Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Hitch Itch, Another Park, Another Adventure

Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA

On Tuesday, Dec. 7th we were up at 7 and I made my tea. With cream and coconut oil in it plus some 11% Greek yogourt on the side, I have the enough in me to get me through to lunch. I made us coffees to go and we packed things up at a moderate pace. 😊 Bill just had his weather station and satellite dish to put away and I secured things inside.

Last sunrise in the park was the cloudiest

Within 10 minutes, this was the view 
in the back seat 💓💓💓

The timing was perfect as by the time I’d dumped the garbage and checked lights, Ken and Nancy scooted up on their cart to say goodbye. They have a park model now but still live in their 5th wheel back home in an Rv park. Even though they don’t pull it anymore, they understand the importance of ‘no distractions’ and didn’t want to get in our way. 😊 It was 8:30 when we pulled out of the park.

This was another view in the back seat
Gibbs' marks on the window
We just smile and clean it off 

The sky improved as we drove
The road was good with very little traffic

Catching I-8W, we are headed to Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA where we will remain for a month. *sigh* that sounds great to me! It was clear sailing on this interstate. I like the divided highway and it wasn’t too busy with traffic. The views changed as we travelled, at one point the mountains disappeared from our frontal view but came back with a vengeance as we got closer to Yuma. We made a stop at a Rest Area that was open only to trucks but we had our own facilities so it didn’t matter that the building was closed.

The views along the way were beautiful

We got a message from Lorne & Sue who are now headed east towards Tucson. Just missed each other on our separate journeys but we’re grateful to have caught up with each other at Quartzsite. Who knows? Maybe on the trip home, we’ll see them again. Before long we started seeing all the familiar sights of Yuma, a city we love. Even the fields of lettuce and broccoli (?) brought a smile to our faces.

I love this picture, it looks like it should be framed 😄

It was 12:30 (California time) when we arrived at Pilot Knob RV Resort, our next destination. Because we are so close to Yuma, the park (& Mexico) goes by Arizona time so we don’t even acknowledge the time change this time. We were set up on Site #80 within half hour and felt once more like we were ‘home’. It isn’t our first choice of site but we knew from past visits that it has a nice tree and it is a wide spot to be in for a month. 😊 Yay, we’re staying put for a while!

Our first inspection station
we were waved on through

I didn’t do what I normally do once we’ve settled somewhere. I didn’t walk around the park. I set out our mat and our chairs while Bill set up the dish and his weather station. The boys came inside and I sat in my chair with my book for a while. The clouds returned, the winds increased and I was chased inside by the cooler air. Boy, am I spoiled, huh? I got so used to 78F that 68F feels chilly. Bill was dozing and watching movies downstairs so I took my book upstairs to continue reading.

Fields of green

One of the familiar things

Gibbs gave us both his attention, spending time downstairs with Daddy and then up on the bed with Mom. He slept so much of the afternoon that we wondered exactly who was doing the driving this morning! 😊 For supper, Rosy air fried Italian meatballs, and I made mashed potatoes and vegetables on the stove. While they were cooking, Gibbs and I walked around the immediate ‘block’.

Home for a month

Gibbs notices the view out his window
is different AGAIN!

and later sleeps upstairs with Mom

It was a wonderful meal. After dishes, he had his supper and then play time with Daddy. 

This has become a nightly ritual, chase the ball or rope, Gibbs’ choice. We watched America’s Got Talent and then a recorded episode of The Good Doctor. This was a good day and here we are in a good place again.

we have a nice site with a shade tree
which Gibbs and Bill be enjoying
There is a noticeable absence in the park but
we expect that will change
Good night!

Thank you for stopping around to check in on us. Your comments are always welcome.


  1. We sure enjoyed our stay there and meeting you and Bill, as well as Doug, and Ken and Kim. Hope you enjoy your stay. I really liked the area and hope we go back someday.

    1. It is a nice park. Not over the top but comfortable with all amenities. Location is a big thing too, close to Yuma and Mexico. :)

  2. Good to see you back at Pilot Knob. Love the picture of the doggie in the window 🙂 We'll be in the area in a few weeks hopefully.

    1. Thanks Doug. Lots of memories and friends made here in this park. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

  3. I always loved that first day of rest knowing I didn’t have to move for awhile!!! I may be able to stop by. I’ll be in Yuma early Jan. Enjoy!!!

    1. I know that exact feeling! I thought of it last night and then first thing this morning. ♥
      We'll be here until Jan. 7 and then back to the Q.

  4. Time to decorate for Christmas! LOL. That is a nice park and I know you enjoy it. Great pictures of your drive yesterday! Dinner looks so yummy!

    1. Some shopping in Yuma first and then decorating on Thursday. Yay!

  5. Wonderful you'll be able to stay in one place for an entire month. Time to relax, rest, and enjoy the amenities. AND Christmas away from the snow and cold. :)

  6. It must have felt a bit like coming home when you pulled into Pilot Knob. Enjoy your stay and shopping at the familiar stores.

  7. Suffering in those 68F temperatures are you?

  8. Sorry we missed you. I should have contacted you sooner and invited you for coffee at Lost Horse Tank!!