Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Exploring the Park, Ice Cream, Pool, Happy Hour

Picacho Peak RV Resort, AZ

On Wednesday, Dec. 1st we broke into a new month with happy faces. I had a great sleep, although filled with dreams, and Bill said he slept pretty well too. We are close to the busy highway, I think I told you that, so you just never know if you can drop off easily. When Gibbs woke at 4:20, Bill said “it isn’t time to get up, go back to sleep”, he did – until 7. What a good little guy!

Walking back from the laundromat,
I like the row of fivers and of course, the Saguaro

First thing on the agenda was laundry, so we sorted our dusty Quartzsite clothes into 3 loads! That’s unusual for us, having more than 2, but we drove up and loaded the machines. The machines take coins and there is a change machine right there so we were good. I walked up to switch to the dryers and made sure to wipe the machines out when I was finished. I’ve trained myself well. 😊

Just down the row, a really long
LandMark like Donna and Gerry's trailer

With the laundry done and put away, Bill lit the Weber and I used my new pan to cook eggs and bacon. It isn’t a Teflon pan but it does say ‘non-stick’ and the eggs didn’t stick so there you go. Easy clean up and I took Gibbs for a couple of walks before taking myself out by myself for a cruise to and through the buildings. No dogs allowed, as you know.

Eggs and bacon on the barbecue

I found the Clubhouse which led me to Darla, the activity director, who informed me of a few events. She gave me a calendar for December and had my attention at “there’s ice cream social today at 1”. 😊 Sold! I wandered around the salt water pool, through the Arts and Crafts room, the Puzzle Room and Library and lastly the Fitness Room before returning home.

The Arts and Craft room

Lots of things to do here, in a group or on your own
cupboards with cloth pieces, paints galore, stones,
corks, wood etc. 

Bill was up for the Ice Cream Social so I texted Nancy and Ken and we started walking to the CH at 12:45. They drove up in their golf cart and we agreed to meet there. It reminded Bill and I of Pilot Knob’s Sunday socials and the couple manning the table were just as friendly. We had 2 scoops each with the toppings and it was delicious! Nancy adamantly told us to put our $bills away.

Outside seating for the clubhouse, if you choose

The fitness room if you are so inclined

The library with books on 3 walls

A shelf for one of our favourite authors

After parting ways, I bagged my towel, book, water and hat and walked back to the pool. There were a few other sunbathers and a couple of swimmers when I arrived so I found a lounge chair facing the west and settled in for a while, taking in the heat. Eventually, I slipped into the pool with my pool noodle (that’s what us retired folk do!). I spent an hour and a half before returning to the Suite and we packed a cooler with drinks. It was time for Happy Hour!

A nice group at the ice cream social


We walked to N & K’s and as a foursome, toasted to our first one this year together. 😊 The ‘kids’ got along pretty good, there were a couple of scuffles and a few amorous moments between Gibbs and Gizmo. 

The hot tub or pool isn't the biggest we've seen
but certainly adequate

Gibbs gets cozy with 8 mth old Rosie 
Puppy love 💕

Nancy had put together some ‘snackadoodles’ for us adults and Gibbs got a soup bone of his own. They drove us home and we started our fish and chips right away. It was a good meal, as usual.

We're going to lose the sun soon

supper was yummy!

With dishes done, we watched some programs on our PVR, 9-1-1 and The Voice. I worked on my blog during the shows. This was a wonderful day and I got into the pool! Tomorrow, it could be some puzzles, we’ll see. By the way, after Gibbs had his supper, he literally crashed on the floor and didn't move until after 8. 💘 He sure had fun today.

Some healthy cacti here in the park
are worthy of a picture

Good night y'all!

Thank you for your visit!


  1. Really looks like a nice park. For some reason I could not picture where it was when you mentioned it though it sounded familiar. Then reading your route a "light bulb" went on. I am pretty sure I have quite a few pictures of the Picacho Enjoy!

    1. Thanks Deb i remembered George had mentioned it and Suzie confirmed that they've stayed here early on in their travels.

  2. I had no idea they had facilities like that. Nice place to work on your tan. Apparently James Patterson is popular!!

    1. Most everything you can think of is here. Even friendly people!

  3. That park is a beauty. I was drooling at all the James Patterson books! Elva

  4. Great pictures of the cacti! While not a huge fan of ice cream, that does look delicious and the price is certain right.

    Enjoy your stay!