Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Dentist Visit, A Bit of Shopping

Pilot Knob RV Resort, California

On Wednesday, Dec. 15th we were up at 6:30, dressed, Gibbs was walked and fed and we were on our way to Mexico with our hot drinks at 7:30. We each had an appointment for a cleaning, checkup and a possible filling replacement for Bill. Dr. Eva’s office opened as we arrived in her beautiful courtyard and Bill was called in within 5 minutes.

We were on our way before the sun popped
over the mountain

It's never difficult to wait in the courtyard
but the stone benches were too cold to sit on this morning

They have 2 dentists, Dr. Eva and her younger counterpart, I missed her name. Dr. Eva handles more things but I’m sure it’s nice to have someone available when she can’t be. 😊 I was called in just a few minutes after Bill and had a successful cleaning/check through and was back in the waiting room within 20 minutes, smiling. Unfortunately, Bill didn’t get off as lucky.

Almost two hours later he came out and we made another appointment, one of two more, to get things fixed up. Darn! That’s what missing a year did to us, I guess, we sure weren’t expecting a big expense this year. Oh well, the flip side of the coin, which is the bright side, reminds us of the costs for root canals, crowns and cleanings back home. We still consider ourselves blessed to have this opportunity.

We both gave our condolences to Dr. Eva
and heard from their daughter that he had a stroke
It was very sudden πŸ˜₯

When we left there, we stopped at the Purple Pharmacy and I picked up a couple of bottles of their white vanilla and when we heard the price of the shingles/cold sore cream, bought 4 tubes. The prices have actually gone down for the things we purchase! My pills that I bought last week were only $10.25 compared to $13.99 in 2020. 😊 Gotta love that! Even the vanilla was $1.50 less. No line up again to return to California at 11:00.

I had one egg left, after my baking yesterday, so I offered it to Bill with some bacon and he had it in a toasted sandwich. I finished my noodle soup with a slice of fresh bread with peanut butter. They go hand in hand for me and that was good and filling. We felt tired out, I guess we’re getting used to sleeping in after all! Bill and Gibbs went up for a snooze and I made a coffee and started my post writing.

We passed fields of green on our way back home


Rather than plan a trip to Fry’s for food tomorrow afternoon, we drove into Yuma around 1:30. There are a few things we need, some for my baking endeavours and some for every day. We were hoping to w/d some cash from the AllPoints machine at CVS but since it was out of order, we picked up a couple of greeting cards and came home. We’ll go back before Monday, unfortunately, many dentist offices only take cash or cheque.

driving back from shopping in Yuma

With the bags emptied and food put away, we relaxed for the remainder of the short afternoon. 😊 Now I really felt the results of early rising! It was my turn to go upstairs for a rest. I took my book but instead got involved in the tv. Gibbs was up and down, not sure who to hang with so he shared his love. I watched the tail end of a good Christmas movie and hope to see it on again. A Heartland Christmas is one of those real Christmas movies.

Once more, we crossed the All American Canal

I fried thin coated chicken breasts for supper, cooked stove top stuffing and made a Caesar salad to go with them. They were quite good and Bill and I got involved in another good movie. This one was The Christmas Visitor. 😊 When a Hallmark one came on, I moved back upstairs to watch something different. You could say that Bill and I don’t share a lot of tv these days but soon the season will be behind us and we’ll be back in the swing of our normal lives. LOL

This old homestead has never changed in the 
5 years we've been coming down
Just to the west of the Inspection Station
Things like this make me curious

We had enough dishes from today so we filled the dishwasher. It was time to run it for a change. This was a mixed bag of a day. Not all good but not terrible either. The sun kept the temperatures pretty decent with a high of only 61F/16C but without the high winds, which ended in the wee hours of the morning, it was a nice day.

Supper turned out good 
With a piece of Vanilla cream pie for dessert
We were full
Good night!

Thank you for popping around.


  1. When we were in Mexico & went to the dentist, we got a few surprises also. I went for cleaning, discovered some cavities & had to have extractions for each of us. Glad to see you guys are enjoying your time. Merry Christmas to you both in case I don’t comment before Christmas.

  2. Never fun to learn you need more dental work but like you said the upside is the savings and it always feels good when it is done. Surprised to hear the prices went down at the Purple Store with everything in the states going up. The only thing I miss not having television to watch all the time is the Hallmark Christmas

    1. No, you're right on both counts. We still need the work done so don't grumble too much. :)
      We were pleased to see the prices and will stock up on things even more so we don't run out at home again.
      I say to Bill - if the Hallmark movies were REAL, I'd enjoy them with him. The two we watched last night, we're more true to life and heart warming stories. ♥

  3. You are in good hands when it comes to dental work. I have nothing but good things about that dental office.

    1. Thanks, we agree and have referred many friends to her as well.

  4. Glad that you got your dental work done, or almost done. Good luck to Bill with for the rest. I missed seeing a picture of cute Gibbs.

    1. Thank you Loree. It's an expense that we take with grace, our health and teeth is important. :)
      Pictures of Gibbs are easy!

  5. I like the sun over the mountains. What an exciting trip and a lovely start but to have to start off with a dental appointment. Yikes, I belong to the group that dread dentists and have not been to one since 3 years ago. Luckily I am blessed with strong teeth. That homestead must be on your list to note on every trip. Looks well kept, hope Gibbs is enjoying the ride too.

    1. I know it's not a good way to start but we wanted to get checkups since it was Feb. of 2020 when we had our last ones done. We see that place, figured it would have blown down by now!!

  6. Oh how I hate having my teeth worked on. Luckily I rarely need the services of a dentist except for cleaning. I think Eva may be the only female dentist I've heard of. Hope Bill feels okay. I always think the same thing about old buildings I pass, wishing I could go inside, or maybe even live there.

    1. I would love to go inside that place, just to 'imagine' life back then. :)

  7. Since you came this far it is wise to take advantage of all the savings offered in Mexico. Some of the prescriptions in Canada are so overpriced. Maybe get some alcoholic beverages too while there.

    1. Definitely we'll get our alotment of beverages when we go our last time. :)

  8. I'm not a huge fan of dentists and go as infrequently as I possibly can. If there is more than cleaning that needs to be done, I see a dentist who actually puts me under because my anxiety is so high.

    Good luck to Bill in his next couple of appointments.

  9. Glad the teeth are getting workout. I'm like Nancy, cleaning every six months and that's it. Yuma and I couldn't resist last year and pulled into the old house and checked it out. Was a rundown house with junk all around all rightπŸ˜„

  10. Sorry to hear Bill needs more dental work. But supper looks good!