Thursday, December 16, 2021

Outdoor and Indoor Activities Pass the Time

Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA

We had Bocce Ball at 9:30 on Thursday, Dec. 16th so we had no need to rush around. Gibbs and I slipped out for our walk around the park at 7:15. We both enjoy it and the little guy helps to keep me active in that regard. It’s too easy to say, ‘nah, not today’. 😊 We had our coffee and tea and bundled up for the outdoor game. It was a brisk 38F/4C!

The sun's glow in the building across the highway

Our park's office and clubhouse

It’s amazing how powerful that glorious sun is though. Down here, it is much closer to us than it is back home and if you didn’t know that, you’d wonder how it was possible that 64F/18C could be 'sleeveless tees and sandal' weather. But it is. One of the things that I count my blessings for every day. We played for 2 hours on 2 different courts again and after the first game, I had removed my jacket. That was only 55F/12C and it isn't a physical game.

A few pictures from our early morning walk

We chatted with Gord and Barb to a couple of newcomers. They are newcomers to everything down here. Mic and Michelle are from Pennsylvania and newly retired. They sold their house in the last 5 months and have gone full time in their 5th wheel toy hauler. 

Mic and Michelle are set up for fun this winter

They are here for a change of pace and a good time! They seem quite nice so we were all giving them details on visiting Los Algodones. There is so much to learn with this lifestyle and really no ‘correct’ way to do things but helpful tips are good to know.

Gibbs thinks this is his 'doggie' sidewalk

After our lunch of a wrap for me and sandwich for Bill, I did dishes and walked up to start a puzzle. There was one on the table ready to open so I put the other 3 away and began. I could have found a different one but I liked the picture. While there, I signed us up for tomorrow night’s supper as well as the Christmas dinner which is on Dec. 24th. I’m glad it is not potluck, instead $15/pp which we think is reasonable and we're quite happy to pay. 😊

The Bocce Ball court before more players
Ladies on one end, men on the other

At 2:30 I returned home to my boys and started my post. With a movie on upstairs, I was able to sit downstairs quietly and read, in between dozing and tossing Gibbs’ rope toy. It’s something we spend a lot of time doing with/for him. I have him ‘dropping’ the ball or rope before I’ll touch it and that works well. Not with everyone though, it depends on how patient you are as to how he behaves.

Mary and Loyal keep the place looking great
Every morning but Friday, Saturday and Sunday they are out there

Looking after the trees and bushes
The park looks neat thanks to these two

For supper, I baked 5 of the large Italian meatballs for 35 minutes. They were a bit frozen inside so they look a little longer than expected. We had some leftover stuffing so I reheated that, boiled a potato for Bill and fried some cauliflower rice for me. 

Not a magazine cover meal
but a tasty one

We were eating by 6:30 finishing up the last of the cream pie. Yummy, a fulfilling meal. After dishes, Bill went back to his movies and I worked on my post and watched my vet shows downstairs.

I made good progress in a couple of hours

Quite a selection of J.A. Jance books
I'll check my list over the period that we're here
and swap out for those we haven't read

This was a good day. Just as busy as we wanted for ourselves. I enjoyed myself. Tomorrow we have a couple of things on the agenda too so tune in and see what we’re up to if you’d like. 😊

Gibbs and I sat together while I read

I love our decorated tree

Pretty night
Good evening!

Thank you for stopping around today.


  1. I think you two love that Gibbs. Isn't a sweet pet worth the world😍 That sun with little wind can go a long way, that's for sure.

  2. I agree with Doug....sweet pets sure do make your day.
    Nice pictures of the park. Such fond memories of that park and the friends we shared it with.

  3. Love both your indoor and outdoor trees, very festive. $15 for Christmas dinner sounds great when you're "on vacation", lol. For some reason I've never read anything by J.A.Jance. With all she has written and all the years I've been an avid reader - unbelievable! Have to give her a try.

  4. Perfect little outside tree, and I love the inside one too. Funny how our pups like to walk the concrete. Coop does the same thing!!

  5. Love the trees, and the photo of the funky cactus is probably my fave.

    Enjoy your day!

  6. You are having a wonderful time I see. Good for you.

    Not traveling again this year for us as we had wanted to go to Italy and Greece, perhaps next year.

    God bless.