Thursday, December 2, 2021

A Quiet Day Just Hangin’ aka Chillin’ 😊

Picacho Peak RV Resort, AZ

Thursday, Dec.2nd we slept until 7:30. Bill said he was up with Gibbs at 2:45 am. He had to go badly. Gibbs, I mean. At least he knows how to wake his Daddy up when it’s urgent. Licking his face and laying across his head does the trick! 😊 We had our morning brew and then got washed up and drove to Marano. This town is 20 minutes to the southeast of us.

It was a beautiful sky
on the drive to Marana

This Palo Verde tree caught my eye
as we turned towards Fry's

We know there is a Camping World in Tuscon, about an hour away, but they don’t have what we want so decided to hit the closest grocery store. It was our first time in Fry’s this year and nice to get back to using our savings cards. This was/is our favourite store to shop for food, along with Walmart, but we get points here for fuel. Also, lots of savings if you use it. I love their ‘buy one, get one free’ offers. Today, we got our Multi-Vitamins for under $17 total.

A lot of staghorn cholla along the drive

We fueled up before coming home for lunch. I fried eggs and baked cinnamon buns. A little bit of good stuff along with the bad stuff. After dishes, we talked about what we were going to do this afternoon and when Bill just wanted to chill today, I took Gibbs for a walk and then left them both at home. Pool and puzzle time for me! The temperature was a blistering 84C/29C at noon and it was 1:30 when I walked up.

On the way home, we drove through the Pinal
Air Park, recommended by Ken and Nancy

There is quite a group of ladies, all friends, who sit along the northeast side of the pool, facing the sun. I spotted one lounge chair beside them that was empty so I grabbed it before they had more join them. The only disadvantage with that is their loud chatter. Mind you, with the ever-constant traffic from the interstate, they do have to talk loud so it’s a good thing I don’t go there to sleep! 😊 I don’t think I could even focus on my book and would move to the other side if I wanted to read.

Bill and I were duly impressed with all
of the Saguaros today
Huge, many-armed saguaros!

The Air Park was a fun drive

Lots of pictures, but we enjoyed the self tour

The pool was wonderful and after a quick dip (I forgot my safety noodle), I enjoyed the sun for an hour and a half. At 3, I was dry enough and popped into the adjoining puzzle/library room and grabbed two new James Patterson books and worked on a puzzle for half hour. Bill and Gibbs greeted me when I returned and I made a cup of tea.

This 747-300 was along the highway
with parts removed
A photo op

Nice not to have to think about how much our panels are charging the batteries, I do like a Keurig cup of tea. Of course, all this park luxury is spoiling me and I’ll miss it when we return to the desert. We had air fried chicken thighs, split a potato and a garden salad. It was a very good meal. For dessert, we just had to have some caramel Tillamook ice cream. ♥ 

After dishes, we watched a Christmas movie that although predictable, was entertaining and I enjoyed it. To top the night off, we watched an older one with Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and Harry Connick Jr. called Angels Sing. I loved it!!! πŸ˜Š 

We bypassed Red Rock but as the train
went through, this old
water tower rose above it

The air outside has cooled off in the last 2 hours by about 10 degrees and with windows open, the Suite started to cool down. Bill isn’t feeling the heat the way Gibbs and I are so we haven’t put the a/c on yet. Tomorrow, tha may change. 

Returning to the park
and a dirty windshield

It was a really nice day, not pressured in any way and I’m happy to get use of the pool etc. I hope you’ve had a great day in your neck of the world.

A yummy supper tonight again 
Good night!


  1. Looks like you three had a nice day. It is hot for this time of year so soak up the sun at the pool. Wear ear plugs πŸ˜ƒ

    1. We did, thank you! I thought of ear plugs but forgot to take them. Next time. :)

  2. Just keep soaking up the sun. So much better than SNOW!!!

  3. This warm weather is perfect for you so you can enjoy the pool. Elva

  4. A nice relaxing day in the sun is always a good day!
    (In case you do not go back and read replies...thanks for the

  5. A relaxing, quiet day is always welcome. How nice to be able to use the pool and work for a bit on a puzzle.

    God bless.

    1. I feel there will be a lot of quiet relaxing days in our future this winter. Mine at least!! :)

  6. Great post. Love Fry's but the parking lot is always packed LOL. Glad you're enjoying the pool! Dinner looks yummy! :)

    1. Thanks Shirley. Yes, Fry's is indeed a busy place. With Black Beauty we park at the far end of the lot. :)

  7. It is warm but my friend in Maine sent me a picture of her thermometer showing 17 degrees. No thank you. It's wonderful to have hook us especially in the heat. So enjoy your air and send Bill outside to warm up. That's what Jim dies to me. 😁😁

    1. Brrr, no thanks is right!! :)
      We ended up not turning the a/c on, we were lucky to have more of a breeze today. I don't like it cold either so we seldom use a/c. I like your advice though! haha