gorgeous and ever changing so of course, my camera, was doing double duty. This blog will end up more like a photo shop today. We arrived at Lake Havasu around 1:30 and the park is very full. We couldn’t get on the east side of London Bridge Rd but she set us up side by side on the west. It is a tight squeeze and other than moving into the wrong sites, we are quite happy with our back end facing a fence.

Yuma Proving Grounds
Nice to see yellow and purple flowers
along the highway
I like the pool and clubhouse on the other side so will probably go there for any swims. I need to check out the rooms here to see about puzzles. I think the week will go fast enough so won’t be trying to jam too much extra in. With the satellite dish set up, we moved inside. There were quite a few upsets inside the Suite when I walked in. Where did we hit so many bumps? It took me a fair bit of time putting things back in order and that did nothing for my mood.

Quartzsite is looking different these days
After notifying a couple of people that we’ve arrived safely, I started this post. Started and finished it, basically. With one of Bill’s movies on downstairs, I took my book upstairs to read a few chapters. It was very warm when we pulled in, 79F so when the clouds moved overhead, it was a bit of a relief. I opened the windows and stretched out on the bed. As you would expect, it wasn’t long and I was having to close my book for a snooze.

The drive was beautiful
Through Parker

And eventually into Lake Havasu City

For lunch, we stopped at Mcdonald's
and I had a coupe of egg sandwiches
without eating all of the biscuits

They weren't as good as Tim Horton's breakfasts but not bad
I heard Bill’s phone indicating a text message and he called up to tell me that Keith was settling in at Lone Tree BLM to the north of Lake Havasu City. We are happy that he is there, it is our favourite in the area………..well, with the exception of one personal property on Kibby that we’ve camped on. We think that Keith will like it up there very much and he is only 7 miles from our park. We’ll take a drive tomorrow to see him and his set up.

I missed getting a picture of the worst scenario
Madame IP had jumped out of the coffee cupboard and was upside down on
the corner of the island
Had I opened this slide, she would have dropped to the floor
The dishes on the stove top all came out and dropped from the cupboard in
the bottom right photo
The fridge was also jumbled although all my bars were in place
After I came downstairs at 5, Bill said he wasn’t overly hungry (we’d had a big lunch) and was happy with a peanut butter and cheese sandwich. I needed to find something so ate the last of the Caesar salad and opened a can of salmon. That was tasty and hit the spot with a cup of tea on the side. Bill took care of the dishes tonight and then we walked next door to see if Jo-Anne and Bob were up for a visit. We’d skipped Happy Hour today; we just weren’t in the right frame of mind.

Jim, our neighbour at P.K. has flamingos and woodpeckers
in various stages of construction
We got our friends eating but instead of letting us leave they invited us in while they ate. We caught up a bit on what has been going on and a few tips were shared with each other. Higgins was typical Higgins, with his chewed-up toys, his face kisses and the way he just stretches out on the floor after greeting us. Such a little cutie pie, he is. I missed him. It was around 7 when we said goodnight after making plans to go to the flea market in the morning. I hope it is still a Sunday event.

We visited the Francis' after supper
As I wrote the last of my blog and downloaded pictures, Bill watched a movie. I’d mixed up a package of sugar-free, low carb chocolate pudding and whipped cream so got us each a dish. It was very good and guilt-free! That’s it for the night, uneventful. The air had cooled off since the sun went down and even though some wind was still evident at the tree tops, 72F felt quite nice filtering in through the windows of the Suite.

An easy tasty supper
This was a good day and we are set up in a new park in a pretty city. I'll get a picture of our sites for tomorrow's blog post.

Dessert was quite good
Good night from Lake Havasu City

Thank you for checking us out!


  1. At least you couldn't hear all the carnage going on back there. I can hear my stuff jostling but can't do anything about it. :)) Glad you four made it safely. I may have to check out the BLM Keith is staying in. You need a lot more whipped cream in that pudding Patsy. :))

    1. This is true but I still sit up front and cringe when we make fast stops or hit bumps! haha
      We like the blm where Keith is. Nice views.
      I figured you'd want more whipped cream than that!

  2. Good to hear you are now safely settled in your new location!
    It did look like quite a few upsets inside... glad one of the most important kitchen things, Madame IP, made it ok as well!
    Enjoy your time in Lake Havasu,

    1. Thanks Kim. I had to crawl across the island before opening any slides to rescue her. How she jumped out of the cupboard, I'll never know!

  3. Gosh I haven't had a McDonalds biscuit sandwich in years..looks so yummy! Something about their sausage oh so good! Oh gosh now I'm hungry!! LOL. Yep no wonder you weren't in the best mood. Glad Madame IP wasn't hurt in all that! Enjoy your time there with friends!!

    1. The Mcd's were okay in a pinch. :) They had a whole new breakfast menu than what I'm used to. Their tea biscuits were good, I just was trying not to eat them!
      Thank you Shirley, it should be a good week.

  4. I knew that road was bumpy but wow. Hope Madam IP did not suffer any damage. You are supposed to get some pretty strong winds today so hang onto your hats.

    1. I didn't realize how bad the roads were - any fast stops and bumps are our enemies on the highways.

  5. Oh my ... hope your IP is okay. I keep mine in the cupboard on the floor. Love those flamingos!! What are they made of? Have fun in Havasu!!

    1. Me too! We'll find out this week. This is a great storage spot, the doors have never come open before - now I'll use a bungee on them too.
      The flamingos are made of pvc pipe.

  6. Finally caught up with my reading. You two have certainly been having fun with everyone yet at the same time squeezed in some relaxation. Sounds like lovely weather you have been enjoying. Slightly cooler over this way. Wow, I would not have been happy to open the door to that either. I always love that ride especially just after Parker between the river and the mountains it is so beautiful. Enjoy your time in Lake Havasu and give the hand a wave for me...🤚🏻🌞

  7. Yikes that was quite the ride...perhaps it was the near misses that caused the items to shift and drop? Glad you're there safely. Enjoy!

  8. The bumpy roads make you appreciate the smooth roads. As long as IP was not injured!! lol. Enjoy your time in Havasu!

  9. Wow. That must have been an adventurous drive. I love the drive from Parker to Havasu. So far I am not a fan of Havasu and haven't been since the first time we went there in the early 1970's to see the bridge. Maybe your beautiful photos can change my mind. I'm also looking forward to the pictures of the area where Keith is. Have a great day! Elva Shannon

  10. Glad you made it, but to bad about things being bumped around. A concern I always have on bumpy roads and sudden stops. Enjoy your stay at Lake Havasu!!

  11. Having had a few close calls while turning years ago we've learned to take the second lane giving us room for a wider turn.
    Surprised at your Kitchen Chaos. We've done some bumpy roads and never experienced that much of a problem.
    Just Catching Up.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  12. Glad to hear nothing got broken in the jostling. I didn't realize Rose and George had moved from their cute place where we visited them. Do they still have room to park your rig? We have a nice day here. +5 with sunshine! Winter is on the way out!